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  1. Agree, I don’t get this at all, if there’s some legal reason they can’t show it then just tell us that. Otherwise they’re also guilty of pandering to the Co$ which makes a mockery of the show.
  2. This is what I don’t get, I can see that keeping them in maybe 10 years ago, but nobody would give a crap now. Especially since everyone already thinks they’re gay/bi anyhow. I think TC likes the attention, he certainly seems to lap it up. Not sure what they have on Travolta, but I have to assume it’s more than just being gay/bi.
  3. Here’s another article about the 60 Minutes interview. 60 Minutes Shelley Miscavage This just proves how dumb Co$ and Miscavage are, all they need to do is clean Shelley up and then plunk her in front of a camera to dispute this stuff but instead the let it be a big mystery. I loved how Leah said “Sue us, we welcome the lawsuit” she’s such a badass. 😁👍
  4. I don’t watch I’m a Celeb, but this was in the paper today. Interesting take on CO$ from someone who’s never been in it. Katherine Kelly Lang talks Scientology KKL second article
  5. I live for this day. Surely somehow, at some point, Miscavage and/or one of his top goons will be deposed and the light will shine on the filth they are.
  6. This above all else is what makes me believe pretty much everything that anyone who’s been on the show has said. If it was untrue, the CoS would surely take great delight in dragging these people into court, but they take no action other than sending ridiculous letters, setting up stupid websites, and dragging out the same tired lines about all detractors. One can only assume it’s because they know if they sue, then they will also be deposed in order to prove that their detractors are lying, and they do not want that. I do have to say though, when Leah said ‘we have someone new who escaped’ I had this feeling of hope and then that blond chick came on and I groaned. I didn’t believe her in her episode, and after the genuine misery of the other contributors, she seemed too sort of gleeful about her knowledge. She’s seems so fake, I don’t believe her at all and I wish their ‘new person’ was more credible.
  7. When I first saw who was going to be on this I thought it was just going to be another recap episode, but the info about Gold Base and the frustration these guys feel at having to tell their stories over and over with no one doing anything was heartbreaking. To sit with the FBI and think they were finally going to do something, for the FBI to have done an investigation in 2009 and yet nothing has changed in 2019, I don’t even know how these guys keep going. When Clare said they do it in the hope that they can save their friends and family even if they then hate them, and then watching them all break down, I gotta say, I was teary too. The sacrifices made by these people are huge, and I hope the justice finally served on Miscavage and his goons is many times greater.
  8. I’ve struggled a bit this season because some of the episodes just seemed to be rehashing the same stuff without really adding anything (Disappeared for one). I thought the opener with the JWs was brilliant and I’ve thought at times that maybe if they’re going to keep doing this show they should focus more on other cults and just do specials about Scientology (flip what they’re doing now). This episode got me though (the ones where they interview multiple people always seem more interesting). I didn’t care so much about the first couple because in all honesty I thought they were pretty stupid and she should have left him, but Tyler, the registrar and the lady who’s mother had her inheritance stolen all pulled on the heartstrings. This ‘church’ is so freaking deplorable, and I honestly can’t believe there isn’t a single law enforcement agency that’s willing to take them on. Surely they had a duty of care to Tyler, and not paying someone appropriately for work undertaken, surely there’s laws against that. Don’t even get me started on the repayment issue, that’s so stupid as to defy belief. As for Leah and her reactions, sometimes they annoy me because she acts surprised over stuff that’s fairly common knowledge, if it doesn’t surprise me (and my knowledge about CoS comes from this show and Going Clear) then it shouldn’t surprise her. But there have been a few minutes where I thought she was genuinely surprised, and the use the money in the next life thing was one of them (I think there was also something about MLK in the Paul Haggis ep that she reacted to as well) but most of the time I think she’s just feigning it for effect and it bugs me.
  9. summitsw

    S03.E06: Ideal Orgs

    Yeah, this is the sticking point for me. I get that the COS has to do something with the money to fulfill their tax exempt status, but I don’t see how owning a bunch of empty buildings helps them in any other way than justifying the lie of their continued existence. The pool of donors must also be shrinking, (although I guess they just picked up a new batch from the Nation of Islam) so eventually the well would have to run dry. Also curious as to why in hell the IRS/FBI/some organisation with actual balls doesn’t confront them about the buildings not being used for their stated purpose. Do they have to fly people in for the opening of these events? The group always seems larger than would be expected given the actual size of COS these days. I was also struck by how much money this guy and his ex sunk into Scientology but what really surprised me was that he was only OT4. He’d been in over 25 years right? I thought for sure he’d be an OT8.
  10. summitsw

    S01.E08: O Sister, Where Art Thou?

    The show just keeps on improving. Really liked this episode (didn’t hate Harris for the first time, which is something). The Dan/Jackie stuff is always good for a laugh, and Jackie finally calling out her boyfriend was funny. Loved Katie Segal and wouldn’t mind if she stuck around. All of that stuff was good, but any scene that features Darlene and Becky is gold. Loved their first scene with Ben, but the show really shines when the Becky/Darlene sister stuff comes into play. All of my favourite scenes from this season have been between the two of them. I really hope this gets picked up again, it’s much better than the original reboot.
  11. This surprised me because I thought I would be a bit boring given all we know about Scientology. I was thinking it would be more of the same, and was astounded by some of the stories, just heartbreaking, by the end I was actually wishing they’d devote a season to the JWs On on a side note, what was with the guy in the grey suit and blue tie on the couch. Did he even speak?
  12. summitsw

    S01.E06: One Flew Over the Conners' Nest

    I don’t want it to happen. David and Darleen were a bore the first time, and I like him even less as written now. She deserves better.
  13. summitsw

    S12.E06: The Imitation Perturbation

    I actually think she’s worse, Sheldon often doesn’t know better. Bernadette always knows she’s being a dick and chooses to be.
  14. summitsw

    S07.E24: The Status Quo Combustion

    He's never been good boyfriend material, and I wish the show would stop trying to make him into that. Amy needs to move on and the show needs to let her. Sheldon as a guy who has a girlfriend and is comfortable with intimacy etc doesn't interest me at all, we have 3+ of those on the show already. I like the fact that he's depicting a character who sits outside what is seen as 'normal' and it bugs the hell out of me that they're trying to normalise him. My mother is in an aged care home, she needs help 24/7 and the people who care for her do enjoy their jobs and don't see them as thankless. It takes all kinds, and I'm extremely grateful that there are people who find caring for others in need to be worthwhile and fulfilling work.