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  1. PinkRibbons

    S09.E17: What About Blob?

    "Go or clean!" was my mother's favorite ultimatum of my childhood. Worked every time.
  2. PinkRibbons

    S12.E17: The Conference Valuation

    There was at least one scene with Amy's harp after she and Sheldon started living together, she came into the apartment dragging it (inside a case) saying that she liked playing the harp but was considering elevator repair lessons instead.
  3. PinkRibbons

    S02.E18: Trampoline

    Man I haven't yelled at a show like this since Gossip Girl. Glassman talking about living life to the fullest: "HELP YOUR CHILD, YOU DICK!" (Of course later we found out that he arranged that job interview, but...no. Shaun was being illegally victimized. Help him take a stand. GET HIM A LAWYER.) Andrews being the only person who seemed seriously on to Han's bias: "Andrews? Really? Of all people? You know what, fuck it, if he saves the day and gets rid of this ridiculous storyline, whatever." I loved Shaun's speech about being forced to move on and not being allowed to feel how he felt. I think that's a valuable thing for everyone to know -- it's better to feel your feelings than try to mow over them. Just ignoring them and chugging on isn't a sign of strength, it's a sign of fear of dealing with tough emotions. Claire is wonderful. As is the fact that her "Shaun-ning" involved the blinds being the same way, and using a step stool to be taller. I'm not sure what I cheered louder at -- Shaun faking Lea out or seeing that Shaun's taste is so much better, with him asking out Carly.
  4. PinkRibbons

    S12.E17: The Conference Valuation

    Combine this with Sheldon being a twin and I am 90% certain that Amy will be pregnant with twins at some point. I have a cousin who was the middle single child between two sets of twins, who married a twin, and had twins herself. Multiple births can run in families like that. While I think the "food money" line was simply to set up the joke, I have a different perspective on Bernadette controlling the finances. Traditionally in Ashkenazi Jewish homes (I mean going back to the Old Country), the husband brings home the money and gives it to the wife, since she is in charge of the home and is expected to know how to budget. The husband and wife then get allowances based on the family budget. I'm not saying that this is what's happening on TBBT, but I can see why Howard (not to mention a lot of the writers) would find it perfectly natural to have Bernadette controlling the family finances. (All this being said, this is not what my parents chose to do. My father's wallet needs a crowbar to open and Mama finally gave him an ultimatum that she gets to spend a certain amount of money a month without him having to know specifically on what. She spent at least a decade convincing him that you have to spend *some* money on one's home or we'd be living with three plates and two pieces of furniture. Papa gave in when he realized that letting Mama have discretion on household spending made his daily life a lot more pleasant.)
  5. PinkRibbons

    S12.E17: The Conference Valuation

    I thought the episode was delightful! Bernie and Penny had an interesting little storyline, Johnny was fantastically funny as Leonard realizing what Beverly had done (although I may be watching wrong because I don't think I was supposed to find "the experiment's not finished" sweet but I kind of did), and I LOVE cocky Amy. Mayim throwing those glances left and right got a hearty laugh out of me each time.
  6. PinkRibbons

    S09.E12: The Helen Hunt

    That was Denise, his ex-wife. She actually worked at that restaurant (her boyfriend owned it).
  7. PinkRibbons

    S02.E16: Believe

    Whenever Han talks about Shaun's "problems", I replace his word with "ovaries" automatically. Really hammers home the fucked-up. The more I think about Glassman though, the madder I am at him this episode. Responding to Shaun's distress over his situation with "assert yourself" is ABSURD. The second he heard that Shaun had been forcibly transferred his phone should have been out of his pocket and calling the meanest lawyer that ever sued the hospital when he himself ran it. This is not a time for proving yourself, it's a time for exercising your goddam legal rights.
  8. PinkRibbons

    S09.E15: The Fresh Princ-ipal

    Totally loved Louise as Principal and her whole day with Miss Schnur (who has wicked hair! Been there, girl). And the detail that she actually managed to improve test scores! Also loved Bob going off at Teddy for once instead of vice-versa.
  9. PinkRibbons

    S05.E08: Nothing's Shocking

    This one gave me such nostalgia for Batman: The Animated Series. When Penn turned out to be The Ventriloquist I gasped so hard I nearly choked and it was perfect. And they follow it up with what is clearly an homage to Calendar Girl with the murderous former model who can no longer see how beautiful she is! They need to dial Bruce's hair down a little, he looks like a Bat could just come flying out of there and give him the last bit of inspiration.
  10. PinkRibbons

    S02.E16: Believe

    Didn't Shaun sign a contract when he was hired? I would imagine it's pretty specific about what he was hired as. Also, Han is being the biggest idiot because not only is he baldly saying things to Claire and Lim that could easily be used against him in a court of law if they were subpoenaed, he's also taking few other steps to ensure the liking or respect of the staff in general. He may be the boss but he's outnumbered, and if the other surgeons want to revolt against him he's already given them a common cause to unite them against him: bullying Shaun.
  11. PinkRibbons

    The OA

    So this is happening:
  12. PinkRibbons

    Which actress most resembles the book Anne?

    One of my biggest disappointments in this series is that visually speaking, I think both cast and setting are perfection. If none of them ever talked I would think the series the absolute best living illustration of the Anne books possible. So yeah, Amybeth is definitely the best-looking Anne, as far as I'm concerned. I do hope they'll start making her up soon (there's really no good reason for her skirts to be as short as they have been until now, and literally no other girl on the series wears braids, so why should she?) to keep with Anne eventually growing into a beauty.
  13. PinkRibbons

    S02.E16: Believe

    Okay, it's outright conspicuous that no one is bringing up the serious legal issues here. In fact I feel like the show is saying that the only correct thing for Shaun to do is to push himself into being assertive in a way that is very difficult for him. It's pretty much saying that asking for help (such as a damn good lawyer. Or hell, a mediocre lawyer) is the recourse of the weak. And holy fuck, that's offensive.
  14. PinkRibbons

    S02.E15: Risk and Reward

    Okay, I am a super shitty liar. Does that mean I wouldn't be allowed to work as a surgeon, if I'm neurotypical? The patient asked a question, Shaun answered it truthfully. He didn't assign blame to anyone, he didn't deliver the news in any accusatory way, he just gave facts. I cannot possibly see what he did wrong, ethically. I wouldn't even say that lying or dodging the question would have been more compassionate. Honestly in the mother's place I think I'd be more comforted knowing there was a clear reason for my child's condition rather than never knowing and assuming that I'd caused it through genetics or negligence. They didn't say she was trying to get pregnant while she was on the drug, and she got off it as soon as she knew she was pregnant. There's no blame to be put on the mother, and the father has only the excuse of extreme stress to even hint at it. The couple reacting badly to that news wasn't something anyone could anticipate. I would have said it straight-out, I would think the parents deserve to know. As for Shaun being forcibly transferred, Glassy GET HIM A LAWYER. I did like Glassman's storyline though, he needs to quit powering his lone way through cancer treatment. And I like the kid who was bugging him through the episode, Glassman needs to see other ways of dealing with a sucky situation. (Although I do appreciate the realism of how he's handling treatment -- my Dad went through light chemo after a pretty miraculous catch on a pancreatic tumor and he was an UTTER BITCH to live with for a year. He only let up on his "woe is me" somewhat after he sent me into a storm of hysterical tears and then said that his own mother died at him at least twice a day his entire life and not to take him so seriously.) I laughed pretty hard at how quick Park and Morgan went at that file.
  15. PinkRibbons

    S05.E06: 13 Stitches

    I was so positive Magpie was actually Harley Quinn (I just figured she was wearing her hair different and still experimenting with weird eyeliner) that I started rhapsodizing to my mother about the way she moved and acted and how she was the best live-action Harley I've ever seen. 🤦‍♀️ When Bruce almost got snuck up on, I'm not gonna lie, I totally thought we were about to see the very first use of the Batman Offhand Backhand.