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  1. Wow, I didn't realize Carolyn Hinsey was still around and still in the soap opera game. I remember when all the soap stars had to suck up to her because she wielded a lot of influence PR-wise. That was mostly before the advent of social media though, after which actors could exert more personal control over their contact with and perception by the public. So Arturo is heading out. I suspect he'll take Mia with him or she'll soon follow, even though the actress claims she's going nowhere. Rey seems like a tossup to me since it looks like he's going to be fired by the GCPD. However, it also looks like he and Sharon are going to be a couple so maybe he'll stick around and start his own PI agency. The show seems to be trying to build up the Summer/Kyle/Lola triangle so I think it looks doubtful that Lola will be leaving in the short run. Ch-ch-ch-changes! Perhaps but the Rosales family was a pet project of the head of CBS Daytime, who is Latina. He's probably had reason to believe he and the other three actors were safe under her wing. Apparently something has changed at her level or above her though.
  2. Joimiaroxeu

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Right? I guess he could control what TV they watch and what they do on their computers and cellphones but is he going to start homeschooling them too? Because for sure at least one of their little classmates will mention it: "My mommy says your mommy is a jailbird and my daddy says your grandma is a cereal killer and all the police are looking for them! I hate people who kill cereal! Newmans are bad and you're bad too!" Easy peasy. They can say he's been on a special undercover assignment out of town. The office thing was wrong though and I'm surprised Christine has seemed to be okay with it. Maybe the office use will turn out to be part of the cover story for Paul's absence, Or maybe there'll be no explanation at all and the MWTs will just handwave it. 🤔
  3. Joimiaroxeu

    Dynasty (2017)

    I wasn't sure but I'll take your word for it. I recall that "Millie" was mentioned but couldn't remember it was indicated that Millie = Domininque. Not everyone is familiar with the original series history, and might not realize making Dominique the mother of Jeff and Monica is a retcon. Either way, I'm glad we're finally getting her on the canvas and wonder why it took this long. Michael Michele has some big shoes to fill. There had never been a Black "rich bitch" character on TV (at least not on nighttime TV) when Diahann Carroll originated the role. Dominique was groundbreaking character despite being on a trashy nighttime soap opera.
  4. Joimiaroxeu

    S04.E02: Arousal Template

    People in that NYC world of high finance and venture capitalism probably know of Taylor even if there haven't been personal introductions yet. There likely have been pieces about Taylor in financial media where it might've been indicated, perhaps as an editorial note, that they use non-binary pronouns. Taylor, like the actor who portrays them, perhaps has a Wikipedia page which indicates their use of non-binary pronouns. I think there are any number of ways people who haven't met Taylor yet would know about it. I think if the show occasionally takes some dramatic license it's probably out of respect for the actor's expressed preference. Clearly the show's writers and producers support the actor's wishes on the matter and are willing to suffer some minor plot holes to do so. I'm not bothered by it.
  5. Joimiaroxeu

    S04.E02: Arousal Template

    Okay. But, in the show's universe, Taylor has expressed a preference for they/them/their. I'm following that convention, and in general think people should be called what they say they want to be called.
  6. Joimiaroxeu

    Good Girls

    Last week I was wondering if it was going to turn out to be a pallet of money like on Breaking Bad. Nope it was several pallets of money. Walter White was piker compared to these women. If the stores were onto the girls' scam why didn't they get arrested? Passing counterfeit money was the issue, right? I don't know what else it could be unless the company just didn't want the bad publicity. Ugh, did Beth actually have sex with Rio in a public restroom or was that a fantasy sequence? Out of the mouths of babes. Have to wonder why Mary Pat would let her kids know she had chopped up their "daddy" and stuck him in the freezer. Wait, what? Why would Rio come on gangsta like that at the car dealership after what Beth did with him? Is he jealous of her husband or something? So much for honor among thieves, lol.
  7. Joimiaroxeu

    Black Monday

    OMG, those bridesmaid outfits were the stuff of nightmares. Were choreographed wedding dances a thing in 1987? Basquiyacht.
  8. Joimiaroxeu

    Dynasty (2017)

    Dynasty Finds Its Dominique Deveraux Actress Michael Michele has been cast in the iconic role and will show up near the end of this season. I like the choice, especially since I halfway expected them to go against the original casting like they did with Sam and Cristal. Reboot Dominique may have turned into a 14-year old Asian boy named Dominic. The linked article says Dominique will be Jeff and Monica's mother, which I guess is why they were switched from Colbys to backdoor Carringtons.
  9. Joimiaroxeu

    S04.E02: Arousal Template

    I feel like Taylor is nearing the end of their rope with Axe blocking them at every turn and will ask Gegor to take him out. Out as in a hit.
  10. Joimiaroxeu

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    I guess the sarcasm was too subtle. Darned internet.
  11. Joimiaroxeu

    S02.E10: The Red Angel

    How slow is that elevator or how tall is that ship? Seems like Ash and Burnham were talking at least five minutes. Seems inefficient and low-tech for a place that has the transporter function. So is Culber slowly coming around? If so I'm glad Stamets is giving him the time and space to do it, not that he's had a choice. ICAM. So much buildup for Michael to be the savior of all space and time and then it turns out to be her mommy. It left me underwhelmed.
  12. Joimiaroxeu

    S06.E11: The Therapist

    Nah, he'll just microwave them:
  13. Joimiaroxeu

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    Wireless Telecommunications Facility. So the recipe for and taste of beer won't change in 400 years? Ok. Phew, I was scared we were going to find out that Laura was Gordon's ancestor because she married Greg who turned out to be his great-grandfather several times over. And since Gordon had sex with her, maybe she ended up pregnant and he was his own grandpa! Yeah, that's the ticket!
  14. Joimiaroxeu

    Turn Up Charlie

    Yeah, I'm having a hard time understanding what Idris was hoping to accomplish with this. Trying to broaden his range is one thing but looking out of your element while doing it is another. And I've been quite amused by the obvious display of Brits doing bad American accents, especially the little girl. Extra funny since Idris can do a near-perfect one.
  15. Well guess who popped up on the lastest episode of You're the Worst? None other than the portrayer of the most most recent Fenmore Baldwin, Zach Tinker. He who also just scored a Daytime Emmy nomination right out of the gate. Wonder if those family connections are helping? (His grandfather was the late preeminent TV executive and producer, Grant Tinker, and his step-grandmother was Mary Tyler Moore.)