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  1. loki567

    S38.E03: Betrayals Are Going to Get Exposed

    This start is definitely giving me Ghost Island-vibes and that's the worst thing I could ever say about a beginning of a Survivor season. Similar to GI, the twists are throwing the chemistry completely out of whack and the editors are showing the wrong things as a result. The focus on clearly doomed Wendy is giving me those Jacob flashbacks when the editors foolishly decided to focus their first two episodes on a guy who was voted out second. And frankly, considering how shitty most of these last couple of seasons have been, with an obvious huge exception in DvG, I'm glad Probst decided to get a new casting director. Casts are the lifeblood of any reality show and Survivor's casts have been weak for a few years now.
  2. loki567

    Survivor In The Media

    If Probst is responsible for Angelina and Lynn's responsible for all the various, "next Parvati," female cast members, then maybe is a good time for a switch. I will say that Big Brother Over the Top was way better than any regular Big Brother season has been over the past few years and it was primarily because its cast. Most impressively, that season was cast in about a quarter of the time because it started a week after regular Big Brother.
  3. loki567

    Survivor In The Media

    Something to remember about Sean's votes, all the former Pagong players had names with initials at the beginning of the alphabet (Colleen, Gretchen, Greg, Gervaise, Jenna). All the Tagis' names had initials at the end (Kelly, Richard, Rudy, Sean, Sue). So in a very stupid way I think Sean playing the game the same as everybody else on Tagi, get rid of the Pagongs but do it in a way he could claim he was being "honest and fair."
  4. loki567

    S08 All Stars

    The show should take a HARD pass at Richard. We live in an era where no baggage stays in the past and CBS is currently going through massive upheaval over sexual harassment charges. The Sue situation would definitely pop up again, probably along with Ghandia/Ted and Crystal/Bob. That's just the stuff I remember off the top of my head. Who knows what else there is that didn't slip out into the fandom? That stuff can snowball very fast. I don't think Richard's worth the hassle to the show.
  5. loki567

    Survivor In The Media

    Several people on Pagong considered an alliance and IIRC somebody actually got voted out because they openly suggested the idea. When a million dollars at stake based off of who gets voted out, people banding together to vote out other people is inevitable. In fact, I go as far to say that Pagong was the more unusual group than Tagi.
  6. loki567

    S21 Nicaragua

    I'm legit curious, KIMBERSTORMER, who would you list as your worst winner from a gameplay perspective?
  7. loki567

    Survivor In The Media

    That article pissed me off majorly. Not at Mark Burnett, mind you. But at the current trend of media/twittersphere where if you don't like a person's politics or don't like the politics of someone that person has a past/current relationship with, you try to rewrite their entire history as something sordid or despicable. This black-and-white thinking is just infuriating.
  8. loki567

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    Here's the list of all the compiled spoilers at Spoiler Survivor: reddit.com/r/SpoiledSurvivor/comments/aaohw5/38boot_spoiler_posts_update/
  9. loki567

    S37: Angelina Keeley

    Yet. There was just a picture that went viral of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bartending about a month before her election victory against her primary opponent.
  10. loki567

    Past Seasons Talk: The Tribe Has Spoken

    I figure Mario would adore Angelina. Nothing he loves more than a well-edited character who is completely oblivious to the feelings and opinions of their fellow cast members. Might be too late for Angelina to make it on the current 115, but I won't be shocked if she cracks top ten on the next one. Hell, Natalia and Natalie might join her high on that list.
  11. loki567

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    Generally, it does seem like returning player seasons spoil easier. Returning players hang out together at conventions and whatnot, information can flow pretty easy. All info is still very flimsy at this point, so I'd take it with a grain of salt. This twist was clearly geared towards Joe but I wouldn't be shocked if it completely backfired in a, "Andrea beats Matt," type of situation. Really there's no way this twist goes well. Based off of Redmond's description, they were hoping people would try to make other people leave with Russell-like shenanigans. More likely you have a bunch of bored people hanging out at the beach which will make thrilling television, I'm sure.
  12. loki567

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    I'm fascinated to see what happens with this season considering this was the "last straw," for the producers and led them to firing Lynne Spiegel Spillman, their longtime casting director. On one hand, couldn't quite blame them as Ghost Island sucked and there were a lot of bland and boring casts before that. On the other hand, you figure DvG would have bought her some goodwill. I wonder if this season is enough of a train wreck to justify her firing. And if so, what part did all these various twists play into everything? We'll see. SpoiledSurvivor over at Reddit had some unconfirmed posts that Kelley loses at FTC to an early boot who makes it back and the twist blew up in the producers' faces because people were able to bond easier on IoE, than they would in a normal game setting. Once again, that's not confirmed at all.
  13. loki567

    S37 Spoilers and Speculation

    Watching Mike's secret scene is getting me real excited about FTC. He thinks he's going to "spin things," when Nick's a lawyer and Angelina has an extremely high opinion of her negotiating ability. It might be a free-for-all and there's no better way for this season to end. That was always my same thought process with Russell, how much credit should you get when it everybody wants to get you to the end of the game because they know they can beat you? Same thing with Angelina. These two are almost cartwheeling to the F3 because everybody assumes they can beat them.
  14. loki567

    S37: Christian Hubicki

    Reading these interviews and I'm legit jealous of the cast and crew that there was apparently so much more entertaining stuff that they got to experience and the audience will never get to see. I think it's a good indication of how great this season has been, I don't want it to end. These people sound so hilarious and competitive, I'd love to just put the entire cast on another reality show or something. Forget the next Survivor All-Stars, just put this entire cast back for season 40. I think my favorite bit of information from Christian's exit interviews, apparently Davie had spy shacks all around the island, at random times he'd grab Christian to tell him to trust no one, and then disappear back into the jungle.
  15. loki567

    S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    It's funny that despite being a Christian fan, I felt perfectly fine with his boot. Probably because if he had won the game, he would had to go the route of HIs and immunity wins and honestly? I'm kind of bored of that winner. And I loved that what should have been such a predictable result, turned into an absolute scrum of backstabbing and clusterfuckiness. This season has been so good at keeping track of all the various personalities and giving everybody equal weight so the late game feels like it means something.