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  1. tvfanatic13

    S11.E03: It's a Clam Shame

    Ramona is a horrible person, and her face just looks so...off... this season. Not a fan of her or Dorinda at all this season.
  2. tvfanatic13

    S38.E04: I Need a Dance Partner

    Where did you (and can I going forward) see the votes?
  3. tvfanatic13

    S38.E04: I Need a Dance Partner

    I HATE that we don’t see the votes bc of this stupid extinction island.
  4. tvfanatic13

    S06.E12: The Dead

    Late to the game. Truly missed Avi this season but a solid 7/10 season. And living in NY I can tell you that there is NO WAY that they could just pull up in front of wherever they were going. See you all next season.
  5. tvfanatic13

    S09.E17: Reunion Part 2

    I used to think that Melissa was wrong in gunning for Teresa, but after watching 2 parts of reunion, bring it on babe! Tre is a Neanderthal asshole who deserves everything that comes down on her.
  6. tvfanatic13

    S09.E15: Hotheads and Hookahs

    Marge gave me life pushing that idiot into the pool. I hope that in retrospect he is truly embarrassed by his behavior. Teresa's blind loyalty to the prostitution whore is astounding.
  7. tvfanatic13

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    I am surprised that Camille can even be in the vicinity of the morally corrupt Faye Resnick. Did I miss some reconciliation?
  8. tvfanatic13

    Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    Glad Michelle won would love to see her back.
  9. tvfanatic13

    S16.E10: Hoop Dreams

    I am guessing that they built the EC around when they could use the stadium and therefore had to let the QF winner a sit out. Thank dog PTV is back. I was going through withdrawal.
  10. tvfanatic13

    S09.E14: Heroines in Heels

    What the hell is that “accent” of Marge’s assistant Lexi??? I cannot for the life of me figure it out.
  11. I live in NY. There was recently a news story about a woman stuck in a brownstone elevator for the entire weekend. I really hoped it was Sonja. Alas, no.
  12. tvfanatic13

    RHoBH in the Media

    Why wasn't Melissa photoshopped in? The forgotten housewife.
  13. tvfanatic13

    S16.E09: Music City USA

    I also saw that Padma wiped a tear from her eye. I think she does have a really big heart.
  14. tvfanatic13

    Below Deck in the Media

    Count me in! Can we tip in coins though?
  15. tvfanatic13

    S09.E13: Camels, Cabo & Catfights

    I really liked when Mel looked at Tre when they were taking different sides in the Danielle/Marge fight and said, this has no effect on us, capice (or words to that effect).