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  1. SeriousPurrs

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    I did some research awhile back because of Susan Lucci's arms (at her age) and there is a surgical procedure that fixes this problem: incision under your arms, pull the loose skin though the incision and snip it off. Presto! (At that time, about $10,000--each arm.)
  2. SeriousPurrs


    In my city--you don't dare complain--or they will hold your packages at the main post office and if you want 'em--have to go get 'em.
  3. SeriousPurrs

    Online Dating: The good, the bad and the ugly

    I'll just throw this out there (my history with men, over the years--not in this order): First husband--met at my brother's wedding 2nd husband--met at work Boy friend--met at work Boy friend--a neighbor Boy friend--met at work and so forth and so on...... You do see the pattern? Maybe you're just not ready yet--that's OK.... when you are.... you'll do what you're reluctant to do. JMO
  4. So instead of yelling &/or slapping his hand away.....he films it? I must be missing some thing here.
  5. SeriousPurrs

    Small Talk: Take A Break From Shop(ping) Talk

    Go to the post you want completely deleted. Click on report. Ask moderators to delete it. (I think there is a time limit (7? days) to use the edit function. Might be wrong about that.)
  6. SeriousPurrs

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Not a pretty thought--imagining her trying to pull those things on.
  7. SeriousPurrs

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    I once saw the oily, greasy, shiny, etc. Josie in a similar state. In her case, looked like she threw some extensions in all willy-nilly without looking in a mirror--until she glanced at the monitor--immediate primping commenced. (sarcasm) It's just that they are both so damn beautiful that anything goes no matter how bizarre and the rest of us are just jealous of their eternal gorgeousness.
  8. SeriousPurrs

    Vitamins & Supplements

    Sorry to be late--new to this forum. If it helps any one--my brother has been taking fish oil for many years (I don't) and he says (7-31-18): "Some people get stomach upset and some don't. I haven't had any issues. Always take at meal time. I have been taking SAM'S CLUB triple strength ( about $19/1000). I understand that the OMEGA 3 fatty acts is the important one for controlling Tri-Glycerides. There are more expensive fish oils out there. I have shown this to my Doctor and he approved and told me that this is almost as good as the prescription fish oil thatI was taking (brand name LOVAZA) that was over $120/1000."
  9. SeriousPurrs

    What are your aches and pains?

    Thought I'd mention, if anyone interested, she also has books and DVDs--not every one likes to go to classes (I certainly don't--people are different in that regard). Good luck to you! Happy you found something that works for you!
  10. SeriousPurrs

    Home Shopping Network

    I don't see goat diapers or goat pajama bottoms to prevent "litter". (I have seen them bottom-covered on some Evine shows.) I guess there is a goat-leavings person around. Another job I'd do--if, you know....rent, food, bills, silly stuff like that.
  11. I wish, just once, all the models would give that answer. Would Skunky's head explode? Would she get violent? Would she have a massive, hissy-pissy fit? Here's hoping....
  12. SeriousPurrs

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    That takes me back to my two marriages (& divorces). What fun I could have had--if only they had been color-blind! Regrets! Wishes!
  13. SeriousPurrs

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    She probably thinks it means "taut" (at least I hope she did, cause the other is abusive). From brians.wsu.edu "taunt / taut I am told that medical personnel often mistakenly refer to a patient’s abdomen as “taunt” rather than the correct “taut.” “Taunt” (“tease” or “mock”) can be a verb or noun, but never an adjective. “Taut” means “tight, distended,” and is always an adjective."
  14. SeriousPurrs

    Home Shopping Network

    I was curious about Diane Gilman's health. From Sarasota Magazine, dated 7-20-2018, 'Queen of Jeans'...., by Heather Dunhill: "It may sound corny, but ‎I have made my own rules my whole life, and I am in the middle of transforming my look and life yet again. After six months of chemotherapy for breast cancer that my doctors tell me will be completely cured by year’s end, I lost my signature auburn hair. I depended on my long mane of hair—in red, the color of my youth—to make a fashion statement. But when it was gone, I decided to create a new signature. My hair has started growing back in and it’s pure white! To my surprise, I love it. I look at it as an opportunity to put together a new, individual look—one that’s still chic, sexy and me."