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  1. The blow out with Ken/Lisa/Kyle that opened the episode was followed by the "Two Months Earlier" screen and then a dive into the action starting this season. It's like what they've done with the past 2 seasons of Southern Charm: tease the big throw-down of the season, then rewind to the start of filming. If this dog story is all that we're getting this season, a la pantygate & lategate, it is going to be painful to watch. So glad NYC is coming back in less than a month. And if that dog really did attack PK, that dog is a hero. Or maybe she was secretly working for all the loan sharks PK owes money to?
  2. Lizzing

    S06.E16: Au Revoir!

    Since this was the last regular episode, does anyone remember if the scene where the crew was flustered by a guest request to store breast milk in the galley ever was shown? I remember it from the season teaser, but other than the Master Pierson episodes (and those kids were clearly on regular food), I don't recall anyone with tiny kids being guests.
  3. Lizzing

    I Am the Night

    The writing is still pretty bad for the second episode. In the car ride to the lunch, Connie Nielsen's character just gives an info dump on George...musical genius, skilled doctor, art guy...it was like she was just reading off his Wikipedia page. There was a similar clunkiness to Dale Dickey's character (and she's a goddamned national treasure and should have had better writing to work with) describing her trip to the convent to give up her baby. The scripts are a whole lot of "tell, not show", which just gets basic storytelling assbackwards. On a nitpicky level, Chapstick was invented far before 1965 and Pat/Fauna should have had some. Does anyone know where that lunch took place/was filmed? It looked like, in the circular drive up, like a cemetery. Then it looked like a country club dining room attached to an art museum. Why someone would lunch at a private club/gallery/mausoleum with a young girl they just met is beyond me.
  4. Lizzing

    I Am the Night

    I liked it well enough to keep it on the record list for the second episode. I didn't find it to be slow, but more clunky. For example the scene where Pat/Fauna finds out her origin story from her mother: it was such an info dump it took me out of the scene, thinking, "what is up with this lecture-style exposition?", which a better crafted script should avoid. I like Chris Pine well enough, but I'm kinda over the hackneyed character of the substance-abusing reporter haunted by demons of war and other sundry tragedies. It was damn near a cliche with Jake Barnes, so 90+ years on, it's super unoriginal. However, I do love a good period piece set in LA and based on the MFM interview with Jefferson Mays, they filmed in the real Hodel house and I want to get my eyes on the inside of that place.
  5. Lizzing

    S06.E14: All That Glitters Isn't Gold

    Tyler, with his "Fresh tracks in the brand new peanut butter....sick!" to "Rhylee doesn't want me to tell anybody but, uh, we banged last night. It's pretty special to me." is the living embodiment of Liz Lemon's doofus boyfriend, Dennis Duffy, but somehow more simple-minded. I also felt bad for Josiah. It was uncomfortable when Bruno was the semi-naked platter for sushi, but he was far more comfortable showing off his body. Josiah's discomfort was palpable.
  6. Lizzing

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    I was surprised Asuelu made a crack about getting Larissa flowers when she arrived for the taping. It was the most wit and quick thinking he's ever shown. And what was up with that secondary studio room? The one with the faux brick wall where Ashley and Jay had their sidebar....it looked like the backdrop of a bad 90s comedy club. I was waiting for someone to break into some cheesy observational standup.
  7. Lizzing

    S16.E05: Restaurant Wars Part 2

    As dumb as it was to have RW this early in the season, and to hire rando temps off the street who don't know what spoons are, it still wasn't as bad for me as S3 and Madonna's dumbass brother. I hated that RW. But yep, I agree with the PYKAG result, but I do wish they'd hire people with actual food service experience and drop the added "drama" of hiring people who don't have a clue for service. Since I just caught up on last week's and this week's episode, I just gotta say those swan? fixtures in the hot tub/large bath are just too much. Also, every time they show the picture of the outside of the house, I very much expect the ghosts of Robert Guillaume and James Noble to pop up on screen.
  8. Lizzing

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    We have covenant marriage in Louisiana; it came in when I was in law school and was really pushed through the legislature by super conservative Christians. It bothers me for many reasons, but basically it just means that the parties pledge--and then are obligated by the state--to have counseling pre-marriage and prior to divorce and the barriers to divorce are higher. Louisiana is a no-fault state for divorce in regular marriage, but if you want to get out of a covenant one, there has to be one of a limited number of causes. However, being convicted of a felony is one of those causes, as is adultery, so there's no reason that the killer's wife couldn't get a divorce under a covenant marriage regime (at least in LA and I suspect the other 2 jurisdictions as well). There must have been slim pickings in whatever town this murder went down in because I just don't see the level of attractiveness that justified either the killer or the victim pulling in that many women.
  9. I don't know why it didn't occur to me earlier, but these CO$ compounds would be the perfect place to set up a post-zombie apocalypse safe hold, especially the ones that house all enshrined copies of LRH doctrine. Adding such a setting in may bring me back to The Walking Dead. DeVocht said that one of the high-up dudes who used to run the SeaOrg ship knew Davie was nuts but he was waiting it out until LRH returns from the dead. Apparently a lot of the long-timers, possibly including Shelly, think LRH is going to return to run the cult. This had never occurred to Leah.
  10. Lizzing

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Wholly unrelated to the case, I found the giant statue of a mastadon or mammoth to be an odd choice for the office park where the PI firm/murder scene was.
  11. Lizzing

    S16. E10. What Child Is This?

    That scene really pissed me off and soured me on the whole episode. It was beyond bad writing. And maybe it was because I was so irritated, I don't remember them ever proving "Vicious" murdered the guy--only that he had motive. Cassie and Palmer were the only good things about the episode.
  12. Lizzing

    S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    ITA. And compare her to Colin from last season of BDM: he's been a ferry captain for years but never pulled the "I am a captain" card on his season. He knew he was there to learn motor yachting, and was pleasant about it. I wonder if this crew ever did the repeated fire drills like they did on the first season of BD. I kinda think if they did, we'd have seen it, but I do wonder if they have safety drills during the season.
  13. Lizzing

    S13.E21: Reunion Part 3

    I would watch the hell out of that movie (and it wouldn't be any weirder than the Kyle Richards classic, Watcher In The Woods.) Selfish.
  14. Lizzing

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Alternatively, if you're wanting to murder someone, Silver City seems like the place to set up camp! Pam Hupp might have found a new home.
  15. Lizzing

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    It has been a long while since the cops in a Dateline seriously pissed me off, so it was bound to happen again sooner or later. JFC, how did the supervisor cop still have a job after his detective dropped the ball so many times? And the detective complained about the murder victim's family bugging him? Did the supervisor tell him to STFU and investigate? Didn't seem like it. Hell, if I were the DA I'd be charging most of the sheriff's department on theft of government funds because they sure as shit weren't doing their jobs when they were on the clock, and throw in some malfeasance charges where applicable. The way the crime scene was managed made the OJ murder scene look like a text book version of HOW to do it, rather than how not to do it. Ugh...so much stupid at once. And I do not understand how the murder's family ever gets custody when the victim's family has one person, even third cousin, twice removed, to raise the kids. The parents of the victim need a good custody lawyer.
  16. Lizzing

    S03.E17: Reunion Part 1

    This is the second Bravo show this week where someone mixed up "infer" and "imply" and it is driving me insane. D'Andra's secret was a big non-starter, but Kam's text message actually brought something to the argument. (I don't think Kam's crafty enough to fake a message in the middle of a exchange thread.) LeeAnne needs to lay off the fake therapy-speak. That crap she was spewing at Stephanie was so hard to listen to without wanting to barf.
  17. Lizzing

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I rewound twice and it sure did sound like Jay to me as well. There was no correction.
  18. Lizzing

    S06.E08: Ready to Run

    Ugh, I forgot I was watching 90DF and thought I was back watching Unexpected with the Steven/Olga storyline. He would fit right in with douchenozzles like Shayden and Diego. Hell, he kinda looks like Shayden. I still feel terrible for Olga though. She undoubtedly had it worse in the orphanage; a former coworker of mine adopted a child at about a year old from a Russian orphanage (and he'd be Olga's age now) and the poor kid had attachment and behavioral issues from the jump. He's finally sorted out, but that was after being raised in a fairly affluent, loving home. Olga didn't have those advantages, and yet kept her cool around dumbass Steven. I was actually hoping that the Russian government was going to bust him and deport his shit for brains self. As ridiculous as they are, I think Eric and Leida are perfectly matched: both are exceptionally delusional and unattractive (though she does have nice hair and he...does not). I swear that was not a picture of her and her ex at the wedding ceremony--it looked to me like 2 cardboard standees posed in front of the officiant. Or perhaps bad Photoshopping. But the producers have got to step it up on the "shopping for furniture" plot device. It makes no sense why Larissa and Debbie went to a 2nd hand rent to own place, nor did it make sense that Eric & Leida went to the high end place. Clearly, Rooms To Go and IKEA aren't allowing TLC to film there, and looking at Wayfair makes bad TV, so just drop it altogether already. After wasting too many hours on Say Yes to the Dress reruns this morning, I kinda want a bridal shopping show set at that boutique in Chicago; those were some elegant long-sleeved gowns Ferndanda tried on. I liked the first one the best as well, but it was damn refreshing to see a couple of gorgeous, clean-lined dresses with sleeves and not blinged out to the moon and back.
  19. Lizzing

    Long Lost Family

    I prefer the 2 hour shows, despite the commercials, because we get much more of the story. Tonight's episode was a good example with John, the guy who found out he was adopted at nearly 50, and Wilson, his full bio brother. When they showed the grave marker at the end, we saw the parents' birth years and they would have been in their early thirties when they gave up John for adoption, and Wilson was born a couple of years later. I really want to know why they gave John up and then stayed together until the father's death. Usually when we see the stories of the bio parents having more full-sibling children, the first was born when they were in high school and the others later. But this couple was well into adulthood when they gave up the first kid and the second didn't come that much later. I really want to know what the story was there, but they didn't get into it. Surely the surviving uncle would have known if the parents had gone through a rough patch and split up for a while, or had a history of a rocky relationship or something. It was just a weird thing that is gonna bug me now. lol.
  20. Lizzing

    S13.E19: Reunion Part 1

    Vicki has no credibility on anything, so I don't think anyone should really care all that much about what she may say about them. However, within the construct of the show, Shannon and Tamra are ostensibly still friends with Kelly, and both warned Kelly that Vicki would turn on her eventually too, at the slightest provocation. So I was pretty annoyed at their weak defense of Kelly to Vicki's attacks. Telling Vicki that she shouldn't say things regarding parenting or drug use, in hushed voices, when they were about to be on lunch break is just not enough and Kelly should be pissed at them. However, it does tell me that Tamra and Shannon know Vicki holds more sway with production than they could (as nonsensical as that is--I'd love to see a season of Tamra completely away from Vicki just to see how crazy she would get). I'm gonna be one on the less popular side of the pool too, because I thought this was a great kickoff to the reunion. There was actual new information and Kelly and Gina were blazing right out of the gate. It was more interesting and fast-paced than any other episode of the season. Oh, also, if Vicki can accuse Kelly of doing coke and being a negligent mother because Kelly called her fat, I hope in the next episode, Shannon accuses Vicki of dealing coke and selling children for calling Shannon fat (the whole "large" shirt incident). But I know she won't.
  21. Lizzing

    S03.E15: Game of Phones

    Kind of incidental, but did wedding planner Steve have a bunch of yellow shadowy makeup under his eyes at the fashion show, or do I need to adjust the color settings on my TV? I really wish D'Andra would see a proper colorist for her hair though. Those light ends aren't ombre; they're tragic--even worse than LeeAnne's horse tail multicolored extensions from earlier this season.
  22. Lizzing

    S06.E08: Flesh Wounds Are Not Five-Star

    Even though Chandler didn't technically drop the woman, her slipping was his fault. He knows the score--these guests are (or should be assumed to be) nearly always somewhat intoxicated. As he was taking her off the tender, he should have loudly and clearly stated that he was going to set her on the sand because the concrete was very slippery, and set her down far enough away from the pavement that she couldn't stick out her one leg and land on it. But even if he did all of that and she still fell, he should have apologized anyway, just as a matter of good service. And he most definitely should have seen to it that she got bandaged up and ice for her bruises, irrespective of who was truly at fault. Nonetheless, had the whole incident happened to that beastly red head from BDM who declared that only dogs eat out of bowls, I probably would have laughed my ass off and given Chandler a medal. From what has been presented across the BD/BDM universe, the third stew job is an entry level position, so I would think that Caroline would only have to have basics down and that boat safety course everyone has to take to work on a yacht in order to get the job. And it's not like she was plucked out of a crowd and dropped on the boat--she knew what kind of job she was getting into (and had at least 7 seasons of BDs to watch as a primer). If she didn't know how to make a drink as simple as a Bloody Mary, there are many bartender aps she could have put on her phone to CYA. Further, she could always ask the guests questions how they like their bloody marys (spicy, not, heavy on lemon, whatever). Then again, shots with a twist and a simple tray of champagne seem to be reaches for her.... At least I now see why Jamie from BDM and Chandler are together: her love of chocolate milk and his love of chocolate ice cream must be something that overcomes his blatant ineptitude and disrespect for women.
  23. Lizzing

    Sweet Home Oklahoma

    Help me out here....when did "throw pillows" become "toss pillows"? That project manager chick has GOT to be hired just for the show. A person working with clients in a design firm should know how to measure rooms. It isn't that hard. And I hate that either she or another one of the young employees is named "Alexa" because every time they use her name my Fire goes nuts and tries to Google whatever they're saying.
  24. Lizzing

    Get A Room With Carson And Thom

    I still really do love this show, basically for Thom, Carson & their interactions. Design-wise, though, agree that the finished product often looks very cluttered with needless accessories. I don't want a couple of bookcases filled with designer-selected tchotchkes when I already have too many books to fit in my existing bookcases. I loathe wallpaper, and think it will be out of fashion again in the future, so while the new wallpaper looks much better than what Wallpaper To Go used to stock in my youth, I envision all of these people hiring a crew to steam it all off in about 8 years. And the trend I really don't get--Thom does it here & Jennifer does it on Sweet Home--is the use of bronze/brass metals in light fixtures and furniture. Apparently that's back from the 80s too? I think that's another thing that is going to look super dated in short order. (And I don't mean the wrap-around in the dentist's office--I think that had to stay just on budget concerns. I'm talking the newly installed stuff.)
  25. Lizzing

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Ultimatum should have been a 2 hour episode, or structured differently to give more backstory. The idea that husband Lloyd brainwashed the three daughters definitely seemed plausible, but anecdotes about ballet class from a decade before the murder didn't really shore up that hypothesis. Clearly the other 2 kids didn't want to be interviewed, but the cops could have talked about the "cult like" upbringing in more depth. From the snippets of police interviews with Karrie seemed to be lying about her level of involvement and all of the crying seemed fake. When the NY cops got her in the interview room shortly before the arrest she went from crying about her mom's death to not in a split second. I too think she saw the writing on the wall and flipped on her father to save her butt. I also wanted to know more about the rift between Michele and her mother; the mother blamed it on Lloyd for isolating Michele and demeaning her, but wouldn't Michele have reached out to her mother after the divorce went through? Also, Michele was in contact with her sister, so why didn't the sister try to find out why Michele wasn't speaking to their mother. In any event, both Michele's mother and sister had weird, over-smiley affects when talking about Michele's death. It reminded me of Claire on Modern Family, who has a quirk of creepily smiling at the news of someone's death. Just freaky. And maybe I need to go on a true crime diet, but I better than half suspected that some kind of incest relationship going on with Kerrie and Lloyd was going to be revealed. I was glad to be wrong on that.