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  1. Phillygurl

    Media: Shakespearean News Here!

    This is truly disheartening. The swirl flavored love triangle with a Shakespearean twist?!? And when I heard it was shonda I was so happy because I was thinking "finally a show I can get behind that will make it past the first season." I'm so sad! First Pitch and now this!? I thought people were ok with strong black female leads. I just don't think it was given a fair chance. But then private practice was just a knock off Greys Anatomy and I know it got at least 4 seasons. Is there any possibility it could be picked up by Hulu or netflix??? Im sure this is wishful thinking. Maybe a show just about love and romance doesn't do it for people anymore. So sad.
  2. Phillygurl

    Are You The One?

    I definitely don't like Taylor. I think she is a petty, selfish, whiner. Remember when she was talking about how trashy the house was because they were dancing and partying that night? She could NEVER do what they were doing. Then she was obsessing over Tyler whining over not having his attention and trying to get the houses pity. Then she falls for Andre only because he is the rebound after Tyler who treats her like his treasure. Which is sweet. But then they're a no match and she decides to treat the house like crap. As if it's their fault nothing works out. I agree she's an average type of pretty, not necessarily the goddess she is made out to be by Andre. But really if he wants to ride with her, good for him. But I honestly don't think she can reciprocate and actually be as loving and kind as Andre is to her. I think he deserves better.
  3. Phillygurl

    S03.E05: Men Against Fire

    Ok so I may be thinking too deep but this episode had so much more to do with our past than with future technology. It goes back to slavery how it was ok to beat and kill and sell black people because they were "animals" compared to white people. It goes back to the holocaust when it was ok to exterminate the "filth" that were the Jews. Btw I am black so maybe that's why this episode had such a specific significance to me but really... That is why you see so many atrocities done to people who different. Whether it be race or religion or cultural we all cling to our differences. We all have our own built in Mass from birth. If only there were a machine that could simply disable it. We would see one another just as we are. Maybe there would be more mercy, less judgment
  4. Phillygurl

    S18.E20: Power of Veto 6

    Thank you! I logged in to say this exact same thing and couldn't have said it better myself. I mean even in the real world it's hard for us women when we find a guy we like, we overlook his faults... And try to rationalize everything. But in there it must be 10 times worse. She is acting normal! She is NOT drama. Is it because she is a black woman any emotion = drama? I can't stand Paulie anymore. So typical, a guy thinks he can just pick and choose what aspects of a woman he wants to use at his leisure but the minute she shows him anything he doesn't like, she is a grade 5 clinger and deserves to be cut. Disgusting. He would be so stupid to evict her because she will have his back no matter what. But I hope he does so that she can realize what a worthless guy he really is. Right know he is embarrassing her on national TV. I mean her parents are probably watching this. Not cool. Done with him and once da' leaves, done with this show. It will just be the Paulie + minions show. And yes Da' did this to herself and I get why she is leaving but still Paulie will really have no opposition now.
  5. Phillygurl

    S05.E07: Ray & Lexi

    Hmm that's an interesting concept. I do agree though that the reality doesn't even come close to the fantasy... But still you would think some people would be able to look past the visual and remember "the beautiful person inside" who they could finally open themselves up to and blah blah blah. Their words not mine.
  6. Phillygurl

    S05.E07: Ray & Lexi

    Am I the only one who thinks that in some ways these people kind of deserve to be catfished in a way??? Yes for being dumb but it's more than that... These people go online and start talking to someone and fall in love with the idea of someone based on some pictures. They have months to years of convo with this person and most times are comfortable enough to say they love them. Then when they find out the person they are talking to does not look like their picture, they are immediately done. So yes I get the lying part is a turn off but many people have been lied to and still stay in their relationships so it's not just that. On some level, these people are very shallow. They only want to talk to someone who supposedly was there for them and they supposedly love, IF that person looks super hot. Yes I know we all want to be attracted to our significant other physically but attraction is more than just physical so yeah I kind of expect more than immediate repulsion with every meet. I mean honestly maybe the catfisher would not have made a fake profile(or continued to lie about it) if they actually believed the catfishee would accept them as they were. These profiles are created because we live in such a superficial world and with social media it's so hard to get people to look past the visual to know what's truly inside. It's just speaks to the truly sad state of our society. Dating these days is hell for women for this very reason. Thanks to Tinder and Instagram, every guy thinks they deserve(and can get) a model so they pass over all the normal cute girls in a quest for that Beyoncé/Kim K/ Amber Rose/ Megan Fox kind of girl. This is just really sad and I actually feel for the catfisher when they make the reveal and the catfishee basically wants to throw up on them.
  7. Phillygurl

    The Path

    So does anyone understand the vision Eddie saw during his "vision quest"? A snake and a guy on life support... Not exactly a screaming symbol for me. Anybody else?
  8. Phillygurl

    S17.E06: Episode 6

    So I agree Da' has caused herself to be isolated by some of the houseguests. Maybe she's negative but it's refreshing to see someone who isn't willing to sweep bullshit under the rug to get further. It will likely cost her the game though. Just like last week when Steve told them absolutely not, I don't want to be no damn pawn. Everyone is so scared of being perceived as difficult, or going against the grain, they go around tippy-toeing around everyone. Even though I know mama Da's time in this house is short lived, I always find it annoying when the popular group gangs up on the the stragglers and outcasts. I hope she can rally just this one week and then she can go home at the hand of someone less annoying like James or Steve or John. Anyway, just my thought.
  9. Phillygurl

    S04.E20: Lily

    Personally I don't buy Lily as a villain. She hasn't actually hurt anyone yet. As a matter of fact, if the "good guys" just support her and maybe sort of I don't know apologize for taking her from her mother maybe she doesn't even have to become one. If Emma can turn dark then it follows that Lily can be light. Actually, this whole turning the savior dark makes no sense to me in the first place. I mean if her parents moved mountains just to guarantee her goodness... how can she ever turn bad? Doesn't that negate everything? Also, I wonder if Maleficient would have wanted Lily to have the chance to choose between good and evil or if she is only upset that she was taken away but not angry that all darkness was transferred to her. These days it seems the only villains around being villainous are Rumple and Zelena. Cruella and Ursula were hardly villains at all, Maleficient really just wants her child back and/or vengeance for her being taken, as any mother should (it's just human, remember) and my hopes that hanging out with Gold and the twisted sisters would place Regina back on her evil path were totally dashed last night. So yeah, pending evil plot of turning Emma dark vs getting preggo by a man you don't even like to piss off your sister? Is this what villainy has been reduced to???
  10. Phillygurl

    S04.E20: Lily

    I went through all the trouble of retrieving my password and logging in just to say I'm done with Outlaw Queen. So done. I mean eww. It was ridiculous of him to leave in the first place but I could see how this was him being noble. But then for him to move in with this woman he felt to be a stranger and then when she gives him an ultimatum he says "Yeah that's true, I'll love you instead" all because of what the most disgusting morally reprehensible character has to say about love? And if that's not ridiculous enough, when Regina comes all the way from storybooke to try to save his trifling behind, his first response is: "Now I know you're obsessed with me, only woman in the world who would tell me to leave to take care of my sick defenseless wife, but you need to realize I've moved on now, living in the shit-hole of an apartment, with this woman who looks like my wife who told me to love her so I did." And if that's not ridiculous enough, he is going to STAY knowing she is Zelena because she is pregnant and it's the right thing to do. Because of course there is no way this woman sick enough to have killed and had been impersonating his wife could maybe somehow not actually be pregnant. Here's the deal, Regina may be an evil queen and all but sheesh can't she have a man who is solely devoted to her and maybe not an idiot? Maybe on her level is some respect? This guy is so annoyingly idiotic and stupid. I wish she would burn that stupid page with her happy ending and move to Minnesota and start fresh. Robin is ruined for me now. Eww at the thought of it all. I will only watch now to see the havoc anti-savior and dragon-mommy will wreak.
  11. Phillygurl

    S01.E09: Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me

    So from my standpoint, it looked like bonnie actually had sex with that stranger. Her look of disgust was because she was probably disgusted by herself for allowing him to screw her. Secondly, why did she so that? Are we supposed to believe both Nasty Random and Asher were because her self-esteem was so low after Anni fired her? Aka she was all hurt and feeling low about being on her knees, and then cast to the side that she wanted to feel wanted so she hooked up with Nasty Random. But then felt disgusted about hooking up with Nasty Random because he was both nasty and random. So she called Asher becuase he is a cutiepie and not random and would place her on a pedastal as a way to kind of erase the disgust she felt after Nasty Random? I am utterly fascinated by Bonnie. As for the murder, what about the carpet? I'm less concerned about the pieces in the trash than I am about how Anni is going to explain not being concerned about it's absence. Surely, Frank, Bonnie or Asher will notice it's missing. I don't know many ppl who would take a carpet with them when fleeing criminal persecution. That plus the missing ring, the lack of incineration of the remains, the cop, the significant others and the scales, there is absolutely no way they're getting away with this. The show should be called: How to Get Caught like an Idiot after Committing Murder Also, did anyone else think it was super ironic how the Scoobies were fighting about having murdered Sam, then it turns out he is alive and then they go and finish the job? I mean if i were in the room I would have been super excited to see Sam alive even if he were strangling Rebecca. I mean honestly there had to be another way to stop him from killing her. As for Wes' obsession with Rebecca, I think I sort of get it. I think he feels like an "other" and Rebecca is clearly an "other" as well. Wes had a mom who committed suicide, grew up as the only black kid in his neighborhood, then gets into law school off the waitlist at the very last moment and everybody knows about it. He doesn't quite fit in, as evidenced by Connor continuing to call him "waitlist". But for him, he fits in with Rebecca. That plus the fact that his mother was likely pretty damaged to have killed herself and enter Rebecca "murder suspect, drug dealer" = the definition of damaged. He wants to save her because he couldn't save his mom. I kind of like the idea of Wes being related to the Keetings but I don't eant him to be Anni's son because I kind of want them to smash... not because it would be hot but because it would be so twisted and weird to watch. That stuff Sam said about Anni being a piece of ass was low but I dont think he meant any of it. I think he was just trying to hurt her after she told him about her affair. I wonder how their marriage really was pre-Lila and Nate. Must not have been that great if a wife is ok seeing her husband's lifeless body in a pool of blood. Just saying. Asher is the bomb.com and I hope he doesn't end up heartbroken when he finds out Bonnie really prefers to Annalise to him. Also I wish Conner could be straight for a day so we could see him hook up with Michaela. That would be hot.
  12. Phillygurl

    Live! Feed Discussion (S16): Keeping an Eye Out

    All of you are spot on. Christine is so shocked and happy at the prospect of being a cool kid and ppl "needing" her. Her desperation to feel included is what highlights truly what a loser she really is. She started out being ok with being an "outcast" with nicole but then she got invited to the bomb squad and her allegiance to Nicole went out the door so quick. She also ran to the boys and told them Amber was trying to get all the boys out with a big grin strapped across her face. Now that all this C/C bizness has come to light, I wonder if christine was just super excited at the prospect of getting rid of the "competition." Cosy may be pretty but that's all he is. Amber and Nicole had done so much more in the house than he has... as an "all powerful male". Unfortunately, no matter what happens, Christine will never truly get it, and she will think she played the game the best. It's really just a travesty. Girls never work together and it's because of girls like Christine. Women who are so desperate for men's attention and approval that they will sell their fellow women down the river in a heartbeat.
  13. Phillygurl

    Live! Feed Discussion (S16): Keeping an Eye Out

    For us non feed watchers: what exactly is the deal with Christine and Cody? He seems like he flirts with everyone but I wasn't aware there was anything between them. Also, I don't think Cody has been really playing this game and next to victoria, I would consider him his own kind of floater and I would be happy to see him go before almost everyone else... even Frankie. And that's saying something
  14. Phillygurl


    I think that is the point. Because Savi and Dom's relationship is the result of infidelity, they are both hypersensitive to outsiders involvement with one another. That being said, I think Dom's concerns were right on the money. Getting upset that Savi has been seeing Zach or has been lying about Zach is worthless because those are things that can be forgiven eventually. But Dom understands that the Savi needing Zach to provide something he couldn't means that, with or without Zach in her life, their relationship is doomed. Either way, I'm not really into this storyline. Honestly I think Savi needs to be alone to figure things out for herself. I was kind of annoyed when she met Harry and seemed to feel a sense of loss at the idea of him leaving. I mean she humilated him and broke his heart twice. He owes you nothing. And the second that you fight with your new boyfriend, you are super eager to go grab a drink with your ex. Someone needs a man-cation. April - So I don't think April likes to feel morally superior. I think that she is a good girl who got married young and was never really tempted into doing the wrong things. Doing the right things got her a successful marriage (for a while) and a beautiful daughter. However she finally realizes, like all good girls do, that other ppl don't play by the rules. And as a result end up rewarded. Trying to always do the right thing is exhausting and difficult and she's tired. So she went back to Daniel. It will end badly but I do think this is the natural progression of her character. PS, in my opinion, April and Daniel have the most chemistry of all the other characters on the show. Joss - This plastic surgeon storyline is weird and wrong. I mean a closet full of lady shoes. No way. I guess I did appreciate him discussing the lack of fulfillment his job gives him but I think this is moving way too fast. Please just let them break up so Joss can do the ultimate no no and get with her sister's ex husband. It's clear Joss and Savi's relationship is on the rocks which is why it was so unrealistic to me that Savi called Joss for advice. But I digress Karen - Saw that coming a mile away. Do not like Jacob for her at all. Is it me or did it seem like after their session Karen looked kind of bored and unsatisfied. I think she'll go back and find Mr. Double-back-for-a-second-round guy. Since Jacob is super boring by comparison.
  15. Phillygurl

    S10.E24: Fear (of the Unknown)

    Ok so a few things 1) Im surprised so many people don't believe Pierce is old enough to be head of cardio when I don't think her age was ever revealed to us. Yes she looks young but that hardly means anything. I went to med school with a girl who started at 17 years old... finished at 21. Even with the extra 8-9 years of training thats puts her at 30. She could easily be 35 years old. Clearly she is super intelligent so that doesn't bother me. 2) For me I dont really care about meredith having another sister. What I do care about is Webber having a daughter... that will be awesome! Thinking about the awesomeness of it allows me to forgive the stupid crappy unrealistic reveal at the end. 3) I don't care about Jackson and April anymore... I really don't. When I see them on the screen I get annoyed. I hope next season they just have their baby and leave the rest of us out of it 4) I am so glad Cristina finally told Meredith the truth. She needed to hear it. But whenever a woman tells her friend she is giving too much of herself to her spouse/boyfriend, the woman is always seen as a troublemaker or rabble rouser. So as a result, most friends keep their true feelings a secret in order to keep their friendships intact....even if it means the woman in the relationship is being treated less than she deserves. Meredith is Cristina's person. She is the only one who can tell Mer the truth and I'm happy Meredith was smart enough and mature enough to listen. I, for one, never liked Derek. I don't think he is funny or charming. I think he is boring and self-absorbed. I never understood what was so great about him... so of course I agree meredith should not yield to all his career opportunites because he is "McDreamy." I mean what kind of lesson is that to women anyway? As long as he is hot and successful you should do whatever will make him happy even to your own detriment? That's why Cristina is so awesome! She loved Owen with everything she had but she never put herself or her needs beneath his. Some people may think that's why she is alone but I think she is to be admired and respected for this reason. She knew she could never be happy doing that and she saved herself and Owen (and possibly her unwanted children) alot of pain and suffering. Love you Cristina! Do you girl :) 5) I hope next season they improve Bailey's character some. She went from being a well respected mentor to an annoying child who throws a temper tantrum every time something doesn't go her way. I understand she is often overlooked and under appreciated but they need to address this properly so they can develop her character past this point so we can all move on. I really used to love this character :(