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  1. Aethera

    Season 10 Live Chat Thread

    ***MOD NOTE*** This didn't get used this week, I think because it had dropped so far down the list while locked incorrectly last week (sorry about that!) but just to let folks know, I'm now setting it to unlock about 30 minutes before air time, and lock 15 minutes after the episodes end. I've got a reminder set for myself to update it. So please feel free to live chat away in future weeks!
  2. Aethera

    S10:03 Kody Wants Out

    ***MOD NOTE*** Guys, this topic is about the episode, let's stick to that and not get into general discussion of wedding etiquette. I think we've said enough on that topic. Also, please remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that etiquette standards are not set in stone. It's fine to criticize the Browns for their choices, but it is not ok to criticize or demand proof for your fellow posters' opinions.
  3. Aethera

    S15.E13: I Walk the Line

    Terrific guest stars in this episode. Wish they'd given Billy Boyd more to do, but I'm glad we're going to get more of Kyle Secor doing what he does best. He'll out-Owen Owen, I imagine - he's great at that mode. Jennifer Grey - I thought she did well too, though it took me a minute to recognize her! It makes total sense not to just hand them the baby from a logical, procedure-driven standpoint, but Owen is not thinking about that, he just wants to keep him. I can't imagine how hard it would be to foster a child and then have to part with them, but he's still being a jerk. And as always, taking it out on everyone. He's gets angry and stubborn, and then has to be completely shamed into apologizing. I'm sure that's where we're going again. This. I really like how mature Amelia is being. This is a much better Amelia that we've seen in previous seasons...let's hope they can keep her on this track. And I continue to love Koracik. I just worry that this being Grey's, he and Teddy won't be able to have a mature relationship, which I'd like to see. Let him be the calm, awesome one while Owen is freaking out while she's giving birth. Completely true. She's also only had her shit mostly together for about 15 minutes, so maybe enjoy it and spend those extra couple months working on your marriage? Saying she's going to be better and then trying to dive back into the chief role shows she hasn't actually changed. Meredith, and Deluca, I just don't get it. Deluca doesn't seem like anything she'd go for at this point in her life, and they continue to have no chemistry. You can smolder while you pressure someone, it's still gross behavior.
  4. Aethera

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    ***Mod Note*** A reminder that personal stories, as long as they are directly relevant to what's happening on the show, are fine, but we don't want to drop down personal story rabbit holes. If your post is only about your personal life, and not primarily about the show, it belongs in Small Talk.
  5. Aethera

    S14.E15: Truth or Dare

    ***MOD NOTE*** Folks - people are allowed to hate or love JJ (or any other character) as much as they want. Comment on the show, not on the opinions of other posters or fans.
  6. Since the launch of the new site on Thursday, I've seen a couple of theme issues - when clicking around the site, my theme has switched itself from Light: Medium to Light: X-tra Large on its own several times - it doesn't actually change the selection in the theme dropdown, but I click into a thread and everything is HUGE. I then have to switch myself to any other theme, and back to Light: Medium and it restores itself. I'm in Safari v 12.0.2. Additionally, I've had the theme not render fully and I've needed to close the tab and reopen the site. Since it's new with the new version, figured you'd want to know!
  7. Aethera

    The Duggars: In the Media and TLC

    Mod Note: Folks, you can start your own episode thread, any user can. In fact, someone did! It's here: https://forums.previously.tv/topic/91035-s09e01-love-is-in-the-air/
  8. Aethera

    S06.E11: Trust

    MOD NOTE: Folks, let’s simmer down and make sure we’re addressing each other with respect. Also, please remember to keep political commentary out of these forums - we’re skating a bit close to that line in this thread.
  9. Aethera

    S15.E11: The Winner Takes It All

    Koracik is my favorite part of this season. Greg Germann really is killing it making him a layered, interesting character. I really don't need him to get it on with Teddy, but I'm fine with it if we avoid the Love Triangle. I enjoy Amelia when she's Work Amelia, not Personal Life Amelia. Let's just hope they Let Koracik Be Koracik, as it were. I also have always loved Richard, and was so relieved earlier this season that they didn't knock him off the wagon. I think his character has been pretty well written this year. I think Pickens did some terrific work in his scenes this episode, really.
  10. Aethera

    S10.E02: Sister Wives Secrets

    Guys, as always - if you're not talking about the episode, only your personal lives, please take it to Small Talk. Future off-topic posts will simply be moved or removed.
  11. Aethera

    S08.E06: Honey, I'm Home?

    Folks, just a reminder that while it's totally fine to relate your real lives to the goings on in the episode, if you're ONLY talking about your lives, and not at all about the episode, that discussion belongs in Small Talk. Thanks! Fixed to link to actual Small Talk, sorry!
  12. FYi, we're trying to clean up the forum a wee bit so I've merged all the old season-by-season Spoiler threads together. We can't merge episode threads, but we figured this would help a bit, and cut the forum from 4 pages to 3. Continue all spoiler and social media posting here!
  13. Aethera

    Season 10 Live Chat Thread

    The place to live chat about an episode! Will lock between episodes.
  14. Aethera

    S10.E02: Sister Wives Secrets

    Apparently, TVDB thinks this is Season 13? I don't know how we wound up 3 seasons off, but there we are. I'm going to leave this as 10 because I don't think it's worth doing a LOT of thread renaming to fix it. For this episode/season, I'm going to start a separate Live Chat thread, so we don't have 2 pages of live chat in the episode threads. That thread will be unlocked for pre-game chat, and then will lock when the episode is over. If I rememberer, I'll unlock it each week so we can chat live there, and then swap over to the episode thread for full commentary.