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  1. "At first I thought the catwalk was spinning. As it turns out, it was me. It's a good thing Ensign Fletcher was there to grab me; it's a long way down to the bottom of the warp core..."
  2. starri

    2019 Awards Season

    The Casey Affleck stuff was pre-MeToo. I doubt he'd win today. I mean, I'm unsure if it ultimately will hurt Malek, but what came out about Singer was SO awful.
  3. starri

    S02.E02: New Eden

    They jumped to the site of the burst, and then heard the signal from the planet. At least if I'm remembering right.
  4. starri

    2019 Awards Season

    I know they always lean into rewarding people playing actual historical figures, but since the voting was done prior to the article in The Atlantic, I think it will probably hurt his chances. Assuming AMPAS is still voting.
  5. starri

    Babylon 5

    I have to wonder if it's better or worse than Vir's "We have six" scene. I have many thoughts about the way B5 didn't deal with gender issues. I honestly can't think of a single scene that's just between two women from any point after Talia left. I can't remember a single female Minbari other than Delenn. Zero female Rangers. One female Psi Cop. Maybe two female EarthForce members that weren't Ivanova or Lochley. And Na'Toth was only recast in S2 because they needed G'Kar to have someone to talk to in a few episodes. In fairness, I did like Number One and really loved the ISN anchorwoman who needed a minute to compose herself when she was able to go back on the air once Clarke was overthrown.
  6. starri

    Babylon 5

    Watching "Acts of Sacrifice" with 2019 eyes, the scene with the Lumati representative is really cringe-y. 17-year-old me probably thought it was funny, 40-year-old me is vaguely offended and REALLY embarrassed for Claudia Christian. She was really a trooper. Also, Franklin telling her, even as a joke, "put a bag over his head and do it for Babylon 5" is gross.
  7. And my mother tried to tell me these books weren't educational.
  8. Dammit, I am NOT crying.
  9. starri

    S04.E12: Kimmy Says Bye!

    I didn't cry and anyone who says I did is a lying liar. The only thing I would have liked was more closure on the other mole women, but honestly, that's relatively minor. I'm really going to miss the show. Perhaps I'm revealing to much but "take it ten seconds at a time" has gotten me through a few bad days.
  10. starri

    S04.E11: Kimmy Is Rich*!

    That makes more sense that the actual plot of Cats.
  11. starri

    S05.E09: He Betrayed Us Both

    Every time I think Viola has reached the apex of what she can do as an actress, she manages to top herself. It's only a shame the show is off Emmy radar now, but she was magnificent in those flashback scenes with Bonnie.
  12. starri

    S02.E02: New Eden

    He did, but they were on a mission to save the planet. The Preserver tech was only used after the Enterprise failed to stop it themselves.
  13. starri

    S04.E08: Kimmy Is in a Love Square!

    I don't know what kind of relationship Sesame Workshop has with Jim Henson Creature Shop, but the latter has worked on the show before, most notably building Pupazza (and probably Mr. Frumpus as well).
  14. starri

    S04.E07: Kimmy Fights a Fire Monster!

    I'm glad we finally got some character development for Donna Maria. It figures that since she's clearly the smartest out of all the Mole Women, she'd process the trauma in a way that was more like Kimmy and less like Gretchen or Cyndee. The hair friendship bracelet was the right combo of gross and touching. Am I the only one vaguely disappointed that he wasn't really into Titus? He really sold it.
  15. starri

    S01.E06: Lethe

    I'm sure Michael's DISCO t-shirt will be coming soon from ThinkGeek, and I want one as much as I want Paul and Hugh's Starfleet jammies.
  16. starri

    S04.E12: The Things We Do

    Was that display by Curry intended to make me like her? Because it failed miserably. This is almost beat-for-beat a scene that Sarah had in S1, but that one worked and this one didn't.
  17. I know we're all supposed to have our reservations, but I am just so, so excited. Let's see what's out there...
  18. starri

    S04.E09: Sliding Van Doors

    Alternate universe episodes can often go horribly wrong, but this one did almost everything right. And then after all funny, they brought it back to the show's entire theme of Kimmy refusing to give in. I loved that even in this universe, Titus Jack Straightman still ended up getting harassed by Mr. Frumpus.
  19. "I've been through a lot of terrible stuff that I wish had never happened, but I still have to believe that this is where I'm meant to be, because if I didn't, I'd go crazy."
  20. starri

    S02.E02: New Eden

    TOS saved Amerind from an asteroid in "The Paradise Syndrome." So it seems like the PD might have been different in the 23rd century.
  21. starri

    S01.E12: Anima Sola

    In spite of its ridiculousness, for some reason, the earnestness is appealing to me. And in all honestly, I identify more closely with Iggy than I have with any character on any show I've ever watched: gay, psychiatrist, New York City, schlubby, middle-aged, married. Although I try to make sure my psychiatry jacket is cleaner than his hoodie. A few years ago, we had Code Black, Chicago Med, and The Night Shift all competing with each other. As stupid as Night Shift was, I think on reflection it was my favorite, just because it didn't take itself seriously even though it was ridiculous. New Amsterdam takes the opposite tact, but they're similarly good-natured about it.
  22. So, the two most popular theories about the identities of the Red Angels are either the Preservers (from "The Paradise Syndrome") and the Iconians. The Preservers seem more likely to me. We've already seen one of their obelisks in S1.
  23. starri

    S02.E02: New Eden

    Apparently, the notes Tilly had up on Michael's console were perfectly legible and some were quite funny. The best was "Can anyone hear you scream in the mycelial network?" I loved hearing Tilly refer to Owosekun as "Owo." That sounds like something two military friends would do.
  24. starri

    Babylon 5

    I could see him flirting with Londo just to throw the latter off his game. I rewatched "The Coming of Shadows" recently, and I had forgotten how much G'Kar's anguish hurt. It really puts the character he had been leading up to the new war in context. I know he eventually told Londo that even though the Narn would likely never forgive the Centauri, he had forgiven Londo, and frankly, I don't know if I could do something like that.
  25. As I said in the Media thread, I'm GOING to choose my pain! I NEED my pain!