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    2019 Awards Season

    The two that I was most hoping for were Regina King and Into the Spider-Verse. My night was made within the first fifteen minutes. I'm actually not surprised poor Glenn ended up with the rug yanked from beneath her again. There almost certainly was going to be an upset, and it seemed like it was going to happen there. The LA Times film critic was utterly savage in his opinion on Green Book winning best picture.
  2. starri

    Black Panther (2018)

    There were several audible YAAAAAAAASH's from my living room following those wins. Especially especially for Ruth Carter.
  3. starri

    Dating Around

    She apparently did elect not to keep trying to make a love connection with anyone, although she's apparently interacting with everyone except Justin on social media. Lex and Cory didn't last. Leonard and Dianna may have.
  4. starri

    His Dark Materials

    Are they doing one book per season? And also, when they get to the ending of The Northern Lights, will it suck less than the movie?
  5. starri

    Doom Patrol

    You know, on just about any other show, Mr Nobody's fourth wall breaks would annoy me, but for some reason they completely work here.
  6. starri

    S04.E15: We Hold These Truths

    I'm a real sucker for a decently-done organ donation plot, and this one was decently done. Actually, this was pretty much the best episode we've had for a while.
  7. starri

    Babylon 5

    Yeah, that's kind of what annoyed me about the Rangers (and the Technomages) is that they seemed like a bad photocopy of a photocopy of Lord of the Rings.
  8. starri

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    I bought my tickets. Even sprang for IMAX, which my husband is going to loathe.
  9. starri

    S02.E06: The Sounds of Thunder

    Man, Doug Jones is just amazing.
  10. starri

    S01.E14: The Forsaken

    There is no way that an attending would do that to an attending. You just don't do that to a colleague. The ER doc might have done that to a resident. The residents would have all hated her, but I've had attendings who were like that.
  11. I somewhat can't stand the title.
  12. starri

    Frozen 2 (2019)

    I'm not entirely sure why, but the autumnal colors remind me of Rivendell from LOTR.
  13. starri

    Star Trek: The Next Generation

    The Picard series is the love child of Kirsten Beyer, who is the author of the Voyager Relaunch books. I won't be surprised if they actually bring some, though probably not all, of the elements from those books into the official canon. They actually have in a few small ways already. When they remastered TOS for high def, and redid some of the effects with CGI (albeit, the way CGI might have looked in the 60s), they changed a few of the starbases to resemble the one from the (excellent, BTW) Vanguard novel series.
  14. starri

    The James Bond Franchise

    SPECTRE was fine, but for me, it suffered by coming immediately after Skyfall.
  15. starri

    S04.E14: Can't Unring That Bell

    Aside from it being dramatic shorthand to show Will countertransferring his guilt over the gunshot boy, I THINK what they were going for was Will saying that they were attempting to keep his brain oxygenated to buy time to restore a rhythm. Which is the general goal of CPR, but he was first PEA (Pulseless Electrical Activity, where the heart fires but doesn't actually beat) and then asystole (nothing happening at all), which are extremely difficult to recover from. Especially since they only gave on amp of epi that I counted. I was honestly utterly confused by that entire subplot. I often hate the way medical dramas demonstrate CPR. For one thing, it doesn't work nearly as well as shows would have you believe. For another, it's so much more violent than they depict. Credit at least for remembering that you can't shock either PEA or asystole.
  16. starri

    Unpopular Opinions

    Ben Whishaw would have been much better. And, y'know, actually gay.
  17. starri

    Unpopular Opinions

    UO: Prior to Fury Road, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was the best of that series.
  18. Dropping on Netflix on 01/24. It is rather unseemly to do so, as it seems to be in recognition of the 30th anniversary of his execution.
  19. starri

    Doom Patrol

    I think the heavier mood fits the source material better. I mean, the classic 60s Doom Patrol was all about angst. All of them broke my heart, but Larry's story, about having always felt like a monster because his orientation, spoke the most to me personally.
  20. starri

    Doom Patrol

    Yeah, that makes DC Universe worth paying for.
  21. starri

    S02.E05: Saints of Imperfection

    You have to love that Michelle Yeoh can make something as simple as eating an apple menacing. I do also like that despite everything, she still seems to care about Michael. In her own twisted way, at least. I think there's something wonderful in the Valentine's Day episode being in large part about two halves of a gay couple finding each other across universes. And I guess we finally got confirmation that they're actually married, because Michael's VO used "widower" for Paul when talking about labels. I also loved Pike's line to Leland about thinking he was fighting "alligators" on Cestus 3.
  22. starri

    S01.E13: The Blues

    For me, it was the tight shots of her from the chest up. But from an article I found online, she apparently announced that she was expecting in the fall and gave the due date as "late winter." I wonder how long ago these episodes were filmed. I know there were some outdoor scenes, but I didn't notice any fogging breath. Then again, it's been a fairly warm winter in NYC.
  23. starri

    S02.E05: Saints of Imperfection

    Nhan is just pure competence. That's a nice trait to have in a security chief.
  24. starri

    S01.E13: The Blues

    Apparently, the show was renewed a few days ago. Is this how the actress who plays Bloom is taking maternity leave?
  25. starri

    Frozen 2 (2019)

    Very effective trailer.