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  1. iwasish

    S20.E18: Blackout

    I haven’t watched recent episodes in a long time. But what the hell happened to Mariska’s face? Bad plastic surgery? Illness? Even her voice is weird.
  2. iwasish


    Is she sitting on a toilet?
  3. Rob will have a shit fit. Wasn’t there an issue over that name when he named his sock company and Kim wanted to use it for some crap she wanted to shill?
  4. Her hair just looks ratty and stringy. You can find sunglasses nearly identical at flea markets and on-line for a fraction of the cost.
  5. iwasish


    I guess that’s true. Didn’t they get in trouble for not using stuff they promoted?
  6. iwasish

    S07.E12: Aaron's Story LIVE CHAT

    At least they didn’t toss it around the operating room like a water balloon.
  7. iwasish


    With all the crap they supposedly eat/drink to get a flat tummy or lose weight, I wonder how their bowels are. Do they not poop, poop a lot, get a lot of gas, diarrhea or constipation? I know some of those teas make you get terrible diarrhea and stomach cramps.
  8. iwasish

    S07.E12: Aaron's Story LIVE CHAT

    Emotional eating issues. Check
  9. But in Kim’s mind there’s only room for one star. She has a strong rivalry with her sisters, instilled by Kris. Clearly Kris and Kim were the driving force in creating the phenomenon that is KUWTK. If Chicago is attractive enough and Kim is able to mold her as she seems to be with North, I think she will show her off just as an ego boost, but I don’t believe Kim has it in her to really “ share the love”
  10. I wonder if Kanye is really on board with what appears to be Kim’s mission to turn North into Kim 2.0. It seems that Saint and Chicago are left out ( or considered too young) to start on that path just yet. Or perhaps Kanye has let Kim have her way with North but the others will be kept somewhat out of the spotlight. I wonder just how much attention the 4th will get.
  11. No,it was the red that was a one time only. Maybe Kris still has the pole from Season One? Time to hand it down to the next generation.
  12. They don’t believe in education. She’ll be earning money in a couple of years, like Kylie, why waste 4 years she could be earning money to go to school. Actually, she’ll probably be yanked out of school and be home schooled in a few years.
  13. And paying his rent for 5 years means they can’t kick him out that easily if he turns out to be a problem. I would imagine he might have a parole officer, they can usually help find housing. Honestly I’m not terribly concerned about his problems. He chose his path in life, now he reaps the consequences. You know Kim and Kanye don’t want him in their neck of the woods.
  14. Sunday Services... Black lipstick on North? I guess the grooming has begun.
  15. iwasish


    Custody is a joke, I doubt he even wants a visitation schedule. Doesn’t want anyone to know that he can’t be bothered to see his kid even every other weekend.