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  1. Hero

    Live PD

    I read on another website that women were harassing Carmack, his wife and his family. People were calling his home and going to his parents house. They were also verbally abusing his wife on Twitter. All because these people think that Carmack is attractive. I wonder if these reasons are some why they don't want to renew their contract.
  2. Hero

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    That guy's mother in law seemed like bitch. She knew that he was self conscious about the bumps on his head, but she called him "lumpy." It seems as if she doesn't really like him.
  3. Hero

    Live PD

    "Trust me, I don't want to touch you." Said by the officer in Slidell had me cracking up.
  4. Hero

    S09.E17: Reunion Part 2

    It's crazy how better she looked when she came home from prison. Her face now looks like it's bloated and droopy.
  5. Hero

    Broad City

    I want Ilana as my friend.
  6. Eva's baby is adorable with his chubby cheeks.
  7. Hero

    Live PD

    Officer Kennedy was acting really weird on Saturday's show. He was really fidgety in his car, looking around constantly and making weird faces. The way he tackled that guy who was following directions was way over the top. I don't like him. He seems like he plays it up for the camera's and is always rude to everyone.
  8. Hero

    Family By The Ton

    Is this episode old or are they just re hashing from last season?
  9. Hero

    Live PD

    Officer Mitchell is yummy. He should be on every week.
  10. Hero

    The Cool Kids

    She plays the waitress.
  11. Hero

    The Cool Kids

    She's good on another show called "It's always sunny in Philadelphia." Her husband, Charlie Day produces that show and The Cool Kids."
  12. My boss was in an unusually nice mood today, but it came off as very fake. It's like she has anger boiling on the surface and she is trying really hard to contain it.
  13. Hero

    The Other Two

    I liked it. I love Ken Marino and think he's hilarious. Burning Love was so funny.
  14. Hero

    Live PD

    That annoying ass guy in Williamson, TX who started whining that he didn't want to be on camera after he rapped to the camera's. His yelling was so out of control. I wished the police would have tazed him to shut him up. Officer Mitchell is gorgeous. He has really pretty eyes.
  15. Hero

    Family: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Thank you ❤ His kidney(s) are functioning at a low level. They are making too much protein.