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  1. Ok I am confused about the choices of the couples. Ashley & Jay – Shocked (NOT!) that TLC put these grifters back on tee vee. Especially with her fake medical scares and gofundme. Chantel and Pedro: Manufactured drama. Well hopefully we get more stupider and a few gems from Mother Chantel and a few fights between Brother Chantel and Pedro. I vote TLC spring for a mud pit. Colt and Larissa: this one really confuses me because of the timeline. When did they film this? These guys are separated, and rumor has it Coltee has filed to get Larissa deported. In the promo, Larissa still insists that Coletee is a biggiee when we all know he is a smallee. Elizabeth and Andrei: manufactured drama Nicole and Azan: TLC stop trying to make fetch happen. Russ and Paola: manufactured drama. I would have liked some updates on couples that refuse to deal with TLC (Brett & Daya, Danny & Amy, Nikki&Mark, Kyle&Noon, Fernando & Carolina, Matt & Alla -- anyone!?!?) but TLC insisted on burning bridges. But otherwise, it’s all just manufactured drama. *sigh* Yeah, I’ll still be snarking.
  2. greekmom

    S05.E11: Meet the Parents

    Best thing on tv right now. I won't get into the David/Patrick stuff. Everything has been covered above. You guys have really expressed how I felt about that part of the episode. And the information at the end for information on how to come out? OMG! More tears. I wanted to touch on the Moira stuff. If Alexis had done some homework, she would find out that most actors do make a really good living from the convention circuit. I've read articles that a lot of them come home with "garbage bags" full of cash and actually make more doing these things than being in the movies or television. Roland still grates on my nerves.
  3. greekmom

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I honestly thought Beth was lying to Randall about the whole "drinks after work" thing. Randall is selfish, and he cannot continue to be a councilman for a place that he is so far away from. At my company years ago, there was a CEO that her home was an hour away. She got a place to live near the company for weekdays and a hired car to take her back and forth to her home of origin and it was still a hardship. She decided to leave the position after a year. Both Beth and Randall are very selfish people who are just phoning in at this point to their relationship. The whole Beth to Randall "Babe, you should have heard the shout out" conversation was so fake interested in my view. Both of them do not give a crap on the career paths the other has taken except it is all about "how you don't support ME ME ME and MY CAREER decision." Not feeling the Kate & Toby storyline. MVP is and always will be Kevin. I was hoping for maybe a tiny future shot at the end showing if Kevin got what he wanted (a child) and keeping the mother hidden so we can keep guessing if things with Zoe will work out or not.
  4. greekmom

    For The People

    So glad this is back on. Was thinking there will be a twist at the end and the kid will get off with a slap on the wrists when they figured that it was the son of the senator who bribed the kid to swat the senator's home. Still don't like the DA. I get that he was swatted but he needs to go after the person who swatted him. Not add to the list for the kid's misdemeanors. Hated the annoying daughter but the lawyer had a point. The parents used her as much as she used them. Hate that Knox is back. Kate and Sandra are still my favourite characters.
  5. greekmom

    S02.E17: Breakdown

    I personally think that Shaun's transfer to pathology was part of the deal that was cut in that room. I still think Dr. Dick is taking great pleasure in his treatment of Shaun and taking pleasure in being right that Shaun doesn't belong in surgery but in pathology. The problem is that Shaun just saved 2 of Dr. Dick's patients. What would have happened if all those patients that Shaun treated over the last year were not treated by Shaun? They would be dead and their families would have lawsuits against the hospital for wrongful diagnosis.
  6. greekmom

    S02.E17: Breakdown

    OMG… Dr. Dick has no bounds. The opening scene. Not only did he sell out Shaun but he also is so freaking stubborn about it. I hope legal gets on his butt and throws him out. I hate Lea at this time trying to convince Shaun that he should stay in pathology. Hopefully Glassman’s cancer storyline is over. Laura was a mean bitch. Lim was just following protocol. I hope Dr. Dick is escorted out by security. He's not a real doctor. He's a class A manipulator
  7. greekmom

    S02.E16: Believe

    I agree. Shaun is a young man and the autism does give him some naive nature. Let's use Claire as an example. When she was sexually harassed, what if she was so shamed that she wanted to keep quiet but confided in her mentor? Her mentor would tell her that grow up and stand up for yourself? Maybe. But mentor would also assist her in getting a lawyer. That's the problem I am finding with the whole situation.
  8. greekmom

    S02.E16: Believe

    So Shaun instead of making his assumptions and moving onto the next case, went the extra mile, disproved Dr. Dick's diagnosis and still is in pathology?!?! What the actual f*&k? At this point, Dr. Dick doesn't care if Shaun is a decent doctor, can work independently or anything he told Lim. He is biased just on the fact that Shaun is autistic. Such as someone would be sexists towards a female doctor or racist against a visible minority doctor. Which is sad because I am sure Dr. Dick has been subjected to prejudice himself being a visible minority but doesn't understand or want to understand that he's dishing the same crap that probably has been served to him in the past. UGH!
  9. greekmom

    S02.E09: Identity, Part II

    Only when plot needs them. I mean look at the long stretches it took the Borg to fight back to take over Earth. I'm banking on FOX giving Seth whatever he wants. We need a 3rd season and a renewal has not been announced as of yet. Compared to Discovery, I am really enjoying Orville more and find Discovery not so Trek. So happy Admiral Victor Garber survived as well! Hey, you cannot have a space battle without an unknown red shirt (or TNG & later) gold die.
  10. greekmom

    S02.E09: Identity, Part II

    FFS! Isaac knew about the 13 button salute? Did he tell the Primary what colour Claire’s panties are and what sex position she likes as well? Poor red shirt. I knew that Ty would get Isaac to come around but I’m sorry, I can’t just forgive. Damn those Kaylon are so stupid and arrogant. Damn, that is one amazing space battle. Reminds me of the big TNG vs Borg battle in the Best of Both Worlds. We fight for the glory of Avis! And Gordon in a Krill fighter!! OMG I loved it. I really do not understand how the crew of the Orville will be able to work or even be around Isaac again. Regardless of him saving the crew of the Orville, as Captain, I wouldn’t be able to trust him. It’s not like 7 of 9 who was previously human and became Borg. And even then, Janeway was hesitant at first. He really betrayed them. I can’t even see how Claire even opened the door to possible forgiveness. Damn... they better give this show a Season 3!!
  11. greekmom

    S02.E08: Identity, Part I

    I waited and watched this last night. Damn it. It's like the Borg. Damn it Issac, you are a real jerk. Damn it, I am so invested in this show. Poor Claire. She needs a good man.
  12. greekmom

    Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    Give it 5 yrs. Leida will leave Eric and he will be crying back to his kids. At that time, I hope Tasha takes a restraining order out on Eric.
  13. greekmom

    S12.E16: The D & D Vortex

    I have to admit, it wasn't as funny as I was hoping. Maybe I expected too much with the amount of celebs. Is Kareem and Shanter into D&D? I know Joe is. And Kevin. I think it may have been better with some of the old cast from TNG but then we wouldn't have had the women caring about joining the game. I still laughing at the back and forth bargaining between Lenoard and Brent Spiner back from season ... i dont remember.
  14. greekmom

    S03.E13: Our Little Island Girl

    Loved the episode as it was Pearson (especially Kate) free. I agree that Beth shouldn't have given up on dance right away. There is nothing wrong with her cutting back on the classes (the instructor said she was to have 3 classes every evening) to one a night and keep it up as a hobby. I loved how Carol said, "let's get the nice paper from staples and mail out your resumes". At this point I really don't get how either Beth or Randall cannot get some decent job. They have some major skills and tons of experience. They could have opened up their own business instead of Randall running for office which in my opinion was a waste of a storyline. I would like Zoe's backstory on how she came to be with Beth's parents. I also agree that while Beth has had the same issue as the Pearson's (death of a parent), she has not made it to woo is me like Kate has. I understand that Jack's death was a terrible accident but a loss is a loss. And Beth handled it alot better (along with the disappointment of losing dance) than Kate did.