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  1. The clothes and sets were so nostalgic and accurately done that they were a real treat. I loved the blast into the past. I understand what Giselle is saying about the "code of silence." Yet I agree, Kyle portrayed her mother as such a Goody Two Shoes that they are being true idiots to carry on so. The show may have been meant to portray Big Kathy, but it turned out to be more like the Brady Bunch mom.
  2. Yes! I did watch the scene back, and became even more convinced she's lying. First, only then did I notice her aggravation at Lisa saying she didn't want to talk about it, and secondly I noticed that she actually did not quit until she got it out that Dorit had dumped the dog. Thirdly, I noticed she didn't at all act like she thought she'd been set up. Miss me, bish.
  3. That's what I always thought the sisters were thinking. However, I did curiosity watch, and she made her mother look like some sort of saint, so I don't understand why they are still salty. Maybe they didn't watch, lol.
  4. This! So much this! Also, she was irritated that LVP wasn't talking. She didn't decide she was a pawn until Rinna insisted she was. Then she decided she had a reason for righteous anger. Pfft!
  5. I'm too weary of this to go back and try to find the right episode and rewatch, but we saw this in one of the first few episodes. As far as I remember, Ken came to Lisa and told her Teddi knew about the dog. I think he told her that Teddi and John B were friends and that John B told her about the dog, which at the time, is the same thing Teddi said on camera. She did not mention any plot nor claim anyone but John wanted her to know. Nothing at all seemed shady at the time. Lisa said to Ken, "Well I'd better tell Dorit so she is aware that people know." So she called Dorit and gave her the heads up. So, yes, there was a time Lisa didn't know, and then a time when she was informed. As she said in an earlier scene, I didn't know at that time. Later, she couldn't explain this, but that doesn't surprise me. One can't always remember the sequence of things, especially under duress. Once a friend accused me of getting her in trouble over a situation she said was over and done. She said it was my fault because "I told you it was over." Another person had learned of it and was upset because she thought the situation was ongoing because I hadn't said anything about it being over. Too complicated to explain, but I could be faulted for that in this particular situation. The problem was the timeline. I hadn't said anything to party #3 because I hadn't had the opportunity to because I'd just been told that day. I was so flustered by the accusation of having deliberately caused an issue that I didn't remember that I had just learned of it, and could only say I hadn't sabotaged my friend on purpose. I think it took me several days to realize I couldn't possibly have prevented what happened, because it took me that long to remember when exactly I'd been told. I hope that makes sense to someone, lol.
  6. After Teddi's hostile attitude and remarks, and insistence that I "ordered" her to do as she did, I'd be completely over her, too. As I would the rest of this cartel, except Denise and Camille. I also wouldn't be too sure of Dorit's future friendship if I were her. The look on Dorit's face as they were hugging did not say forgiveness. Regarding the flashback in which Camille says Lisa threw her under the bus, I seem to remember her saying that, but not seeing the rest of the scenes.
  7. Worthy of Season 1 Camille!
  8. If I had been Dorit, I wouldn't have been able to stifle a guffaw! I can't now.
  9. renatae

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    Yikes! Probably the only thing worse for Alanna than June is Sugar Bear and Jennifer. Actually, they are probably the very worst scenario. sempervivum, I agree Gina looks scary and that's what I came to say as well. I almost didn't recognize her. Her upper lip doesn't even move. I can't believe how many of these tv "personalities" go for this look after seeing how gross the others look. Pulling back your face like a cat and sporting hemorrhoid lips seems like masochism to me.
  10. Actually, I meant that as a figure of speech, but thanks for reminding me of yet another OTT Rinna moment, lol.
  11. Ahh. Maybe that's the one I saw where she actually used some good judgment and got rid of the lip implants. That was when I liked her, before she showed her butt all over national TV.
  12. I've known about it for so long that I don't even remember when I first heard of it. I'm pretty sure I was a teenager. Although I can't remember the last time I saw anything on TV, I can definitely remember coverage of people lining up at churches to receive their ashes, and tapes of them receiving them. They used to cover it yearly on the news. Rinna is just gross. I caught this movie on TV today and couldn't help but think of Rinna.
  13. renatae

    S11.E18: The Model Bride

    I'm wondering if, now that Greg is ill and irritable, he's just tired of NeNe and her attitude, and unwilling to put up with all the garbage he's probably been dealing with all these years.
  14. Just wanted to say I wasn't defending NeNe's behavior in the least. She's way too entitled these days. However, that doesn't excuse the behavior of Kandi and Porsha when they invaded her closet, either. Two wrongs.
  15. renatae

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    Teddi's protestations of being set up made me go back and check out the incident at VPD. Sorry this is so long! They bring out the dog. From the side, Teddi says, "That looks like..." Blizzard says, "Yeah, yeah." Then Sessa turns to Kyle and says "You don't recognize this one? LVP says "Stop!" Sessa says "What? OK, nothing," as he takes his cue from Lisa as she walks away. Kyle says, "What?" Then Teddi's daughter says, "Mommy, lookit!" Teddi says, "Oh, you recognize that one?" Sessa says, "It's Dorit's dog" and Kyle asks if she's getting groomed. Sessa says, "No, she's back with us." Kyle asks if it didn't work out and Lisa says, "I don't want to talk about this right now." Kyle persists, Lisa shuts it down again, says it's handled, and Teddi looks exasperated. Lisa says to Teddi, "Don't look at me like that," and Teddi answers in a testy voice, "... You're an understanding person, she could have just come to you and said she couldn't do it." Lisa says, "Maybe in her mind she thought it was going to a good home," and Teddi just gives her an exasperated look again. Then Sessa starts saying how everyone is upset about it. Lisa shuts him down by saying, "John, you work with us." The girls start up the steps and Teddi tells Kyle she knew about the situation but they asked her not to talk about it, so she didn't. Teddi's latest version: "She fed me information." No, she didn't even talk to you about it. You were talking with Blizzard, who apparently took it upon himself to claim Lisa "wanted you to know." Which is not the same thing as "wants you to spread the story." As you said yourself, you were asked not to tell anyone. And of course it was your idea to identify the dog in order to get the story rolling. Regarding the visit to VPD, "They wanted me to say it, going in to VPD, and I couldn't go through with it." Well, you sure as heck did, and not only that, you were surely aggravated when Lisa kept shutting you down. Then she claims Lisa was saying "Don't say anything" and that is when " I knew I was set up." First, Lisa didn't say" Don't say anything." She said, "I don't want to talk about it." Why exactly do either of those statements make you think you're being set up? Why if you immediately thought that, did you act like a light bulb went off suddenly in your head when Rinna informed you that you were being set up? Secondly, If LVP wanted you to talk, wouldn't she be encouraging you to do so, or at least be quiet? You are making no sense at all, besides lying about not wanting to be involved. You acted almost as upset as the Johns about the whole thing. And it remains that you had a choice not to say anything no matter what anyone wanted you to do. You were eager to take Dorit down, and when that didn't happen, you set your sights on Lisa. I don't think you are acting with the righteous indignation you try to project. You are being merely vindictive. ETA: I just saw that SweetieDarling and smores covered most of this up thread. Sorry! Well, it was cathartic!