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  1. martha21

    The Masked Singer

    I hadn't heard she was having health problems, I hope she's okay. I've seen plenty of performers in that age group on tour recently so it didn't seem out of the question, plus it just sounded so much like her to me. I'm certainly enjoying the intrigue of this show! Fun to guess and see other people's guesses.
  2. martha21

    The Masked Singer

    I completely agree, it is absolutely, 100% Tina Turner.
  3. martha21

    Lethal Weapon

    I also enjoyed the latest episode. Cole is wonderful and I like the whole cast. It was funny and entertaining for the entire hour.
  4. martha21

    The Masked Singer

    So glad to see this topic here! I was hoping it would be added. I enjoyed the first show. It's fun and light entertainment. I thought the performances themselves were pretty high quality with all the background dancers and props on the stage. Nick Cannon is a great host. He looks so different with the long hair. Interesting to see who each performer is and I'm looking forward to this week's show. The judges seem to be having fun and getting along, which is nice.
  5. martha21

    S02 Ep 05 Carrots

    I had a different take on the Park story. To me the question was not about forgiveness, but rather about whether it's better to lie or be truthful about everything in a marriage. At first, Park's opinion was that it's better to always be truthful. That's why he let it slip to the husband about the actual procedure being performed. But when the husband did find out everything he said he wished he didn't know. So that made Park wonder what would have happened if Park himself never knew about his wife cheating. Maybe they'd still be happily married, and maybe it is better to lie and keep secrets sometimes. That was the question as I saw it. Unpopular opinion here, but I'm enjoying this story (and Glassman's too, go figure). To me this is about people connecting with each other whether romantically or not. Relationships are complicated and can be confusing, but human connections are important for a fulfilling life. These two lonely people will now have someone to come home to. They enjoy each other's company and want to spend time together. I don't see it as a bad thing. Totally agree that neither of them is perfect but then who is? If they can live in this nice apartment together and help each other that way and with regards to emotional support, why not try it. Mileage varies, of course. but that's how I see it.
  6. martha21

    S01.E04: Boundaries

    As someone who was briefly married to an Adderall addict, it is extremely easy to get from a doctor. He had his doctor completely fooled and went through a month's worth of medication in less than a week, repeatedly. I met with his doctor to report this but if I hadn't it would have continued. It did result in psychosis and it was a horrible experience. If I had to guess I would say he probably found a new doctor and is getting it prescribed again. IMO, it should not be repeatedly prescribed without checking with loved ones to ensure it's not being misused. I'm hoping for a resolution to this issue in the show and that it is handled properly.
  7. martha21

    All American

    As someone who is not at all into football but loved FNL, I thought this was pretty good! I'm in.
  8. martha21

    S01.E03: Every Last Minute

    I'm enjoying Ryan Eggold. Don't think I've seen him before and I really like how much he emotes with his face and eyes. I'd cave for those puppy dog eyes too!
  9. martha21

    S11.E02: I (Don't) Heart Huckabee

    Mileage clearly varies, but for me I have friends who I've known for well over 10 years who act pretty much the same way they did when we met. I have a friend who is a womanizer and, no surprise, he is still single and still looking for women. If he changed his ways, he'd probably be married by now. Not everyone changes that drastically in 10 or even 20 years. I know people who act just as they did in high school! Another way to think about it is, perhaps they haven't 'grown' because they haven't been on TV. Now that they're back on TV, we can potentially observe their growth and changes instead of getting totally new characters right off the bat. I'm enjoying it so far and will keep watching. Admittedly I have a pretty 'low' bar when it comes to TV (according to popular opinion). My favorite shows are on Hallmark or are similar to the old Early Edition with Kyle Chandler.
  10. martha21

    Take Two

    The show is growing on me. At first I didn't really like it and it didn't keep my interest, but this episode was pretty enjoyable. Definitely my favorite of the series so far.
  11. martha21

    Good Witch

    I agree, treeofdreams, Cassie was a total bad-ass during the billiards game! I sometimes forget what a full life she had before moving to Middleton. So many life experiences, travels, and skills. She's amazing!
  12. martha21

    Good Witch

    I just watched the episode where Grace's boyfriend gets into a far off college and Abigail's love interest decides not to move to Middleton. I thought it was great, and noticed that it highlights a more subtle 'magic', where the Grey House women manipulate events and the price that is paid for that manipulation. Abigail was so determined to have her love interest (don't recall his name) stay in town that she manipulated events to speed up the process. Who knows if she had let nature take its course, what would have happened. Now no one is going to buy the mill, which would have helped the town. I actually wondered for a moment if the love interest had contacted the other buyers to make up for changing his mind, and then Abigail sabotaged that plan. At the same time, we see Cassie letting things play out with her fiance, not trying to make him create a shorter guest list, and going with the flow. And it works out for her in the end because they end up on the same page. Then we have Grace, who is still learning about manipulating events, her ability to do so, and whether the cost is worth it. I find it interesting and entertaining.
  13. martha21

    Good Witch

    I'm still enjoying this show. I like the relationships between the characters and I guess I just don't need a lot to happen to enjoy watching. I like the characters, like that there's not too much drama. I'm interested to see what happens with the sister and her new love interest. I would like some more 'magic' in the show but I'll keep watching as it is as well. It's the first thing I watch when it's available on my DVR. Makes me feel good so I hope they don't cancel it! I don't want to watch shows with endless drama, action, and violence all the time. It's nice when people get along and if something bad happens, it's handled maturely and respectfully. I'm just a boring person! LOL and this show's for me. I don't like Grace's boyfriend and I thought it was messed up that he made her miss the dance after she worked so hard on it. He could be more understanding and not so into himself. I like the mayor, she's a love-to-be-annoyed-with type character and I find her amusing.
  14. martha21

    For The People

    I actually liked the deal that they made for the wine fraud guy. I would like to see a spinoff series about them tracking down wine fraud, similar to White Collar. Enjoying the show so far for what it is.