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  1. angora

    Black Monday

    “Can my dad just buy us ONE trash compactor?” ”How many were you WANTING?!” Blair and Tiff are so insane and fun - regardless of Mo’s secret plan, I hope they get back together soon just because their scenes are so funny. Mo taking Blair out on the town was great. I loved that he clarified his “the Muhammad Ali of pulling out” comment, and his ideas of a good time were so awesomely weird - the execution, the fancy restaurant with the raw ground beef (“Keep [the jacket], they tried to poison us!”) Really liked seeing the dynamic between Dawn and her parents. When she stood up to announce becoming a partner and everyone immediately thought she was gonna say she was pregnant, then were disappointed about the partner thing in comparison? Oof, that was too real.
  2. angora

    On the Basis of Sex (2018)

    I really enjoyed this movie. I appreciated that, while they of course showed how awesome RBG is, they also didn't portray her as Mythic Hero RBG - she was a person who played charades with her friends, angrily kicked off her shoes after an aggravating party, felt hopeless sometimes, and didn't come up with every solution instantly. All the while, yes, being totally amazing. Thinking about all she did while Marty was fighting cancer is just staggering. All the sexism was rage-inducing, of course. For me, I think the one that hurt the most was her interview with Tom Irwin's character. He recognized the sexism she was facing in getting hired, they discussed it, he seemed impressed by her and they were getting along well, and right when she gaves him the hard sell... "See, the thing is, our wives might get jealous." That one was a gut punch right there. I really loved Marty and seeing their relationship together. What a lovely portrayal of non-toxic masculinity and an equal partnership. I loved that he fully supported her while BACKING HER UP rather than stepping in front of her to be the Understanding Male Hero to defeat sexism on her behalf. I bet I could count the number of male characters I've seen like him on one hand.
  3. angora

    S03.E12: Chapter Forty-Seven: Bizarrodale

    Well, at least neither Moose or Kevin got killed. I was nervous as soon as Moose said that coming out to his dad went okay and holding my breath as soon as all the parents started calling their kids. Still, bad form for them to hook up and then immediately ship Moose off, even if I get it from a character perspective. Cheryl was definitely wrong to meddle in the first place and "blind item" out Moose. I have a little more sympathy for Kevin - no, he shouldn't try to force Moose out of the closet before he's ready, but Kevin also needs to take care of himself, and if it's hurting him emotionally to be sneaking around with a guy, I can understand him getting to a point where he says, "I care about you, but I can't keep doing this." Reggie and Veronica kind of worked for me here. Their disastrous caper was pretty fun. I liked Veronica sitting in the getaway car in her sunglasses and headscarf, and spoiling Reggie's excitement about being able to tell people he got shot was pretty amusing. Although, what was up with her awkward non-reaction to Reggie telling her his dad beats him? Okay, so I have a history of not being able to tell when a show is setting up for a new couple. Last week, when Josie helped Archie while he was spiraling, I thought, "Aw, so nice that we can see two characters of corresponding genders/orientations just being friends and supporting each other!" Shows what I know (for the record, I thought the exact same thing about Bughead until like a second before they kissed for the first time.) Oh, and seriously - "People Like Us" from Michael John LaChiusa's The Wild Party? What an oddly random pull. I do not buy for a second that either of those characters would know that song. Poor Jughead looked so blame happy hugging his mom. She's gonna break his heart all over again, isn't it?
  4. angora

    Andi Mack

    Me three. I undeniably ship it (I may or may not have an urge to squee every time TJ smiles at Cyrus,) but more than anything, I'm Team Happy Cyrus. I love that sweet, dorky kid and want all the best for him.
  5. angora

    S04.E13: I Have to Get Out

    Don’t know about the volunteer reading the book, but all the kids were wearing the same “squirrel” emblems that the three guys had, so I assumed they were all in quarantine too (more victims of Cough Boy?)
  6. angora

    S04.E13: I Have to Get Out

    Okay, I laughed SO hard at “Who run the world? SQUIRRELS!” An easy pun, but it just killed me. I liked all three songs tonight. The one about anti-depressants had a nice stigma-busting message, and I liked how bright and peppy it was - good interlude in the middle with the one guy talking about his side effects and the others commiserating and offering suggestions. Coming at “The End of the Movie” from a thematically-different place worked well for me. I laughed at three corpses in a row being named Rebecca. “Fighting in Real Life is Awkward” was really funny; I loved the contrasts between the real fight and the various genres of movie fighting. So Greg has pulled out of the lead, huh? Most of us had called it, since they got together so early. I had a feeling last week Josh might start catching feelings for Rebecca again, and Nathaniel is obviously hoping for another chance (interesting how he was the one who kept playing the peacemaker during the quarantine, and I liked his insistence on being the D’Artagnan of the group.) Whatever the plan is here, I hope it’s not just Rebecca bouncing between the guys in succession until the finale. Ditto on Rebecca’s musical theatre dream, @ElectricBoogaloo - you don’t have to be good at something to get joy from it.
  7. angora

    Big Mouth

    This was the perfect show to do a Valentine's Day special. All the songs were great, and I loved the talking heads with the kids and their Hormone Monsters. I thought each main plot was pretty on-point, and I appreciate that they're continuing to expand on the minor characters (poor Lola, having to survive on perfume spritzes!) Man, Andrew's stuff with Missy got ugly. As ridiculous as the humor is, the show also does a good job showing how toxic masculinity hurts everybody, including guys. I really liked Nick trying to figure out the whole Connie thing and ultimately realizing a) it's okay to be more sensitive and b) Connie's female perspective can actually help him with girls. Jay's "Ultimate Fuck Machine" fantasy was a lot of fun, and I like when they put Jessi and Matthew in friendship storylines together - having an ironic/cynical friend date was on brand for both of them. As a Matthew fan, I was glad to get so much of him here, especially seeing him with Maury. I really liked his talking head, and Maury's excitement at them finding another gay boy was weirdly sweet. Oh, and that Michael Shannon Valentine's Day card was so unsettling, I loved it. Some favorite lines: Duke: "They're like Doctors Without Borders, if the doctors ate each other out." Matthew: "Who's your valentine? If you don't have one, you're probably ugly and don't know it." Jay: "I may have bitten off more than I can fuck. Or is that fucked off more than I can chew?"
  8. angora

    I, Tonya (2017)

    I thought the quick scene of Tonya and Nancy hanging out in the hotel room drinking together served a dual purpose, in both cases challenging the particular narrative the media presented of these two skaters: 1) the two weren't locked in an eternal rivalry from day one and 2) the "Nancy = America's sweetheart, Tonya = trailer trash" dichotomy the media promoted wasn't the whole truth. I don't think it was saying anything about Nancy as much as it was saying about people's PERCEPTION of Nancy based on the narrative that magazines and the news were selling, that for both Nancy and Tonya, the truth was more complicated than that. I don't mind that the film depicts the attack the way it does, even though I'm sure Tonya was more involved in real life. For me, the movie casts enough doubt on the reliability of its narrators earlier on - different people contradicting each other, Tonya breaking the fourth wall to say "that never happened," etc. - that I can buy the ending as what the characters are SAYING happened vs. what actually happened. I agree that people typically go into historical-based movies expecting accuracy, but I personally think the movie sets up that it's not that kind of film (maybe it's just because I like Tom Stoppard plays - a lot of his work deals with historical events that have conflicting accounts of what happened/there are few hard details about them/etc., and he often uses various techniques to downplay the idea that "this is definitely how it really happened.")
  9. angora

    S04.E11: Blood Memory

    I enjoyed seeing Nia’s hometown and her family. I get that Maeve probably would’ve been gutted no matter what and that it was even harder finding out the way she did, knowing Nia had been keeping it a secret from her, but that was UGLY. Poor Nia. i like that they went into how the mind wipe affected more than just Alex’s relationship(s) with Kara/Supergirl, both in how she herself felt recognizably “off” and how her attitudes toward aliens are different. (Interesting that she seemed to have the same relationships with J’onn and Brainy - it was more her knee jerk reaction to strangers that had changed, as well as having a lot of professional distance from Supergirl.) Brainy the undercover frat boy was a lot of fun. He was being so weird and blatantly narc-ish, but of course they just went along with it. Ha!
  10. angora

    Black Monday

    Agreed, ganesh, that was a hilarious bit. I thought this was a great episode. The back-and-forth/puppet-mastering between Mo and Dawn was terrific - I loved seeing all the twists and turns that plot took, and fun resolution with both of them thinking the other was a sucker for agreeing to the 15%. I enjoyed the plot of the "movieographer." It added some good tension, with Mo desperate not to look bad in front of him, and considering how both Wall Street and Working Girl ended up, the talk about whitewashing was really good.
  11. angora

    S04.E11: I'm Almost Over You

    I had a good time. So many great details: everyone talking vaguely about The Big Presentation that Paula was super invested in, George just randomly throwing words like “baseball!” and “hockey!” into his dialogue (it reminded me of the interludes in Ping-Pong Girl - “Sega! Jock itch!”,) Nathaniel’s contacts unexpectedly showing up in the dressing room during the makeover scene, douchey Greg. I loved Tim’s overdramatic subplot, missing his mom’s birthday and his dad’s operation trying to please Bert. I laughed every time Maya mentioned her dead mom and Jim popped in just to deliver some exposition - the last time, at the restaurant, when Nathaniel turned to ask a follow-up question and he’d already disappeared? OMG, I died.
  12. angora

    S03.E10: Chapter Forty-Five: The Stranger

    When I saw dark-haired Archie, there was a little part of me that went, “Wait - did the show have Hiram frame Archie for murder just to eventually have Archie go into hiding so KJ could stop having to dye his hair? That’s so bonkers, but also, I’m kind of impressed?” But then Betty helped him dye it back and I was like, “Aw, guess not.”
  13. angora

    Disability On TV

    To use the doctor comparison, there isn't a problem of "doctor" actors struggling to get work in Hollywood because no one will consider them for "non-doctor" roles and "non-doctor" actors keep getting cast to play doctors. Particularly considering that there aren't a lot of roles for disabled characters to start with, it's rough to so often cast able-bodied actors in those that do come along. I agree. It reminds me of excuses used to cast cis actors in trans role, that they "need" cis actors because they need to show scenes of the character pre-transition. In both cases, it takes roles away from marginalized actors (disabled, trans,) and it also reflects a certain preoccupation with the kind of stories Hollywood seems to want to tell. There's a lot of interest in those particular points of "change" - becoming disabled through an injury/accident, starting to socially and/or medically transition - rather than focusing on other plots for a character who's, for lack of a better word, "settled" in their identity, and the identity then becomes the focal point of the plot rather than just a facet of the character.
  14. angora

    Black Monday

    I liked it. I think it's still gelling a little in terms of laying out who all the characters are, but I thought the plot was tight and I really didn't see the final twist coming. The pilot does such a great job of creating the vibe of the setting, both the general '80s tone and the specific, decadent chaos of the Wall Street scene. All the references to Mo's robot butler cracked me up hard. The whole cast did a great job. Don Cheadle was giving me slight House of Lies flashbacks with Mo, but the two characters are definitely different. Regina Hall brought a real presence to her scenes, holding her own in the boys' club. And I'm excited to see where things go with Blair - I adore Andrew Rannells, and this character seems very different from the type he usually plays.
  15. angora

    S04.E10: Suspicious Minds

    I rolled my eyes every time Haley barked, "THAT'S AN ORDER!" to Supergirl when Supergirl had been FIRED from the DEO. You can kick her out or you can (try to) order her around, but you very definitely can't do both. Wiping "Kara = Supergirl" from Alex's mind can go so wrong in so many ways. Yeah, those last scenes between Kara and Alex were affecting, but there's no way this isn't gonna backfire six ways to Sunday. Co-sign the need to know whether Haley knows Brainy is an alien. My mind says she has to, both because it's probably in a file somewhere and because she's spent more than half an hour with him, but he never comes up when she's being all bristly and distrustful about aliens, and you'd think he would if she knew. What's going on with that? It feels sloppy, and even as I worry about what Haley might do to Brainy, I still want this detail clarified. Speaking of Brainy, how much do I love that he now has actual "little boxes" in his mind? He really took Lena's advice to heart! Really liked his side-plot with Nia - funny, and I've been enjoying this slow build to Nia becoming a hero. I'm okay with J'onn's office being so big 'cause I like the look of it, and I agree it would make a good new base of operations for him, Kara, and maybe Nia in the future.