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  1. Zoe

    S12.E16: The D & D Vortex

    Barry Kripke, too.
  2. Zoe

    S02.E16: Adverse Events

    The yips tend to be psychological, so it's not too big of a stretch for it to be "fixed".
  3. Zoe

    S02.E16: Adverse Events

    Kevin's dad 😞
  4. Zoe

    S02.E15: Queens

    Bell's grayness is one of the better parts of the show. He usually does let his medical ethics win over his greed.
  5. Now that you mention it, that makeover was awful. Whoever thought 70's wood panels was a good idea? Maybe they did sandbag it. The last one with a clean kitchen in the US was Amy's, so...
  6. There are camera crews around and they're mic'ed up in many shots. It's just the stationary shots that are "secret".
  7. Man, Kaley looks all muscle in the promo for next week.
  8. Zoe

    S12.E14: The Meteorite Manifestation

    I think this was the most "adulting" episode I've ever seen out of any series.
  9. Zoe

    S18.E12: Break On Through

    Whoever writes those job titles sure likes roasting Bret! Have they been doing that this whole time?
  10. Zoe

    S12.E13: The Confirmation Polarization

    I always love Penny's work outfits
  11. Zoe

    S01.E09: Rage Against the Machine

    Suppose I shouldn't be surprised they still don't know how to manage a windfall.
  12. Zoe

    S18 E8 One Hell Of A Party.

    First thought that popped to mind was withdrawal.
  13. Zoe

    S12.E10: The VCR Illumination

    He's talked about sports before--he just hadn't applied it to his work before.
  14. Zoe

    S12.E10: The VCR Illumination

    I didn't care for the Howard plot until the payoff at the end. Then we couldn't stop laughing lol
  15. Zoe

    S20.E10: Alta Kockers

    What I don't get is if they were so disconnected from the modern world, how could he write a novel (two, in fact) that resonate so well with modern audiences? I saw a screenshot of the page from the book, and oof, NBC's standards team must not bother going frame by frame!