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  1. seacliffsal

    S01.E15: The Rock

    I've been thinking about Delilah's call to Eddie during which she told him to give Katherine her regards (no, I DO have a life-I promise!). I think that Delilah did this not only to remind Eddie that he needs to be there for her (Delilah [car seat]), but also to rub some salt in the wound of Eddie and Katherine's relationship by inserting herself into their discussion/lives via the reminder that she and Eddie have a relationship whether currently intimate or not. It also reminds Katherine that she is basically nothing to Delilah even after saving her financial well being. Yes, you saved my family's wealth, but you're not worth my time in calling you after your accident... But, I call your estranged husband whenever I feel like it...
  2. seacliffsal

    S03.E06: A Coburg Quartet

    So, I'm probably alone in support of the Duke over Sophie and Joseph. I was hoping that he would find them together and in a violent outburst end my suffering of having to fast-forward whenever Sophie and Joseph are together. Sure Joseph, nobody will see you lurking and eavesdropping outside the door-especially in his red and gold outfit.; and I have to wonder how he would have known about the scandal surrounding the Duke's ancestor. Joseph noted to Chartist character that he doesn't want to stay a servant forever. Well, if Sophie and the Duke did divorce, he would keep her wealth as women did not get to keep their property/wealth when they married (and she would lose custody of their son). I am so team Penge in this. Well, team Duke and Penge I guess... Just a disclaimer-I would never support the Duke in real life, but as this is obviously fiction... I guess I don't really understand Feodora's plan. She hates Victoria and wants to turn Albert against her. However, the only reason that she has any power or standing at all is because she is the Queen's sister. It would seem to me that if one wanted power and wealth, one would ensure the strength of the relationship with the person at the base of that power and influence. Setting Albert against Victoria really only weakens Feodora's position, but I guess that hate and revenge are more important to her. Loved the Georgian ball. All of the costumes were fabulous. Not sure if I'll watch a season four if there is one as this series is feeling very tedious to me.
  3. seacliffsal

    S16.E10: Hoop Dreams

    So, I thought that all of the food looked great! It was funny/sad to watch Eddie not quite knowing what to do. I wondered if they planned this event with an odd number so that if someone had to leave (or chose to leave) they would still be able to have the team competition. I do appreciate a previous poster's observation that they probably just had to hold this particular competition whenever the arena had availability, so quickfire winning chef is sitting out... I would have felt so ripped off if I had been in the crowd and not gotten to eat anything! I think the inter-contestants interactions could become very interesting in the upcoming episodes.
  4. Yep, he thinks he's so smart that nobody will figure out his lies. Too bad he underestimated the super sleuths on this site!
  5. seacliffsal

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    I think Luke is surprised that people/experts challenged him on his comments. He thought he was getting away with his backstabbing and "gaslighting" of Kate. He has been shown to drink as often as anyone else on the show with the exception of having water when he and Kate went out after Dr. Pepper confronted him about his comments. And, I may be way off base here, I do not understand how anyone who had issues with other people drinking would buy them three bottles of wine that he had obviously already talked about with Kate (she said to him that she remembered he mentioned the label when they spoke about it previously). Also very telling, he told Dr. Pepper that he thought Kate drank too much because she drank more than he did, so by his own acknowledgement-he drinks (and it's doubtful that Kate drank more than he did, he was trying to come up with a reason he said Kate drank too much). I think that the new highlight of this show for me is whenever someone calls Luke on his statements and actions and he looks like a deer in the headlights as he tries to figure out how to justify/explain his statements...
  6. seacliffsal

    S06.E06: Jackie's Cookie Connection 2019.02.13

    I agree that David and Rachel were pulling money from the business but not in the form of salaries. Although I don't think David attending the school of Law and Order (but he should have...), I think he attended the business school of Schitt's Creek and sat next to David Rose who misconstrued business write-offs thereby assuming purchasing something and vaguely using it for "business" was justified (i.e. purchasing vehicles so he could go on his business calls, clothes to wear to business calls, etc.). Their debt load really implies that there was a lot of money that went somewhere (and as we later found out in the episode, they weren't paying their leases on the building and on equipment). Rachel sure had a lot of righteous indignation for someone who borrowed money without paying it back, created a huge factory without paying rent/leases, rejected the coldpacker's factual statements (regarding labeling, etc.), and flat out got angry at anyone who disagreed with her and/or David. According to her, she started the company as a hobby while her husband was alive. It's always amazing to me how little about business so many business owners know. Oh, but I forgot how 'stressed' she was so I guess it's okay...
  7. seacliffsal

    The Bachelor in the Media

    If only they knew that we're watching in order to see him effortlessly jump the privacy fence...
  8. seacliffsal

    All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About Dr. Phil, The Show

    I'm not liking it at all. It's more work than I want to do to figure out what genre/category a show is in and then look for it-and often having to go to the 'other shows' category. And, it would be one thing to have ads on a third of the page, but then there are additional ads in between comments. Sigh. But, I'm here... Oh, and I was so prepared for a Nigerian scammer and instead really liked and felt for the Nigerian. His neighbors only had good things to say and he was working as an electrician. So, not a typical catfish episode. I want catfishing for which I can laugh and despise the catfisher-not one in which I felt more for him than the woman. And wow, she was sure quick to turn on him. I think she may have wanted to go on Dr. Phil to advance her "singing" career as she and her friend thought for sure they would win the season of 'America's Got Talent' for which they auditioned.
  9. seacliffsal

    S02.E11: Double Eviction

    Is it wrong for me to want to vote for Ross for AFP? I laughed at the "Cousins" show and found it much more entertaining that this current season. This season's players are all too much drama for me and take themselves (and their public images) way too seriously. I'm probably out at this point (even though there are only a few days left in the season) as I just don't like any of the remaining "celebrities."
  10. seacliffsal

    S03.E04: Foreign Bodies

    What bothered me most about Albert was how he was about to turn down the Chancellory because some people voted against him. I have just not liked his portrayal in this series as it feels like he wants to be King and is easily offended when others don't automatically agree with him on every issue.
  11. seacliffsal

    S03.E04: Foreign Bodies

    And Dash!
  12. seacliffsal

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I've just never really been a fan of Nick Cannon. Watched a few minutes and decided to watch Judge Judy instead. I will probably sit out until Thursday.
  13. seacliffsal

    S02.E08: POV #3. Live Eviction #3

    It was startling to hear Joey go on about how he didn't have time to watch previous seasons of Big Brother or to prepare for it because with two daughters he just didn't have the time. Gee, what do you think parents who have children and work do? They schedule and organize. It was also interesting to me that he said this as it seems like casting directors and others might pass on him for future jobs as he wouldn't have time to prepare for the role/project as he's just too busy to prepare what with two daughters and all...
  14. seacliffsal

    S03.E03: Et in Arcadia

    I guess I thought differently about Joseph's swimming scene. As soon as it started I immediately thought of Poldark and Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth version) and wondered that PBS thought they needed a male swimming scene in their historical dramas. It cheapened the whole scene for me (and I acknowledge that I'm in the minority in this). I don't care for Joseph as a character and wished he had been immediately fired for this. It feels like they are trying to modernize this story too much. I, too, find this season more boring than the previous ones.
  15. seacliffsal

    Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell And Back

    I just loved that Gordon dressed as a female senior citizen. It seems to me that he can laugh at himself a bit (yes, and at other times take himself seriously). This restaurant had an amazing view and if I lived in the area I would most definitely go there. Several of the dishes sounded appealing to me. I hope that the owners keep up the menu and improved service.