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  1. Well, I did subtly allude to that point when I said, "Even one episode of Whitney actually trying to prepare for these classes would have been really fascinating, but I have a feeling doing this much intense work on her "dancing" would never have occurred to her." Too subtle, huh? 🙂
  2. Teaching a dance class to a group of people who need different accommodations is no joke, especially in a situation where you don't know in advance what accommodations you will have to provide. As far as I can tell from what was on screen, Whitney didn't do much of anything to prepare for a somewhat daunting challenge, other than practice her twerking and whining to her father. An actual professional teacher of dance would, at the very least, try to collect as much information as possible from the sponsors about who she could expect would attend the class. Then, if she anticipates teaching students in wheelchairs, for example, and she has no experience with that at all, a good teacher would research. Was Whitney aware that there is an entire community of wheelchairs dancers who perform and compete? Did it occur to her to get in touch with them and discuss the complications and the opportunities that having dancers in wheelchairs present to a choreographer? I expect she'd need a custom size to experience what it's like to be in a wheelchair herself, but maybe she could have rented one for Todd, and tried out her choreography on him, to get a better sense of the experience? Blind dancers? Hearing impaired or Deaf dancers? Lots of those performers and teachers out there, too. Or how about putting on a blind fold, Whitney, or ear plugs, and have Todd give you instructions to learn what it feels like to dance without sight or hearing, and what kind of information you need from the teacher to follow the choreography? Are you aware that loss of sight or loss of hearing can affect balance? Even one episode of Whitney actually trying to prepare for these classes would have been really fascinating, but I have a feeling doing this much intense work on her "dancing" would never have occurred to her. She's the only "dance professional" I have ever seen admit that she doesn't take any classes herself anymore -- and then try to remedy that by bringing in the Twerk King to focus on the one part of her body she is most proud of. The only barriers Whitney faces in her life are self-imposed. And people all around her have been offering her the opportunity to make positive change in her situation for YEARS! For her to be associating herself with those who have no other option than to make the most of their lives in unalterable circumstances would be comical, if it weren't so totally infuriating.
  3. This took place in Season 3, Episode 10, Part 1 of The Skinny, which aired on August 10, 2016. Shaun Robinson attempts clear up "once and for all" the question of whether Buddy ever was, was presently, or ever would be enamored of Whitney. He stands strong in the face of her death glare and denied all three. I've looked at various times, but never found an isolated clip.
  4. Oh no! I am SURE next season will be absolutely riveting!! Todd is going to lead a Big Boys Dance Class! Buddy and Whitney are going to "date." Heather is going to be the most supportive bestie ever, and will counsel Whitney on her relationship with Buddy on a regular basis! Ashley's baby Harper will grow to be even more adorable, and Whitney will be snarling behind the scenes to the producers to "keep that kid off the air -- I'M THE STAR, do you hear me?" Whitney will move to Charlotte and wacky hijinks will occur when Ryan makes his debut and they put together their stellar on-line exercise program! There will be a trip somewhere to do something that Whitney never thought she could do, then did, then was proud of herself! Whitney will attempt to bench her own weight and will succeed, with Jessica and Will off camera holding up each end of the bar! Babs and Glenn will plan a get-away alone together in a romantic resort. When a worried Whitney hears they are not going to take her with them, she arranges to rent the room next to theirs and "surprise" them. She stays up all night, afraid that any noise she hears might be her parents having sex, then spends the next day asking Babs intrusive questions and shrieking with horror when Babs actually answers her! There is so much potential!
  5. As should referring to the beautiful Aloha State as "HowAreYa." Yes, she did.
  6. I believe we first learned of Buddy's ambition (?) to be a stand up comic when actual stand-up comic Kerryn Feehan showed up to have her little mano a mano with Whitney. At some point, Whitney was doing a voice over or TH about how angry Kerryn made Buddy, and suggested it was partly due to him being protective of her and partly due, she thought, to some resentment that Kerryn was doing what Buddy wanted to do. (I recall that at the time, some of the snarkers here also pointed out that it was possible some of Kerryn's jokes were hitting too close to home for Buddy, who is not exactly svelte himself.)
  7. Ketzel

    Hired Friends: Whitney's Social Barnacles

    I don't remember exactly when, but there was a Facebook live stream where Whitney was chatting to her fans, when Tal came home and she screamed at him to get over here and be on the live stream with her. He called back he couldn't because he had a date coming over and had stuff to do in the kitchen. Whitney said something to the effect of "that guy's not right for you." Tal practically sang back, "We'll seeee." She returned to the live stream grumbling about how bad his judgment was. My guess is that this was close to the beginning of his relationship with Jon and Whitney was NOT happy about it. But at least then, Tal obviously felt free to invite him to the house.
  8. Ketzel

    S06.E11: A Stormy Affair

    Only if Buddy is attempting to help her with them, and Whitney arrives on the screen to let her mother know in no uncertain terms to keep away from HER Boo Bear.
  9. Ahem. I think you may be over-estimating the available space. The "chub rub" episodes seem to indicate there is no available space at all.
  10. Ketzel

    S06.E11: A Stormy Affair

    If anyone is interested, Whitney's appearance at the No Barriers Summit in New York (October 5, 2018) was discussed in the Social Media thread beginning on page 116. I won't spoil anything, but I will say that Whitney posted at least one (maybe two?) videos on instagram of her actually teaching there, and I must say, I very much doubt the editors were involved in those. (The videos are linked in several of the posts.)
  11. Ketzel

    S06.E10: Where's Buddy Sleeping?

    Back when the race was being run, there was a post to a running forum from a participant saying the day was one of the hottest she had ever experienced during a race. She said the organizers were announcing at the starting point that the race was being shortened to a 5K. (If people didn't hear the announcement, that could explain complaints about the GPS.) But she also heard that some TV crew was there filming some show, and it was possible that was part of the reason for the shortened race. So yes, Whitney whining about her "8K" failure was totally bogus. Unless she forced Glenn to drag her the whole 8K, just so she could guilt trip him about it forever? Nah, she's already guilt-tripping him without that.
  12. Ketzel

    S23.E12: After the Final Rose

    Oh so NOW Colton gets all discreet and "gentlemanly" about his physical relationship with Cassie? Newsflash, Colton, traditionally the reason for all the discretion and "gentlemanliness" is to preserve the reputation of the woman, not the man. Why do I have a feeling the real reason for all this reticence (from the man who greeted his entire family with "Good news, I'm not a virgin anymore" as a joke) is that Cassie's father got in Colton's face and said, "If you so much as hint you've had penetrative sex with my daughter, I will murder you." Although I was disappointed Chris Harrison didn't lead the audience in a chant of "Didja Fuck?"
  13. Darn right I don't shower like Whitney. All of me fits into the shower stall with room to spare, and I have no trouble washing any part of my anatomy. 🙂
  14. Hi Dot, I am not where the book is at the moment. I seem to remember she graduated from high school in 2002, but how long it took her to get through college was not clear, so I guess it's possible she went to Korea in 2006, or even a bit later as I don't think she got her degree in four years.
  15. It's felicetio. 🙂