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  1. juppschmitz

    Supernatural Fanfiction

    I know nothing about this fic (yet), but if Collie is in it, I'll check it out 😄
  2. juppschmitz

    S14 E13: Lebanon - Episode 300

    Does anyone know any other snarky/critical recaps? I know Nash does them on tumblr, but mostly I see the squee/jazz hands kind of review that alway find everything beautiful and hitting them right in the feels and I'm just blech...
  3. 😂 that's who the actress will always be to me, too. She was in Sam's split personality episode in s6 or 7 as well.
  4. I'm afraid you guys are right. There's no way the special perfect-vessel Dean/Michael focus will remain on Dean for the rest of the season. Also, a lot of focus will be on Jack, who bores me to tears, and on Nick/Lucifer, who are both so obnoxious that I refuse to watch either of them (seeing Pellegrino and hitting ff is almost a Pavlovian reaction for me). So for the sake of my sanity I'll probably tune out for the rest of the season and only watch second-hand through you guys. (Unless some cool Dean scenes scenes happen, in which case I'll try and catch those.)
  5. That won't happen, because they'll never, never ever let go of Pellegrino. More's the pity.
  6. Like I said before, Swan Song 2.0.
  7. juppschmitz

    John Winchester: Daddy Dearest

    I think it's a crying shame how episode 300 reduced John Winchester as a character (not talking about his parenting qualities) from roaring, larger than life, tiger to fluffy bunny.
  8. So apparently on the BtS for EP300 Jared says "Sam sees a bit of himself in his Dad.." Ahahahaa, that is SO Jared/Sam. His relationship with others is practically defined by how much of himself he sees in them. The number of times tis was quintessential to Sam's connection with others...
  9. juppschmitz

    Supernatural DVDs, Books and Other Merchandise

    (taken to Bitch vs. Jerk...)
  10. juppschmitz

    S14 E13: Lebanon - Episode 300

    Hmm, I think he does think about himself, always has, but mostly comes to the conclusion to not act on it. Also, I liked how he almost defiantly said to John, "I have a family." Not actually voicing out loud "In spite of all that you did to me." Maybe this line delivery of Jensen's, you know, kind of petulant, was his way of getting the confrontation scene about his childhood that he had been hoping for. Seeing as there's very little chance of JDM coming back again in the near future, if ever. I also wonder if Dabb knew about Jensen's thoughts of a possible Dean/John conrontation scene.
  11. Yes. (Just maye not on this specific forum.) Me either.
  12. Well, there is the "Bitch vs Jerk" forum. I would have thought anyone can post their grievances against either Winchester (actor?) there...
  13. juppschmitz

    S14 E13: Lebanon - Episode 300

    This. Dean IS a people person. He wouldn't even had to put his hand on Marta's for her to help them. He came in, greeted her by name and asked after her grandchild. He SAW her as a person, not as a sponge to be squeezed for information. He had built up a connection long before she might have become useful.
  14. juppschmitz

    S14 E13: Lebanon - Episode 300

    They're gonna wait till Jack kills Stalin and Cas kills Jack-the-Ripper. Just give Glynn long enough on this show.
  15. juppschmitz

    S14 E13: Lebanon - Episode 300

    Neither was there a surprise at the end of the episode nor a mic drop moment for Dean. Or did I miss something? (Sadly it wasn't revealed that Dean is not related to any of that lot. Oh well...)