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  1. TigerLynx

    S05. E13. Proxy War

    The show is called Madame Secretary. I don't watch to see Madame Secretary's husband. If the situations were reversed, would the Secretary of State's wife be an advisor to the President? It doesn't help that Henry is such a self-righteous jerk. I'm still baffled at the "Oh no civilians are being killed, there's collateral damage" outrage. Duh, it's called war you morons, and it's been happening for centuries. I thought it was also very arrogant of the USA, China, and Russia to think it's all about them. Other countries go to war with each other over things that have nothing to do with the Superpowers or wanna be Superpowers.
  2. There won't be any real payoff to this baby switch not dead baby SL. There won't be any scenes like Erica taking the baby to Maria, hearing Dimitri tell Maria that maybe it's for the best that the baby died, and Erica deciding the baby would be better off with her. Realizing she was wrong and returning the baby, then Erica being Erica, being surprised that she was still charged with kidnapping. Or a scene of Sami and Nicole beating each other up in the park, falling over a bench, and getting hauled down to the police station, or Sami dumping EJ at the alter telling him she loved Rafe and the only reason she was going to marry EJ was because she thought Rafe had moved on. Tina seeing Gabi switching babies, not telling anyone, and the two of them sharing a jail cell. What will probably happen is the truth is revealed, Ridge is upset that Steffy loses Phoebe/Beth to Hope, Brooke gets mad at Ridge, and runs to Bill (who has reunited with Katie), but that won't stop Brooke just like it hasn't in the past, and then eventually Brooke runs back to Ridge. Because we haven't already seen that SL a million times. At some point Liam will waffle, and Taylor will shriek.
  3. TigerLynx

    S06.E14: Ties That Bind

    I couldn't care less about Ruzek. I hate that Kim and Kevin have so little meaningful scenes anymore. I liked them as partners and friends. Is the guy who plays Ruzek on steroids, or just getting fat? Criminal guy, "I wouldn't expect you to understand. You're a woman. The world takes care of women." Me, "Huh? Given the plight of the majority of women in the world, I gotta disagree. Also, you just kidnapped two women, are beating up on them, and threatening to kill them, and you want to act indignant because they don't feel sorry for you? Are you fucking kidding me?"
  4. TigerLynx

    S06.E14: Ties That Bind

    I liked Burgess and Upton working together. I loved Trudy being way more helpful and intelligent than the rest of the group. I want Kim to go out with Hot Guy who showed up at the beginning of the episode. What did I say last week, Voight? No more undercover operations for you guys. You suck at it. Also, I get the leave the personal stuff at home (hypocrite) like most jobs expect you to, but that really isn't the Intelligence Unit's biggest problem. It's problem is 1) see comment about going undercover, and 2) which is the main one, you guys need a different name because intelligence isn't in great abundance in this group. The fact that you all constantly break the law and rules, beat up people left and right, kill people in cold blood, etc., would be bad enough, but what's worse is - you people are fucking dumb.
  5. It's hard to believe Eric and Brady are the sons of Roman, Marlena, John and Izzy. Maybe present day Roman, Marlena, and John, but not Original Recipe.
  6. TigerLynx

    S06.E13: Night in Chicago

    This is one of the reasons I miss Al, why I like Atwater, and why I wish they hadn't done to Antonio what they did. Al gave some context as to why cops like Voight had been allowed to run amuck in the past, and why they still try to get away with it today. Antonio and Atwater try to do the right thing, and follow the rules. Atwater also provided a look into what the communities who don't trust the cops at all think, and why the present day higher ups try to pretend they are doing things differently, while still doing the exact same thing they always have. The Intelligence Unit going undercover is just ridiculous. Everyone knows who they are because these idiots routinely break the rules, and end up in the media because of it.
  7. When things like this happen, all I think is - Brad Bell strikes again. He doesn't care. The only SL he wants to do involves a triangle, and not just any triangle will do. It must involve Ridge or Liam, and it must make Taylor, Brooke, Steffy, Hope, and anyone else who is unlucky enough to end up in this vortex of suck - look as pathetic and spineless as possible.
  8. The stupid will continue in this SL until Bell and the writers decide it's time for Hope to find out Phoebe/Beth is Beth. Then Liam will leave Steffy to go back to Hope. Yes, I think before that happens, Liam and Steffy will get back together. God help us all.
  9. It has always annoyed me to no end whenever Victor or Stefano start throwing around the words whore, tramp, slut, etc. I want to slap them and the writers - HARD.
  10. Good lord. What is the point of this not-dead-baby SL? This is just ridiculous and pointless.
  11. TigerLynx

    S06.E13: Night in Chicago

    I appreciated Atwater getting so much screen time. Voight is a jackass. I know - Duh! My thought at the end was: - Corrupt cops dealing with more corrupt cops - Corrupt politicians dealing with more corrupt politicians - Drug dealers - one dead, another arrested, and the others just keep doing business And - Ruzek actually said something halfway intelligent. How the hell did that happen?
  12. Who said anything about Taylor being the one? Ridge married Taylor, more than once, because he wanted to. Just like Ridge married Caroline I and Caroline II, got engaged to Ashley and Katie, was sneaking around behind Eric and Brooke's back with Quinn, etc. Taylor, Stephanie and Brooke didn't make Ridge do anything. Brooke was dumb enough to strip down to her underwear and beg Ridge to have sex with her, and got turned down more than once, and Taylor was foolish enough to wait around in the background for Ridge to chose her. However, that doesn't change the fact that Ridge is a selfish jerk, and a grown adult who made his own decisions and is responsible for his own actions. Ridge was the one who set up the runway proposal. Stephanie didn't know anything about it. Ridge asked Taylor to wear the dress, and made sure Brooke could not be part of the show.
  13. If Taylor doesn't buy the baby, what is she going to do? Are they going to resurrect the Ridge/Taylor/Brooke triangle - I hope not. Have Taylor shoot someone else - why bother there will be no consequences. It's been firmly established that Taylor and Brooke just can't be with anyone except Ridge (eyeroll) so it's pointless to put them in another romantic pairing. Stephanie did everything she could think of to get Ridge to be with Brooke when he returned from St. Thomas with Taylor because she was worried if Brooke wasn't with Ridge, she would go back to Eric. It didn't work, and Eric did not go back to Stephanie once his and Brooke's divorce was final. He moved onto Sheila. I never believed the Taylor/Stephanie friendship. Originally, Taylor, Stephanie and Brooke did not like each other, and that was more realistic. Stephanie, Taylor, and Brooke do things differently, but they are also very similar. Dumb is the default with these characters, followed by spineless, selfish, and whiney.
  14. When Ridge and Taylor returned from St. Thomas, Brooke tried to get Ridge to return to her. She told him she was going through with divorcing Eric. Ridge still chose to marry Taylor. When Ridge and Taylor returned from their honeymoon, and Brooke finally told Ridge she was pregnant, Ridge stayed married to Taylor. Even when the paternity test showed that Ridge was Bridget's father, Ridge still stayed married to Taylor. If Ridge had really wanted Brooke, he could have had her at anytime. The only thing that kept Ridge and Brooke apart was Ridge.
  15. Caroline divorced Thorne, told Ridge she still loved him, and wanted to be with him. At that point, neither Ridge, Caroline, or Brooke were married, there were no children involved, and Ridge chose Caroline. Why Caroline wanted Ridge, I don't know, but if Ridge really wanted Brooke, he could have chosen her then. Ridge didn't have to chase after Taylor to St. Thomas, and ask her to marry him. Of course, if Taylor had any self respect, she would have told Ridge to go to hell. Ridge could have gotten back together with Brooke when Bridget was born, and he thought Bridget was his daughter. Ridge chose to stay married to Taylor. When the truth about Stephanie's fake heart attack was revealed, Taylor told Ridge if he wanted to be with Brooke, he should be. Brooke was willing to take him back, although again why I do not know. Then when Ridge didn't say anything, Brooke said, "You still can't decide. I'm not going to be your second choice anymore." Which unfortunately, lasted about two seconds. Ridge and Liam are not some poor helpless victims that were forced to be with any of these women. They had choices, and they are responsible for their actions. As for Taylor, Steffy, Brooke and Hope, if they want to continue to put up with this crap, then that is on them, they also have choices.