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  1. Answering my own (old) question: looks like they've split. Hopefully it's for good this time, as he has wasted enough of her time. https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/rhonys-tinsley-mortimer-scott-kluth-split/
  2. LilaFowler

    S.08 E.08 The Past and the Furious

    I think we see where Luke learned his manipulative ways. Mommy was so proud and delighted to tell that story about Luke selling sand from the beach.
  3. LilaFowler

    S.08 E.08 The Past and the Furious

    Wow at that moment when Kristine realized that her relationship with Keith is the same as her relationship with her ex, minus the money. I like her. She deserves better. Keith won't change -- he wants someone who will wait on him hand and foot. I still don't think that Will and Jasmine are attracted to each other. I don't sense any chemistry whatsoever. AJ and Stephanie have had their cute moments. I couldn't personally deal with him and his mood swings but if she's okay with it all, good for them. Luke continues to be a piece of trash. His parents seem nice enough but had clearly been forewarned that it wasn't going to work out. His dad just kept shoveling the food in while his mother spoke to Kate in that social worker "I'm sorry" way (™ Kathy Bates), especially at the end.
  4. LilaFowler

    Speculation for True Detective

    I googled the actress who plays 21-year-old Julie Purcell and all I know is, I wouldn't be able to tell her and the actress who plays Shelly apart. They look exactly alike.
  5. LilaFowler

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    I think it's wrong to try to place any blame on Kate. It is not her fault that she is being mistreated. She has done nothing wrong and nothing to deserve it.
  6. LilaFowler

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    Saying that someone has a problem with alcohol can be very damaging to that person's reputation, even if it's obviously a bullshit lie made up to give Luke an out. Dr. Pepper was clearly not amused. That's two experts who are fully done with him; when will Dr. J arrive to make it three for three? Are there really receipts online that Luke made up that story about his friend from high school getting killed by a drunk driver? Links please! I wouldn't be surprised at all. I think Luke is an abuser and a pathological liar. I couldn't handle AJ's mood swings and I can see why he's been single for years. I don't think Will is attracted to Jasmine at all. He hasn't made a single move. I'd be pissed if my boyfriend or husband still had his ex's nudes on his phone and was wavering on deleting them.
  7. Oh god. I can already feel myself ffing through Tinsley's scenes. Still whining about Scott? Girl, get a clue and another man.
  8. LilaFowler

    S08.E05: 'Til Mud Do Us Part

    Accurate. Running for the bathroom after a quick kiss? What a drama queen. I wish that would have been captured by the cameras.
  9. LilaFowler

    S08.E04: Strangers in Paradise

    Kate lied to the experts about smoking and Luke lied about being straight. They need to get an annulment. Jasmine already uttered the words "I don't want to be married to someone like that." I don't have much hope for them. I don't think Kristine and Keith are on the same wavelength. They have physical chemistry but their personalities don't match up. Stephanie and AJ are the solid couple -- so far.
  10. LilaFowler

    S08.E03: Part 2+ Married at Second Sight

    I have been watching this series from the beginning and I have never thought that any of the participants were gay until Luke. Yes, there have been other husbands and wives who were not attracted to their partners and treated them coldly but no, I personally never concluded that any of them were gay. In this case, it was his voice and mannerisms on Unfiltered that pinged and then observing him with Kate was more proof. To me this is more than him simply not being attracted to her. I have to say, my instincts are usually right. That said, it doesn't really matter what the truth is because he is on this show, presenting as heterosexual, and is now married to a woman. So we will struggle forward and get to watch what is sure to be an epic trainwreck. I think he is on the show simply to promote his speed dating business, nothing more. The experts really fouled up this match and I pity poor Kate. She looked so depressed on Unfiltered.
  11. Depends what you mean by "last." I think they're already over -- not a chance in hell for real romance. How long will they attempt a relationship for the purposes of the show? Tough to say. My gut says that Kate gets sick of his treatment and throws in the towel early. That said, if these couples are getting another $5k stipend per month for their participation, I could see them agreeing to struggle forward just to get the $10k.
  12. LilaFowler

    S08.E03: Part 2+ Married at Second Sight

    Yes. When he told Kate that her wedding dress was "terrible," he said it in such a bitchy little voice. His friends just stared at him in embarrassed silence until one of them tried to rescue the situation. All of these things are starting to add up for me. If he is not heterosexual, Kate deserves an annulment.
  13. LilaFowler

    S09.E09: Communion and Confession

    Yes. It's hilarious that someone so allegedly intelligent and above it all is actually a Teresa stan. The smartest troll is still a troll and that's especially true of trolls who star on reality tv. Jackie seems desperate to remain on this show (lol) which is why she is so eager and anxious to make up with Tre. She's figured out that she won't last long with Teresa disliking her. I disagree that the two "teams" are Jackie, Melissa and Margaret versus Teresa, Dolores and Jennifer. If forced to choose between Jackie and Tre (and staying on the show), Melissa and Margaret will fold like a cheap suit and grovel their way back into Teresa's good graces. This is their only source of real income. That makes them Team Stay on the Show. Dolores and Danielle are firmly on Tre's side all the time. Jackie just made an enemy of Jennifer. Jackie thinks she has allies in Melissa and Margaret but nah. You'd think that such a big fan of the show would know better.
  14. LilaFowler

    S08.E03: Part 2+ Married at Second Sight

    After watching felon and psycho stalker Mia last season, I wouldn't put anything past anyone anymore. Most people don't have any interest in being on reality tv. It takes a certain type of person to want to do this. I also got major gay vibes from Luke, especially after seeing him on Unfiltered. Let's say that he is gay but not out. Maybe he's lying about his previous girlfriends and maybe he's a virgin. He seemed repulsed by the strippers and refused to touch Kate more than legally necessary. Honestly, who knows?
  15. I think it is odd that the show isn't bothering to hide how bad things are (and will apparently get) between Luke and Kate. Right now my theory is that they drop out early in the experiment.