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    Rotting Y&R: The Spoiler Thread

    Even through the brain tumor excuse is as tired a trope as any, I'm really hoping they go there with JT because I have HATED what they've done to that character. I just can't reconcile the JT who saved Colleen from the fire at Gina's with this JT.
  2. So I know I haven't done a full recap in ages but oh lordy, yesterday's show was just too chock-full of Lippy's whackado antics that I can't help but give it the full treatment. I'll dispense with the cuteness that was Hope and Douglas at the cabin. Annika is such a natural with kiddos and I had to smile at the Baby Shark plug because my young nieces and nephew can't get enough of it and it's so damn catchy. Clearly, Thomas agrees. And even though I am loving a solid, stable Lope, I couldn't help but see the sparks between Thomas and Hope. I mean, I'm not full-on shipping them or anything but they've got chemistry in spades. I love that you shared Jacquie's Ode to Baby Shark clip @RuntheTable. So adorable! Although I'm hella jealous of JMW's two-week postpartum body. I mean, seriously. I also enjoyed the banter of Donna/Justin/Liam/Wyatt/Sally at SP. More of that please. But I am making like Nancy Reagan and once again just saying a BIG FAT NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to Batie 3.0. No matter how much Katie is pawing Bill these days. A man that fine (loving the beard and the silver) is wasted on a woman who wants to tame him. On to the main event: Ridge (who is looking less hobo-esque these days) is staring bug-eyed at Taylor over at Brooke's place: "Taylor, I'm listening to you. I'm trying to make sense of what you're saying, but I'm -- I..." When even Ridge is at a loss what to do with her, you know she's gone completely off the rails. Taylor keeps spouting the same nonsense: "I'm telling you that Douglas has lost his mother. And Hope has lost a child." Ridge, as if he's talking to a five-year-old: "And that is incredibly tragic, but I'm -- I don't know how much --" Taylor huffs: "I'm -- I'm trying to help you understand that when I was in the kitchen the other day and I saw them together, and the way Hope was comforting him, the way he responded to her... and the way she responded to him. It's like..." She is off in fucking Fantasyland, folks. Ridge visibly blanches and tries, once again, to bring her back to reality": "Okay, listen to me. I know you're worried about Douglas, I get that. He has Thomas, he has you, he has me. He has Karen and Dani. There's a lot of people who care about that little boy. And, yes, Hope is one of those people, but she-" Taylor interjects, clearly pissed off that he's not buying what she's selling: "But I'm wrong to even bring this up when the reality is our grandson needs a mother. And Hope desperately needs a child." So you just shove them together with zero disregard of the fact that Hope is very married to Liam, Thomas is grieving the mother of his child (albeit not the love of his life) and, most of all, that Hope is no substitute for Douglas' mother nor is he a substitute for Beth. Taylor: "Douglas needs a mother, and Hope desperately needs a child. You can't deny that." And you know, Taylor has kind of a point. Hope does need a child. The child that Taylor bought for Steffy. The child that Hope gave birth to. That child. Ridge: "I am -- I'm not denying that, and you can't deny that Hope actually has a life. She's married. She has a husband -- Liam." Taylor shrugs that off: "For how long?" Wow. Just...wow. Ridge echoes her words, in disbelief: "For how long? I don't -- I don't know how long. They made vows to each other, Taylor." Clearly that means nothing to this bitch. Taylor: "Liam and Steffy made vows to each other, and if Bill hadn't interfered..." For the love of all that's holy, Hauxdi interfered in her OWN marriage by willingly and gleefully riding Bill like it was their last night on earth!!! Ridge: "Well, he did interfere. And that changed everything." Ridge is right that it changed everything but that's on his slattern daughter. Taylor, the Big Bear de-virginizer that she is, hand-waves this: "No, it didn't. It did not change everything. Our daughter still loves Liam, and you know that he loves her. And they have a family together. They should be raising their children together." Ridge: "That's what they're doing, Taylor. They are -- they're raising Kelly together, and they're raising Phoebe together." It's called co-parenting, Lippy. You should look it up sometime. Taylor explodes: "I'm talking about under the same roof!" Ridge just stares at her, almost as if he's seeing her for the opportunistic heifer she's always been for the first time. Taylor continues: "I really believe when Steffy and the girls come back from Europe that Liam is going to go back to them." Based on what, exactly? Ridge is looking more and more uncomfortable: "You got to stop talking like that, you really do." Taylor: "I am merely telling you what Hope's wishes are." Hope is grieving the loss of her child and she's still suffering from PPD. You would think a psychiatrist would know that she's not thinking straight. But nope, this bitch is pouncing on Hope's pain and vulnerability, all to prop her doesn't deserve it daughter. The same daughter who has told her mother that isn't what she wants. Because she knows Liam is very committed to his wife and their marriage but she's said it nonetheless. When even Hauxdi is telling Lippy to cease and desist, you know Lippy is completely unhinged at this point. Ridge: "You think this is her wish, to end her marriage? This is not what she wants." Who are you and what have you done with Ridge? Taylor: "It's what Hope said!" Again - she's not thinking clearly right now. Ridge: "Maybe she said it because she is upset! How do you not see that?" Ridge is being the voice of reason and supporting Hope. Color me surprised. Taylor is still on a rant: "Well, the fact that she said, then she must know that some part of it is right..." Ridge is quick to shut this down: "No! Taylor, I-" Taylor takes a different tact: "Why aren't you concerned about this? Why can't you step up as Steffy's father?" While I might question Ridge's parenting as far as overindulging his precious princess, no one can accuse him of not being there for her. Ridge shakes his head: "Step up? Wow, okay. Uh, I'm sorry, what do you expect me to do?" Taylor: "If you know how much Steffy loves Liam, then why don't you want them to live together? Don't you want Liam to go back and be there for our daughter and our granddaughters? At least advocate for them! Encourage it! And now we have Thomas, who just lost the mother of his son! Maybe Hope could be there for Douglas and Douglas could be there for Hope." As if it's just that simple. Ridge, following her twisted logic: "And then Steffy and Liam could be back together. Is that what you're saying?" Taylor screeches: "Yes! They belong together. How could you not want that?" Ridge, trying to get her to dial back the crazy "Let me try to explain this again. I'm not gonna promote Hope losing her husband. She's lost enough, I think, don't you? That's my wife's daughter." Damn it, Ridge. I'm kind of liking you right now. Taylor: "I'm well aware." Are you? Ridge: "Okay, so whatever needs to happen has to happen between Hope and Liam." Exactly. Taylor is having none of this logic: "What I think... Hope and Thomas were in love at one time, okay?" She really has some revisionist memories, this one. Taylor: "They have a history together. And Hope is pushing Liam away. And, eventually, we both know that Liam is going to go back to Steffy. And, like I said... when I saw Hope and Douglas in the kitchen, the way she was comforting him and embracing him... this is a little boy who just lost his mother, and Thomas is grieving. What I think is they all need each other. I think they would all be good for each other!" How convenient, how tidy a little package...and all to benefit Hauxdi. And isn't it all kinds of hysterical, not to mention hypocritical, that Lippy was ranting about how horrible Hope was for interfering with the Steamless marriage that was (NEWFLASH!) ALREADY OVER before Hope came back to town and yet here she is, wanting to shove her into an insta-relationship with her son? Ridge: "So, after everything we talked about, everything I said to you, everything you said to me, you think that Thomas and Hope should be together? Really?" He can see by looking at her that's exactly what she thinks and it's sobering as he realizes how delusional his ex is. Ridge, trying to stop the wheels from spinning any further, takes her by the shoulders: "Look at me. Really look at me. Thomas, Hope, and Douglas -- you got to let that go, all right?" Taylor is shaking her head, all but putting her hands over her ears: "No, I need you to hear what I'm trying to tell you. Our little grandson just lost his mother. He is never going to feel her arms around him again. He'll never hear her voice. That is devastating to a child." Ridge, more patiently than I would be, sighs, saying: "I know, of course it is. I know it is." Taylor: "And Thomas -- how is he going to handle the responsibility of being a single parent? It's too much! It's just too much!" Millions of people do it every day. She's practically foaming at the mouth. Ridge: "Hey, take a breath. Come here. Take a breath." Taylor sighs as he takes her into his arms, attempting to calm her. Ridge: "It's gonna be okay." Taylor mistakes his comfort for more: "What happened to our family? Nothing's been the same since I lost you. I miss what we had. I've never stopped loving you, Ridge." And before he can react, she's slapping those duck lips on his. He does NOT kiss her back and looks all kinds of embarrassed for her. Unbeknownst to both of them, Brooke has arrived home and is steps away, listening. If that isn't the kiss of death, I don't know what is. Ridge can't push her away fast enough. Ridge: "I know you're upset. I'm upset, too. What happened to Thomas and Douglas, it's awful. But we got to put this conversation behind us, and we got to put this -- this kiss behind us, too, all right?" He is talking to her as if she's a child and in many ways, she is. Taylor, pouting: "Okay." Ridge: "Okay." He walks away then and almost gives a little shudder as he exits the living room. Brooke makes her presence known then: "Taylor. I'm really sorry. About Caroline. It's really tragic. And I can only imagine what Thomas and Douglas are feeling right now. I'm sorry I didn't make it to the memorial. I'm sure it was beautiful." Taylor is clearly not expecting this: "Thank you." Brooke comes closer: "Thank you. For being here for Ridge. I know he was really upset by this. I'm sure that you are, too. Tragic times like these, they bring people together. Emotions are raw. I wouldn't even blame you if you were feeling vulnerable." She pauses and it's then that we see the fury and hurt Brooke has felt for over two decades at this woman's hands come out in full force as she seethes at Taylor: "But to see what I walked in on... you, in my living room, kissing my husband... that is inexcusable. It's unacceptable in so many ways. Taylor, we have been down this road before! We're not gonna do it again. Any inappropriate behavior with my husband -- my husband -- is going to be dealt with swiftly and forcefully. Do you hear me? Tell me! Tell me you understand!" Um, does this look like the face of someone who's comprehending what's coming out of your mouth, Brooke? At first, I thought Brooke's reaction was OTT, I mean, she was practically spitting and snarling, but when I think back to her having to put up with this shit for how many decades (and not that Brooke was some little angel and didn't dish out her fair share of crap) and they are now in their 50s FFS and she's still having to deal with this, I can see why she went Tawanda on Lippy's ass. And when I think about the lengths Lippy has gone to to get what she wants, including buying a black market baby with no questions asked all in the name of reuniting the family her daughter destroyed all on her own by committing adultery with Bill, I wouldn't blame Brooke if she knocked Taylor into next week. Enough is enough! And trust, as someone who couldn't stand Lippy from jump, all the way back to when she was sniffing around a not-even-widowed-yet Ridge, the husband of her dying patient, Caroline, there is part of me that is like this: But another part is fed up with the ridiculousness of two women in their fifties still fighting over a man. And I feel a little bit sorry for HT who has to want better than this. The silver lining is that at long last, Ridge is finally standing up for his wife and stepdaughter. As much as it pains me to say this, given how awful Ridge has treated Brooke over the last 30 years and how much I was rooting for Brill, I think I'm starting to believe Bridge is in it for the long haul.
  3. I wanted to smack the taste out of Lippy's mouth when she dared to open her trap about Brooke not being there. WTF is she to criticize anybody about anything, ever? Something tells me if Brooke had been there, she would have found a reason to bitch about that. Also, this: I'm gonna bet that Thomas will turn his eyes toward Hope (ITA that I see chemistry between Matthew and Annika and zero between him and Courtney) but Liam will continue to fight for his wife and marriage and that it will be Lippy's worst nightmare.
  4. So I've been tuning in here and there of late but you better believe I watched the hell out of Marlena's journey to the afterlife. What a hoot!
  5. CountryGirl

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    This is me re Summer.
  6. TL's face says he can't believe he was brought back for this shit.
  7. So I tuned in to see nuThomas and so far, he seems to be holding his own, especially having to come in on day #1 and playing super-tough scenes and having to mourn a character/actress he never had any interaction with. I almost did a spit-take listening to this revisionist history re CaRidge: Douglas and Hope were absolutely adorable together and I know this is mean, but I love this kiddo a million times more than that kid who plays Will. Taylor, of course, an always be counted on to be the model of grace and decorum. Her grandson's mommy just DIED and her she is, still scheming to reunite Steamless. And I saw you, heifer, eyeing your grandson and Hope in the kitchen. We all know she's salivating at the prospect of shoving Hope with Thomas so her pwecious little Hauxdi can get Liam back.
  8. Apparently, it was a blood clot.
  9. Thank goodness I didn't tune in to watch the crapfest that is Taywhackado campaigning for Steamless and Sludge still insisting Bill took advantage of Hauxdi. And Batie flashbacks...ugh...I would have lost my dinner watching that. Although I may actually tune in today to check out nuThomas. I know this is as useful as whistling in the wind, but OMG, why can't they do whatever it takes to bring back RM. We all know he was far from Laurence Olivier but he brought a warmth and charm to the role that TK apparently isn't capable of bringing to the screen (despite how warm he seems with KKL, et al, behind the scenes). And when I see a recent picture of nuThomas, wow, the resemblance to Ronn is amazing.
  10. CountryGirl

    The Spoiler Collection

    So I'm coming across spoilers indicating the reason Thomas returns with Douglas, sans Caroline, is that they're killing her off. So I guess Bill's big little lie is coming true after all.
  11. AMEN! I find it all kinds of hilarious that Hope is practically bodily shoving Liam towards Steffy and Liam is all:
  12. @RuntheTable, that is a seriously sweet picture of Jacquie's baby and pup.
  13. Donna should be worrying about her own love life and get some from Justin already. It's obvious they're still into each other. Katie...glam? I'm thinking Donna must have said "glum."