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  1. UncleChuck

    Good Girls

    Probably the kind that's connected to the only computer in the house.
  2. UncleChuck

    Whiskey Cavalier

    Wow, the writers crammed at least three standard spy movie tropes in one episode. 1) We can crash the fancy party at the bad guy's house/embassy, which is conveniently scheduled TONIGHT. 2) Oops, there's a bomb--and we'll defuse it at the last possible second. 3) We must save the kidnapped innocent, and we'll get there and save her with mere seconds to spare. Oh, and it is totally unnecessary to force a scientist to invent an elaborate bomb just to create a huge explosion in a sewer. A bunch of C-4 and a cheap timer would have done the same damage. Seriously, I would love for a show like this to play around with some of these ridiculous scenarios, such as: "Damn--the fancy party was last night. Now what do we do?" Or how about diffusing a bomb with like 37 minutes to spare.
  3. My girlfriend enjoys the Hallmark Mystery Movies, and I admit, I have learned to enjoy them. They are very predictable, but an enjoyable to spend a few hours, nevertheless. However, my irritation with the Aurora Teagarden series is that CCB is a mature woman (40+ yo) with an adult daughter IRL. Yet Aurora's mother, played by wonderful Marilu Henner, nags at her and fusses over her choices and love life as if she hadn't yet graduated high school.
  4. How very sad that "Bee" and "Peacock did not win! However, I am hopeful that they can pick up the pieces and still have a decent career in music. Good Luck!
  5. UncleChuck

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    I try so hard to like this show, but... Madam Secretary admits that Deputy Director Louis is the 427th person she has sent to L.A. to find a reason to disband our team... Finally--the pivotal conversation: Madam Sec--Well, your team solved the case, saved multiple hundreds of lives, uncovered a corrupt FBI agent, and brought the city back from panic. So, do you agree that we should break up the team? What nonsense!!!!!!!!!!! Just go back to Washington and take credit for their successes.
  6. UncleChuck

    S16. E13. She

    Oh Crap!!! I have a NCIS coffee mug with "Gibbs' Rules". What in blazes do I do with it now that he has changed The Rules?
  7. UncleChuck

    S02.E11: Double Eviction

    Lolo cracks me up when she is getting ready to begin a competition. Even when she's just lined up in her little box for a True/False comp, she gets all hunched down and tenses up like she is waiting for a starter's pistol to go off.
  8. UncleChuck

    S02.E07: Head of Household #3; Nominations #3

    What a silly "Power". Tamar did not need to use it at the nomination meeting, and if she gets past the veto meeting without getting nominated, the power expires next Monday. No harm, no foul...
  9. UncleChuck

    S02.E01: Season Premiere

    I noticed that Julie continues to refer to herself as "Julie Chen Moonves", but the credits at the end of the show just say "Host: Julie Chen".
  10. UncleChuck

    Ellen's Game Of Games

    I enjoy this show in a perverted, brain-dead way, but why do the contestants get dunked/sprayed with strange goop in the clothes they were wearing in the audience? I'd be a bit pissed if Ellen dropped me in a vat of brown or green goo and then I had to wear those clothes home. "What the hell, Ellen! How am I supposed to go to the restaurant now???????"
  11. UncleChuck

    The Titan Games

    So what's the deal with The Rock? He insists on repeating for each challenge that "I designed this one to really challenge upper body/lower body/endurance/etc." But I carefully watched the end credits (twice) and nowhere is he listed as Executive Producer, or Producer or game designer--he is only listed as "host". In fact, the credits clearly name the game builders and designers. I don't believe that The Rock had any part in any of it.
  12. What a waste of time and a COW when they do that. I always get a little confused by naval rank insignia (why do they have to be so different from Army/Marines/Air Force???) but why was the CIA bad girl calling Catherine "Lieutenant" in that office flashback when Catherine was clearly sporting Ensign insignia?
  13. UncleChuck

    S12.E11: The Paintball Scattering

    Why not? With so many old shows getting resurrected from the dead, TPTB could always reboot "Blossom"...
  14. UncleChuck

    S12.E11: The Paintball Scattering

    Considering that they both bank nearly $1,000,000 for each episode, I'd think that they would be pretty happy if they had to perform standing on their heads.
  15. UncleChuck

    S16. E10. What Child Is This?

    I have enjoyed the transformation from geeky Jimmy to competent and caring Dr. Palmer, Medical Examiner. Dr. P was on top of his game dealing with Kacie.