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  1. Wordsworth

    S03.E19: The Fanatical

    James thinks he's being targeted by the police because he's black and not because he's the infamous vigilante Guardian that they've been looking for for awhile now. See, I don't think National City will have any problem with Guardian being black. I think some of them will have a problem with him being a vigilante. But TPTB had to make their SJW point that skin color is the only reason someone is confronted by the police. After all, everyone knows that police officers routinely handcuff 7-year olds for playing outside a hotel, rather than telling them to go play someplace else.
  2. Wordsworth

    S02.E09: The General / S02.E10: Chinatown

    What was disrupting that one Civil War raid supposed to accomplish? The Battle of Vicksburg had been won by the Union in July of 1863; this was September. It is highly unlikely that this one raid would have tipped the scales in the Civil War.
  3. Wordsworth

    S02.E07: Mrs. Sherlock Holmes

    I watch this show to see Goran Visnjic emote. He's the best actor (see him in his "Leverage" episode) for being able to contort his face into an "You're an Idiot" expression when he's speaking to someone who is, in fact, an idiot. I don't understand Rittenhouse's game plan here. What is it that they are trying to accomplish? Where are the pieces to the puzzle that the Hindenburg, Lincoln Assassination, Witch Trials, Werner von Braun and the suffragette movement are all apart of? Are they trying to prevent the United States from ever existing? Are they trying to set up a dictatorial U.S.? What is the end result and how can they possibly guarantee that with all the what ifs of history? As for Emma...no, I don't lump her in at all with conservative women who people apparently seem to think shouldn't be trusted to vote. Whether you agree with them or not, they have certain beliefs and sincerely believe that some practices (such as abortion) are wrong. That doesn't mean they believe all women should be barefoot, pregnant and subject to the whims of a drunken husband. Emma is more like those people throughout history who rationalize evil because of what evil can do for them and only stop to think about the evil when it affects them personally.
  4. Wordsworth

    S02.E08: The Day Reagan Was Shot

    I agree, maczero. They messed with Agent Christopher's memory when they went back and hassled her about how she has to come out as a lesbian in 1981 (oh, yeah, and also go to Quantico). She's not the same person she was before, even if their meddling was, in their minds, an improvement. They try so hard to prevent major historical events from changing, but have no problem affecting the lives of ordinary people when it suits their sense of The Way Things Ought to Be. In this, they are no better than Rittenhouse.
  5. Wordsworth

    S02.E05: The Kennedy Curse

    Rittenhouse's plan was overly complicated. They could have just released a bunch of information about Kennedy's scandalous behavior and health problems to push the election over to Nixon. They didn't have to pull some risky Terminator-style assassination. Destroying Kennedy politically would have been easy. He didn't win by a landslide and Nixon was hardly as controllable as Rittenhouse claims he was. Nixon worked a lot on civil rights issues during the '50s, including with Kennedy at one point. LBJ just used the momentum of JFK's death to push through civil rights legislation (think "It would have been what President Kennedy would have wanted") as part of a cynical ploy to get African Americans to vote for the Democrats for the next 100 years. This was just a typical Hollywood love letter to JFK and hate mail for Nixon. And these guys have to stop trying to change history. This is why Lucy's sister doesn't exist anymore. Who knows how many lives were changed for the worse because Rufus wanted Hedy Lamarr to get credit for her work? Who died in Austin that wouldn't have died in Dallas because he tried to save JFK from an assassin that would have been shooting from a different vantage point? Was Governor Connolly injured? What lives in Dallas changed because nothing happened there? There are consequences for real people when these amateurs decide to play SJW. Maybe they'll learn how great their responsibility is before Agent Christopher's children disappear or Wyatt ends up never being born.
  6. Wordsworth

    Tom Haverford

    To be honest, Leslie made a big mistake allowing Entertainment 720 anywhere near her campaign. I would have tossed Tom out on his ear the minute I walked into my meet & greet and saw his face everywhere. Leslie's campaign had a lot of problems with it, but relying on her friends, despite their known idiosyncrasies (April's social hostility, Andy's idiocy, Ron's obstinacy and Tom shallowness) didn't. And then she got elected anyway...
  7. Wordsworth

    The Love Boat

    This show was fun...but I'm not sure I like it so much when it deals with serious issues. It's hard watching Tom Bradford from "Eight is Enough" be an abusive spouse to Blanche Devereaux. Or Chrissy Snow's dad making passes at Mrs. Brady's daughter.
  8. Wordsworth


    I have fallen in love with this show over the past few weeks. I utterly adored watching bearded Dick Van Dyke, the fancy-schmancy photographer, slowly simmering every time he sees The Trenchcoat. That scene at the funeral where Columbo is just clicking away and sticking out like a sore thumb. I want to order the TV Shirt on METV's website that has the line he gave Van Dyke afterwards, "I'm sorry, sir, I tried to be inconspicuous." And Van Dyke's frustrated reply, "You have failed...miserably".
  9. Wordsworth

    The Twilight Zone

    Yes, Agnes, Elizabeth Montgomery ("Two"), Dick York ("A Penny For Your Thoughts"/"The Purple Testament") and David White ("A World of Difference"/"I Sing the Body Electric") all appeared on TZ. I agree that it's fun to see actors before they hit big.
  10. Wordsworth

    The Twilight Zone

    But darnit doesn't William Shatner nail that performance? That look on his face when he realizes the pilot is patronizing him.
  11. Wordsworth

    Mama's Family

    What I enjoyed about "Roshomama" was how you could tell what was fake and what wasn't and it gave you an idea of what probably happened. Ellen is not a malevolent person the way she was in Eunice's version. It's very likely that Ellen, who is always in a hurry to get in and get out of her mother's house, just didn't notice Eunice on the side of the road. She would not have tried to run Eunice down, as much as she might like to. And Ellen has an image of her mother that doesn't exist. Mama is not the frail old lady Ellen wants to believe she is; hence the constant forgetting in Ellen's version. Eunice may be difficult, but she's not over-the-top the way she is in Ellen's and Naomi's version and, of course, Naomi is neither the sexpot (except when she's with Vint) nor the idiot (see syndicated episodes) she is in Ellen's and Eunice's versions. That's just the way they see each other. My guess is that they all started fighting over the pot and all inadvertently hit Mama. As for each of them thinking she is Mama's favorite, that's ridiculous. We all know Mama's favorite is Vint.
  12. Wordsworth

    Mama's Family

    Oh, I much preferred network Naomi. She was smarter; she was more mature. I could easily see her settling down with a man who worshipped the ground she walked on after all the jerks she'd been stuck with.
  13. Wordsworth

    Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Yeah, I had to laugh when Alex said that the contestants' inability to get higher numbers meant the questions are harder. No, it just means the contestants are slower. Good Lord, people, this is "Jeopardy!", not "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire". You don't have all day to answer.
  14. Wordsworth

    S03.E03: Far From the Tree

    I stopped watching 40 minutes into it. So Maggie's dad - a legal immigrant - abandons his daughter 10-15 years ago when she was 14 all because Trump wants to build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants right now. I'm sick to death of Hollywood holding the fans of TV shows captive to political lectures. This is entertainment, not a soapbox. I've never appreciated the Message! Message! Don't miss the message! crap that gets spewed out. Since the election, Hollywood has become deranged. Supergirl is one of the few currently-running television programs I still watch. That may change if I have to not only see established characters like James and Winn get forced into the background to focus on the ever-expanding cast, but also put up with scripts that bash me over the head with their anti-Trump hysteria.
  15. Wordsworth

    The Shows of 2016: New Year, New Chefs, Same Sob Stories

    TDT, is that seriously the same Robert Irvine? I saw a listing for the show in the guide, did a double-take and thought, "Nah, must be a guy with the same name". And it's not even a cooking show??