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  1. Traveller519

    S06.E10: Gintars

    I'm a little amazed that Ike Barinholtz hadn't appeared previously on Brooklyn 99. It seems like one of his characters would have been a natural fit in any number of roles. Tonight, true to form, he was.
  2. Traveller519

    S06.E09: The Golden Child

    The quality run continues. The new life in the show is infectious. A little surprised we got the two Jake/Amy plots back-to-back, but it was nice to have an episode with some levity after least week. The B plot was good too and is helping add some much needed depth to Boyle. I was expecting him to proclaim Jake his actor following the auditions. I'm glad they followed the plot right through the end.
  3. Traveller519

    S06.E08: He Said, She Said

    It was similar to the Season 1 episode of Master of None, where Dev and Rachel compare Instagram posts they made of the same brunch and the comments on Dev's are things like, "Looks Nummy!" while Rachel's are things like "I want to eat your butt." The examples are ramped up (mostly) versions of real life interactions, but they're grounded enough in situations we can all recognize to hit home that little bit more. The episode was great, in my opinion! I'm psyched that it was Stephanie Beatriz who directed it. The move to NBC appears to have really given the show a sense of comfort around its production which has reflected in its quality. The renewal news is tremendous too! The Final Stand-off with Holt added some great levity to the end of the episode. Charles can be far more tolerable when he's playing the straight-man, and I adored his and Terry's Greek chorus approach to Holt this episode.
  4. Traveller519

    B99 In the Media: News, Interviews, Awards, And MORE!

    What a Twitter Diva! Since this afternoon he has already changed his Twitter Handle. It's now @AndreBraugher Somebody has already swooped in on the old one. I've updated my original post to hopefully head off confusion. Thanks for highlighting it.
  5. Traveller519

    B99 In the Media: News, Interviews, Awards, And MORE!

    Andre Braugher has joined Twitter... https://twitter.com/AndreBraugher And his first tweet is all sorts of Captain Holt delightfulness I suspect that with the positive momentum of the show. He's going to make one more push for that Best Supporting Actor Emmy, and that those around the show have suggested a social media presence will help. The female cast is pretty twitter active supporting the show, so I'm sure they'll help carry him.
  6. Traveller519

    S06.16: There Can Be Only One Highlander Club

    The core cast has been so fleshed out I'm really enjoying some of the dives into the extended cast. Great episode for Johnny Atkins (which... Wow. Didn't think I'd have said that), Carla, and Dave Kim; as well as some nice further developments with the non-Barry and Geoff JTP (JTP!). I thought the parallels to the Jokers was particularly nice too. "Smiles???"
  7. Traveller519

    S06.E06: The Crime Scene

    I'm all for B99 diversifying out a bit more with these special types of episodes every once in a while. And I am glad we got to see the other cast. Amy waking up to Jake and the Crime Scene Investegator may have been my favourite. Well that and Holt's presence at the scene, and his references to the ACTUAL two best detectives he knows. I'd love an Amy centered episode before season's end. One from her perspective that maybe shows how separated from the detectives she now is. Think about this same episode but with Amy instead of Jake and Rosa. One where she only sees the other cast in passing while she goes about her day. That would feel tragic.
  8. Traveller519

    S12.E13: The Confirmation Polarization

    Well, it was better than the, re-assign Amy's scheduling episode from earlier in the season, but I still wasn't a fan of Amy being willing to give up her position for Sheldon. She's intelligent enough to know that she was a much larger contributor and would have fought tooth and nail for that. Or, at least Blossom would have. I'm having a hard time adjusting to earnest Siefert too. I keep waiting for his other, exasperated, shoe to drop with respect to the two of them.
  9. Traveller519

    S06.E02: Hitchcock & Scully

    Good gravy, I love this band of dorks! It's so good to have them back in my life. I enjoyed diving into the backstory of Hitcock and Scully. Would have loved to have seen them cross paths with 80s Holt through some fashion. We've really only seen him from the 70s. I really enjoyed that all the stories tied together. That's when the show is at its best. The strength of the cast is when they can play off each other.
  10. Traveller519

    S06.11: The Wedding Singer

    Erica and Barry's back-and-forth about how the wedding got to this point was fantastically well done, and really captures the essence of Barry's character. His impulsiveness matched with his passion. I think my favourite line was "I'm not ready to get married, I'm still a child. I get angry and jealous when someone else gets a present and I don't!" I wonder if the wedding would have gone through had Schooled not officially been picked up, giving them a good option to defer it. Now, I'm secretly hoping for the return of Jamie Weisman. I liked her calm presence set against Barry's... Barry-ness. The Adam story was actually very touching. I think a lot of us try to alleviate tension or tragedy with humour to help ourselves, without really understanding how it may impact those around us.
  11. Traveller519

    S03.E10: Janet(s)

    Just give D'Arcy all the awards now. You could completely see each character as she played them. Though I have to guess we did skip over roughly 74 years of Jeremy Bearimy time of Jason enjoying being the proud owner of a pair of boobs (great shape, size, and so close together!!!)
  12. Traveller519

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    I do enjoy the thought of Scott doing a little cross-country road trip in the Ant-Van. It's a long trip from San Francisco to Upstate New York. He's got to have some fun adventures that will serve as a nice contrast to Tony's time in space.
  13. Traveller519

    S10.E09: The Tree of Strife

    More of that Haley and Luke mutually supportive relationship. It's so much fun and contracts well with some of the other snarkier relationships on the show. Phil and Claire in the car were fun too. I'm glad they resolved everything through a simple talk, and not a series of missunderstandings. "That's my wife's you're talking to" Heh Ed Begley Jr works well with Ed O'Neill
  14. Traveller519

    S05.E07: Friends Without Benefits

    Ah finally! Dre becomes self-aware and realizes his needy, man-child behaviour. I'm thrilled for this change, and look forward to it lasting all the way to next week's episode.
  15. Traveller519

    S06.E08: The Living Room: A 100% True Story

    Matt encouraging Barry while the rest of the JTP recoiled in border was fantastic. I hope Barry ultimately acknowledges the positive influence Matt has on him as a person. I appreciated the earnest talk coming in the second act instead of just the third, like usual. Murray "breaking" Mellor was fantastic too. Damn, he's sly.