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  1. MartyQui

    S16.E15: Finale

    One of my great regrets is the loss of my great grandmother’s cast iron skillet. My aunt probably threw it away because it was old. I would have happily eaten any of those meals...including Eric’s. Worth a trip to DC to try his restaurant.
  2. MartyQui

    S07.E10: Climate Quick Change

    Chop off the bottom of Anthony Ryan's outfit and it's my high school drill team uniform, colors and all. No one mentioned that the lace in front of Dimitri's dress was completely see-through? And Michelle must have naked pictures of every judge, because there is NO WAY that that mess was the best on the runway. It was ghastly.
  3. MartyQui

    Say Yes To The Dress

    What drives me crazy is when they focus on the fact that the dress doesn't fit...of course it doesn't. Samples come in big and small...so unless you're a sample size, it's not going to fit! That's why they have clips, and pieces of fabric and every other thing they do so that you can get an idea of what it will look like. They're not going to order you a dress in that size!!
  4. MartyQui

    House Hunters International

    Re Cincinnati to Italy...I was just at a meeting where we were talking about CRPS, apparently it’s quite rare, and usually happens after a trauma and in a specific area so her case was a little odd. There’s no established treatment (the people I was talking to are trying ketamine for it), but the pain is supposed to be excruciating...12 on a scale of 1-10. As far as his accent, I have a good friend from Padua, right near Vicenza, and he speaks English with a British accent too. He said that was the accent his teacher had, so that's what he learned.
  5. MartyQui

    S16.E12: Kentucky Farewell

    Chris Coombs, the mentor, owns four restaurants in Boston. Deuxave, the one Adrienne ran, is excellent. He has two steakhouse style restaurants (Boston Chops), and one casual restaurant/bar (D-Bar, which was his first). He's been on Chopped twice and was a real jerk both times. I can't imagine working for him.
  6. MartyQui

    Say Yes To The Dress

    The guy who is the Northern version of Randy seems really weird to me...like he’s a bad actor brought in to play the part of “gay wedding dress consultant”. Not as bad as Monty, who I cannot stand, but just weird. Also, the dresses in the Canadian erosion are so much less expensive, they even had a really pretty one for under $1000...
  7. MartyQui

    S06.E15: Shame Cocoon

    I wonder how much of this is actually scripted...not the primary so much, I think they just give people big discounts and hope they'll give good stories, but all the crew shenanigans. They actually have reality show writers who set up the stories and give cues (if not an actual script) to the players. The idea that they told Adrian to act like a creep in order to generate buzz (especially in the #metoo era), kind of makes sense to me...clearly, they hit a nerve. And unless Laura is in on it too, why would she *ever* not go straight to the captain or Kate after the meat comment? That was so far over the line you can't see the line. But if they're treating it like a scripted TV show or movie, then their "characters" are playing a role, including the role of the man in the golden speedo, because again, where in the real world would that ever happen? Except in Hollywood, apparently.
  8. MartyQui

    House Hunters International

    The England to Poland child probably thought they were moving from the house they already had...which was really cute.
  9. MartyQui

    S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    My only issue with the chicken dish was the side dishes...did he say spinach polenta and asparagus? They don't sound like they go together...
  10. MartyQui

    S04.E04: Common Ground

    Again, they missed the boat on Boston...the street that they showed is Acorn Street on Beacon Hill, one of the most photographed streets in the country, and not somewhere an undergrad at MIT would be living. There must be stock footage of MIT around that they could have used. Ugh.
  11. MartyQui

    House Hunters International

    I looked up Miguel, the tennis info says he's only 24 (!), and hasn't won any tournaments. Family money? Who knows.
  12. MartyQui

    Small Talk: Chewing The Haggis

    It’s not an ad it’s a charity website called Omaze. They have a lot of wonderful promises you can buy raffle tickets for. Prizes, not promises!
  13. MartyQui

    House Hunters International

    Googled the Dakar people...the program is only 9 weeks, so she was really temporary, which explains the husband’s staying behind. She’s actually got a fascinating career, I’d kind of like to read her book.
  14. MartyQui

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    This morning I watched the condo with gold glitter grout...WTH? All I could think about was how difficult it would be to clean that. Her taste really is crazy.
  15. MartyQui

    House Hunters International

    Toronto to London...he said he worked for some kind of media or mobile company, and I’m going to guess she sees herself as an “influencer”...hence all the pictures of her posing in mediocre outfits. God, they were annoying!