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  1. That seems like an awfully cruel and unfair assessment of Tinsley. True, she has a girlishly immature and carefree vibe about her at times, but that’s likely just due to her lifestyle change/choices in recent years. She was born into a wealthy old money family and never really had to struggle; she was groomed and raised to be a typical Manhattan socialite housewife and mother. She was also married at age 22 for 8 years to a prominent fellow old money socialite who worked in finance, plus she has a BA in art history from Columbia, not to mention her years working in PR and with Vogue before she became a big star socialite with all kinds of high profile contracts initially. I think her divorce and subsequent banishment from that Manhattan social scene after her abusive relationship scandal really did a number on her and stunted her emotionally. She married her high school sweetheart, after all. At the very least, Tins seems like a very kind, well-mannered and thoughtful lady who obviously is lost without a man by her side. It must be tough to have come of age thinking you were destined to be married and raising a family with a fellow high society guy, only to somehow be left trying to desperately scramble for another chance at that lifestyle by your early 40’s. I have a deep soft spot for Tins and don’t think she’s half the bimbo people may think she is.
  2. Sun-Bun

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    Exactly!!! I don’t remotely consider Katie fat either, just naturally heavier/curvier than her super-skinny costars. Ditto Brittany and sometimes even Stassi; sadly, all three attempt to wear the exact same type of clothes as their super-skinny costars. Reminds me of when I was acting/modeling a lifetime ago and would audition with other gals and sometimes catch glimpses of myself onscreen—-even at my skinniest(I’m 5’7 and was a size 2-4 then), my naturally curvy-yet-skinny self still looked like a bloated blob next to the size 0-2 skeletons I would usually film with...it’s one of the many reasons I finally gave up on that often frustrating career path. I can only imagine how crushing it must be to live around that in LA, the land of Lollipop headed little women. Kudos to her and Schwartz for celebrating her luscious curves, but I still don’t approve of her getting James fired over his drunken comment on how she looked in her outfit. Let’s face it, she shouldn’t have made a comment on his appearance if she couldn’t handle his comeback on her own appearance—-James fights ugly, especially when under the influence. Just leave him alone when he’s like that!
  3. Sun-Bun

    Kathryn Dennis: On Her Own!

    Hate to say it, but I agree. Having seen a few Instagram stories featuring him recently, he doesn’t appear to have physically or cognitively developed much in the past several years...he’s barely matured at all, it seems. And his speech patterns are also quite delayed for his age, when he actually does attempt to talk. He just appears a bit...stunted...just a tad slow, poor fella—-honestly, he displays surefire signs of FAS.
  4. I figured this is due to either 4 things: 1) She’s gotten hardcore into pot/edibles(notice how much more chill she’s been in the past several seasons and she even admitted to being stoned on her wedding day) and therefore she obviously gets major munchies due to this ongoing habit. 2) She’s on some kind of special medication/birth control that is causing her to gain weight more rapidly. 3) She finally gave up Adderall/diet drugs or any other eating disordered behaviors that she may have used to stay so skinny when she was younger. 4) She stress-eats and/or compulsively feeds herself due to self-loathing, etc. aka “eats her feelings.”
  5. Sun-Bun

    Pet Peeves

    I’ll NEVER buy from Macy’s ever again after my experience with them last year. I’d bought a cute little beer mug-shaped purse on sale from there for a beer festival; not even an hour into the festival, the damned strap literally broke in half! So I couldn’t find my receipt but went back the next day hoping to at least get store credit. Even went back to the same cashier who remembered me. The cashier told me that it was “Macy’s company policy” that without a reciept and since it was a sale item, they would have to simply mail me a gift card for the sale amount. Okay whatever, I was fine with that, despite what a stupid store policy that is. Cue three weeks and three phone calls to Macy’s later, I never received my gift card. I *still* haven’t ever received that goddamned gift card, those greedy bastards. So there’s $35 down the drain. Fuck Macy’s; I’ll never step foot in that shithole again.
  6. Sun-Bun

    S07.E14: Tom vs. Tom

    I’m wondering if the triplets sorta low-key embarrass Schwartz; like he can hang with them on their own for special bro nights out, but when it comes to professional gatherings or the larger group functions, he’d rather keep them away. They do come off as a bit...special. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that! TM Seinfeld)
  7. Sun-Bun

    Shahs in the Media

    So have they finally put this show out of its misery? I finally quit watching last season...just too boring and pointless and these guys no longer make me laugh; they just make me particularly sad now.
  8. Sun-Bun

    S07.E13: Reptilian Brain

    Seriously, that was gagworthy!!! And with her body type, she needs to consider more clothes that properly flatter and fit her figure, not boxy suits that just make her look even bigger and shapeless onscreen. What a godawful fashion fail, especially for someone who somehow once hilariously considered herself a fashion blogger(has she even posted on “Pucker & Pout” in the last year?!).
  9. Sun-Bun

    S07.E13: Reptilian Brain

    Plus, those are some pretty hideous looking Gucci slides; even Gucci makes mistakes(thank you, Countess!). Kristen once again unleashes her crazy aka “reptilian” side; she seems so lost and unhappy to me. She and Carter are like that sad couple we all know who would rather just bicker and put up with each other than be alone. Has she ever even been long-term single for an entire season of this show? She’s definitely a serial monogamist who clings to really unhealthy cohabitation situations. Speaking of which, I really hope the children argument between Arianna and Sandoval is just being amped up for the show. It pains me to see her just dragging him along while he desperately clings to his dreams of fatherhood. And what’s up with how creepy pro-natal all these folks are? They all talk about parenthood with the dumbassed exuberance of high schoolers who don’t know any better—-parenting is hard work and requires serious money/patience/sacrifices. Jax treating Arianna like she’s weird because she doesn’t like/want kids?? I’m more weirded out by what insane breeders they all claim to be; as a fellow Childfree adult, I find Arianna’s honest disinterest in parenthood oddly refreshing. I just wish she and Sandoval would shit or get off the pot; it’s selfish to string along someone like that. Beau and Stassi’s entire segment when she first met his mom? Absolutely adorable; they’re really sweet together. Did Scheana even appear on the show tonight beyond being shown serving/reacting in the background? I just can’t get over what a nonentity she is this season.
  10. Sun-Bun

    SURly Staff In The Media

    Thanks to following Beau on Instagram this week, I’ve also just learned that his aunt is a longtime family acquaintance of mine. She’s every bit as wacky and fun as he seems to be, so no wonder I’ve always liked the dude!
  11. Sun-Bun

    SURly Staff In The Media

    Randall finally made it down here, yes! And he’s riding one of those stupidassed scooters around that everyone here hates. And he’s offering up some super-duper gross PDA with LaLa in various honkeytonks. Guess LaLa was bluffin’ with her muffin and is continuing to close that deal. And @Marley, you’re so right; Jax somehow always comes off like the asshat that we all know he is! I wonder if anyone has recognized the cast around here yet? We Nashville residents are typically pretty chill about approaching celebs/giving them their space(various country stars and even the likes of Nicole Kidman shop in my usual grocery here and it’s understood that you respect their space), but these chucklefucks are hanging out in some pretty touristy joints here. I’ve heard Jax can often be rather rude/dismissive to any viewers/fans who approach him. He reeks of douchedom, so that’s not surprising.
  12. Sun-Bun

    SURly Staff In The Media

    Of all the amusingly surreal things, according to their Instagram stories, a bunch of cast members(Jax/Brittany, Stassi/Beau, Katie/Tom, Kristen/LaLa) and their buddies are here in my city of Nashville! Apparently it’s Kristen’s birthday and they’re all helping her celebrate down here(apparently Brittany has always been a regular visitor here)—-even more amusing is the fact that one of my old friends who is the concierge for the hotel they’re staying at actually got a shout-out in Kristen’s story; I’m guessing he somehow got the hotel to comp them their lovely presidential suite/s. I’d message him to giggle about it and go say hi, but I don’t care enough about the cast to actually go down and meet any of them(all bets would be off for the “Southern Charm” cast though; I’d be fangirling myself silly over that bunch!) It’s been a hoot watching them honkeytonking and doing the typical Nashville tourist stuff though. Curiously enough, LaLa actually flew COACH(gasp!) with them, so it makes me wonder if all is well with her and Ran. Kristen is also alone, so now I’m wondering if she and her fella are okay too.
  13. Sun-Bun

    S07.E12: PJs on the PJ

    I believe she had them reduced, then lifted. And she was even mentioning on a recent episode that she needed to “do them again” because she wasn’t wearing bras enough. One thing I appreciate about Stassi is that she’s naturally curvy; when she made her reality show debut on “The Amazing Race” as a teenager she was even a little chubby. It’s oddly refreshing to see her and Brittany and Katie looking healthy and more average-sized, especially on a show showcasing typical LA glam that celebrates being super skinny.
  14. Sun-Bun

    S07.E12: PJs on the PJ

    A room for Adrianna to seriously work on perfecting her comedy routines. A mixology room for them both to concoct their stunningly perfect cocktails and Tom’s curiously strong frozen shots. A glam room for Sandoval’s various beauty treatments and costume collection. An all-mirrored sex room just for Adrianna to display her vagina in comfort and Tom to shave his forehead and invite Schwartz over for makeout sessions. And finally, a guest room made just for Schwartz when he needs to get away from Tequila Katie, complete with a bar, a mini runway and random “real dolls” strewn about for him to drunkenly make out with.
  15. Sun-Bun

    S07.E11: Return of Crazy Kristen

    So I guess him excitedly mentioning how he just wanted “tits in his face” was a perfectly respectful aspiration for the state of his female companions that night. Got it.