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  1. themadman

    S02.E05: Saints of Imperfection

    All through this episode, I was literally screaming at my screen going, "Mofos, ain't nobody got time for your speeches and pontificating! Did you not hear the time constraints being constantly told to you?" So bloody infuriating!
  2. themadman

    S01.E12: Anima Sola

    OK, that's it. I'm out. The ridiculous shit in this show is beyond belief.
  3. themadman

    Season 10 all episodes talk

    How on earth does NCIS pick up a case involving murder of an arms dealer? Isn't this very clearly a local police matter?
  4. themadman

    S05.E03: The Death of Vibe

    OK, is Jesse L. Martin injured in real life? I can't think of another reason that Joe West can't stand up.
  5. themadman

    S01.E04: Boundaries

    So all the cardiothoracic surgeons that dude hired (the three black women) in the last episode just disappeared, eh?
  6. themadman

    S04.E01: American Alien

    What this episode taught me: forget faster than a speeding bullet, Supergirl is not even faster than a speeding motorcycle.
  7. themadman

    S02.E10: The Passenger

    There is zero chance I will watch Season 3 of this hot, convoluted mess.
  8. themadman


    I'm going to call "cancelled" on this. Just isn't interesting enough to keep people watching.
  9. themadman

    S03,E20: Dark Side of the Moon 2018.05.28

    I, for one, am glad Kara was reunited with her mother, Botox Zor-El. Laughed out loud at J'onn not lifting a finger to help her despite being able to, you know, fly. Laughed out louder at Alex suddenly launching herself into the air as if she had superpowers. All in all, a "so bad it might be good" episode.
  10. themadman

    S02.E06: Phase Space

    I just can't keep track of what's going on, and it's altogether too boring for me. Perhaps I'll attempt a binge-watch when the entire season is over.
  11. themadman

    S03.E09: Icebreaker

    Good lord, John Malkovich, where did you drag that horrifying accent from? Doing business with a criminal Russian oligarch. What could possibly go wrong?
  12. themadman

    S02.E04: Chapter 12

    OK, I'm out. This show is too trippy and self-indulgent for me. I gave it time, but I guess it's not meant for people like me.
  13. themadman

    S02.E03: Old Unresolved Sh*t

    The problem is that the premise of the series plot does not work with multiple seasons, so they need to drag shit out like this. Colour me bored after the fun season 1.
  14. themadman

    S01.E07: Selling Out

    Is there something wrong with me that I don't find this show funny? I'm still watching because of Glenn Howerton, but this premise just isn't working for me. Teacher repeatedly coming to class, not teaching anything, and everyone being cool with that...how?
  15. themadman

    S01.E05: Dating Toledoans

    I liked both Arrested Development and Happy Endings but I can't stomach this. There is no there there.