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  1. ByaNose

    Nate And Jeremiah By Design

    I never really watch the show. I like Nate but not his partner. Anyhoo! I didn't know it was a rerun so it was new to me. Overall, they did a good job. I can't beleive the couple lived like that for so long. I've heard of fear of design but that was a bit extreme.
  2. I'll be glad when Paul returns. I didn't like that Ray was all of the sudden in charge or he was running things on his own. Hopefully, they'll DD more. I doubt he'll be getting a home set anytime soon but at least he he'll have an office and desk. Personally, I still miss his silver briefcase. Ahhhh! The 80's were a good time, LOL!!!
  3. Funny! I never thought JC was good looking. His face was too narrow for me. LOL!!! I'm glad JV is sticking around. He was just canned by DAYS before coming to Y&R. It be nice if he had some steady employement. I think they'll keep the actress who plays Mia. I can take or leave the actress who plays Lola. I guess it all depends on what the writers have in store for Kyle.
  4. So, Abby loses another husband. How many times has she been married? https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/jason-canela-out-at-yr/
  5. and, the fact that Eve & Paige didn't look anything alike lost me. It seems so long ago that JJ & Eve were getting it on. Good times. LOL!!!
  6. ByaNose

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I'm curious to see who IR is paired up with. In theory, it should be Carly but she's pregnant and all. I would say Margaux but the camera people would hate having to shoot those two together. LOL!!! I guess I'll have to wait a month or two to find out. I'm glad Dante is home. He's a good guy. I miss him on the show. BTW! I totally for to mention last week when Sonny was "hiding" behind Dante in his miliatary uniform and no one knew it was Sonny. WTF? You have 2 short guys and no one knew it was him. It was HYTSTERICAL!!!!
  7. ByaNose

    S38 Reem Daly

    I'm sort dying to see this week if Reem says anything when the EI people are revealed. Granted, it's part of the game but she's tired & hungry and she's.......................Reem. LOL!!!!
  8. ByaNose


    So, did anyone buy the AirFryer? It looks neat but I have enough kitchen gadgets.
  9. ByaNose


    That’s sure expensive shrimp. I think a pound at Giant is $9, $10 or $11.
  10. ByaNose


    David barely fits into the T-shirt he’s wearing. It’s not a good look. Maybe, go up a size next time.
  11. ByaNose

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I’ve always liked DZ. He has the anti soap hunk look. Unfortunately, he’s always in MB orbit which I hate & ER who looks 12. I’m glad he’s back for a visit & he has a good storyline. I would be happy if he won the Emmy but I think Max Gail will take it home.
  12. ByaNose

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    Their remodeling is ok but their (hers) design aesthetic is beyond awful. Do people in Vegas really live in houses that look like this? I guess if you were selling the house to a sixteen year old girl the purple house would be great but you aren’t. I just can’t with this show. Also, their pricing scale is OTT.
  13. ByaNose


    Attitudes by Renee thinks highly of herself, doesn’t she. The way she prances around the studio. Oh, brother! Her TSV looks okay. I guess two maxi dresses for $56.46 is an okay price. I’m not buying them but I guess it’s a good deal if you need something light to travel with.
  14. ByaNose

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    That is too funny. Yeah, the kid playing Danny is awful. I hate to pick on a kid but he’s not very good. Also, I totally forgot about Margaux until today. Out of sight & Outta mind. I was beginning to this she had gone off contract or something. Personally, I’d rather have Rebecca Budig back and can Elizabeth Hendrickson. Oooops! I meant Ava. I still think of her as Carly from ATWT. Some habits just never die. LOL!!!!
  15. ByaNose

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Griffin was an ill conceived character. Matt Cohen was good looking enough and a good actor but Griffin was DOA. They never knew what to do with him. He’s a priest! He’s a doctor! He’s not a priest! He’s not a doctor! Oddly enough, I liked his friendships with Anna & Elizabeth. It was in the romance department with Carly & Kiki where he didn’t measure up. He got a pretty good sendoff but it was out of the blue since he gave little notice. I would like to have seen more of him and Anna on his last day then with Ava. Oh well. I guess they’ll be using the money for IR return. I’ve always liked IR and I’m looking forward to see what Jax is up to.