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  1. CooperTV

    The Passage

    They should have killed all the others except for Fanning and Amy. I doubt Elizabeth wants to live like that, considering her whining and the actress unconvincing eyebrow acting. I liked how this episode gave us new glimpses in the characters' inner lives and interactions. Amy having a tantrum was a long time coming. That girl was through a lot, and acting out is the only way children know how to deal with overwhelming emotions. I'm glad Brad was a trooper in the end and handled it as he should. I don't really care about Babcock's attempts at revenge towards Sykes or about Sykes and her woes. But it was more or less thematically interesting.
  2. CooperTV

    The Passage

    As much as I'm really enjoying this show so far (and I do enjoy it a lot), the Virals' flashbacks remain the most baffling thing. The girl kills her mother and her piece of shit step-father in the heat of the moment, and she gets death sentence? The guy finds his girlfriend dead in the pool, but because she had a rich husband, the guys get the death sentence? How does anything of this even work? Also, they're getting way overboard with trying to make Babcock and Carter sympathetic while making them evil at the same time.
  3. CooperTV

    S02.E06: A Happy Refrain

    I must say, after I'd dropped the show last year after the date-rape episode, returning for this specific episode confirmed I had done the right choice the first time. Not only I already saw this TNG episode, I actually liked that TNG episode. Plus, In Theory was just better written in every way and gave us the actual insight into Data as a character (and as an artificial person). I mean, I appreciate Seth McFarlane and co writing TNG fanfic but I wish they at least tried to, IDK, interrogate the text from different perspective, not flattening and dumbing down its original idea (or its message). Data was always fascinating and beloved character precisely because he wanted to relate to humans but was mostly unable to do so due to lack of emotions. He was still capable of maintain close relationships, was valued as a person (!) by his team, experienced various things that helped him learn and grow. Isaac is just a machine, and everyone treating him (them?) as such (until they're not?), and there's constant jokes about him being like a vacuum cleaner... But now he randomly feels things now because reasons and because of the random rom-com movies' advice... Not to mention that The Orville, which was a sci-fi show last year, and a rip-off of the classic one, at that, turned into a CW soap overnight. I'd wish Brannon Braga would come back and write another Isaac and Dr Claire centric episode where they're actually kick us and take names on some alien planet and maybe fall in love at the very end. In that episode there also wouldn't be any boring Moclans, their horrible mustache related squabbles and their terrible dysfunctional marriage. But oh well.
  4. CooperTV


    The way it was described in the show itself reminded me a lot of Stargate SG1's alternative universe doppelganger effect called "entropic cascade failure": Entropic cascade failure There was a thing like that in the movie Timecop, with "the same matter cannot occupy the same space".
  5. CooperTV

    TV Tropes You Hate

    Like a recent Timeless survivor, I'd definitely say love triangles. Especially love triangles done in the manner that had been done in the show, when the main Will They, Won't They couple had got together, and immediately (in the very same episode!) the long lost murdered wife of the dude was randomly alive. Oh, and Timeless also has the thing on what any amateur writer thrives on: the need to put good guy through mud to make their favorite character (the jerk one) look better by comparison. Because they don't know other ways to write believable redemption/character development for their ultimate Creator's Pets, they need to destroy Fan Favorites (see also: The 100 season 3, Vampire Diaries season 2, Dawson Creek season 4, the entire run of Teen Wolf). Timeless was not as bad as The 100 season 3 about it (obviously) but it was still like watching CW teen angst soap, only about 30-somethings.
  6. CooperTV


    Well, apperenetly killing in the line of duty (Wyatt) is the same thing as being international (inteerdimensional?) terrorist (Flynn), so. Also, caring about people but being pshychologically damaged in some way and making mistakes in personal matters because of that (Wyatt) is the same thing as being an unrepetant muderer and a jerk to everyone and ultimyately only caring about well-being of one person (the one you threatened and wanted to kill anyway) (Flynn). I'm glad that at least Flynn the character thanks to the writers was more self-aware about his actions towards the Time Team than the Flynn's fans.
  7. CooperTV

    S02.E00: The Miracle of Christmas

    I'm fine with it, actually. I already watched The Vampire Diaries, I don't need another "I killed, raped and threatened everyone you've ever loved so we're obviously True Love" routine. But I'm pretty sure if the show is somehow renewed we'd have an another go at this triangle because the writers don't actually have anything else in their arsenal (like interesting plotting or believable character interactions, for example).
  8. CooperTV

    S02.E00: The Miracle of Christmas

    The Future!Lucy-and-Wyatt were from the dystopian future where Rufus died, Jiya made the changes in the Lifeboat and Lucy hooked up with Flynn (because she never forgave Wyatt, even though according to Flynn she always loved him). Our!Lucy-and-Wyatt are the result of Rufus being alive.
  9. CooperTV

    S02.E00: The Miracle of Christmas

    I'm resonantly sure that's called time travel paradox.
  10. CooperTV

    S02.E00: The Miracle of Christmas

    I find the idea that Flynn, the "rival" love interest/AU love interest for Lucy, had to kill Jessica, the "rival" love interest for Wyatt so hilarious, though. All shitty love triangles/quadruples should be resolved in this manner.
  11. CooperTV

    S02.E00: The Miracle of Christmas

    Don’t try and explain time travel. It never makes sense and it always makes my head hurt (c) Pete Lattimer, Warehouse 13.
  12. CooperTV

    S02.E00: The Miracle of Christmas

    Lucy put Flynn on the pass of destruction and murder so Layatt, the twins and Rufus/Giya could happen, lol. Although they still tried and white-washed Flynn via putting him in pure bleach for about a year, he's still the same horrible, inconsistent character with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. All the speechifying about his "awesomeness" fell flat. I literally cannot with these writers and their BS biases. I guess, at least they managed to do a bare minimum for their male lead's butchered characterization in s2, so the romance didn't feel forced. Whatt's up with Evil!Jessica, by the way? I mean, I knew her and Wyatt were never a perfect couple, and him struggling to accept her death was always about his feeling of guilt (because it's Wyatt, he's responsible for every bad single thing in the known universe). But her AU!self wasn't a monster, was she? I'm so confused right now.
  13. Wednesday, Jan. 2
  14. CooperTV

    S02E10: Prisoner’s Dilemma

    This show's become so terrible this season but. Sonny and Davis! Yay!
  15. CooperTV

    S02E09: Santa Muerte

    We know she had a training on "the Farm" because even the CIA analysts do that.