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  1. JakeyJokes

    S11.E04: Trump: The Rusical

    I saw New York in person last fall and she didn't look excessively Botoxed (or lighter-skinned). But maybe she had just had a procedure and it hadn't settled before filming?
  2. JakeyJokes

    S11.E04: Trump: The Rusical

    My friend is a dance teacher and choreographer and won a class from Yanis once! I will have to ask him for any T. I was lucky enough to attend Denver Pride last year (Chad Michaels is basically the city's drag mother). Yvie is representative of a lot of its drag, and I think Nina described it very well on Untucked. It's not the most polished, but it's very genuine in its eccentricity. New York complimented my costume on Halloween so I am biased, but she was a really good judge. Joel was like the idiot in high school bothering Michelle the nerd. Don't tell me there was no sexual tension there. Sad to see my hometown girl Mercedes go, but it was her time and she made Minneapolis proud! I think Ru's criticism of Vanjie was on the nose - she's Alyssa Edwards 2.0. She is hilarious as herself but has yet to figure out how to be hilarious as something else. For her career, she doesn't need to, but for this show, she does. It will be very interesting it she makes it to Snatch Game. I hate to rag on anyone's education as a 3 time dropout, but I am thinking Silky has one of those profit-school Ph.D's. I didn't mind her winning, but I did mind her pulling an Aja S9 and bitching about having the small part, especially when it's so obvious she is doing anything she can to get camera time.
  3. Jonah Hill/Mariah Carey (3/15/08) was random, but it was Jonah's first time hosting (he is now a Five Timer) and I *love* that era of Mariah's career -- she looked and sounded sooo good and this was before the E=MC2 album came out. She was a sub for Janet Jackson that week, who had come down with the flu.
  4. JakeyJokes

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I wonder if said sober house is linked to where she first went to treatment in Florida. I have had friends who lived in sober houses; it's similar to living in a "halfway house" after jail. It's like practice before living on your own so you don't start using again on day one because you don't know what else to do with yourself. So this probably is very healthy for Wendy, especially when the alternative is going home to fight with Kevin or going home to an empty house because Kevin is with the mistress -- both would be instant triggers that wouldn't be safe for a recovering addict to deal with by themselves.
  5. JakeyJokes

    S11.E03: It's a Clam Shame

    I liked that Ramona brought so many hostess gifts, but then she ruined it by bringing home all the food when they were only staying half an hour! I felt bad that Luann was shaming Tinsley the most when she was already mortified. I do wonder if her allegiance will shift to the brunettes as the season progresses. Sonja: "Go to the gay corner first! It's always safe over there!" Barbara was cool as a cucumber at the clambake, but she was playing runteldat way too much at Sonja's event. Even Dorinda's tagline this season is rooted in denial and not even taking responsibility for anything, but it's still frustrating that Bethenny is like, "Just own this one thing you did" and she still won't budge.
  6. JakeyJokes

    S11.E03: Diva Worship

    Yeah, Whitney has either been very overdone in the Being Bobby Brown vein (Debra Wilson on MAD TV, Maya Rudolph on SNL, Sahara Davenport and Monet XChange on this show) that I don't fault them for not doing her. I agree that there's a risk in going for the easy drug jokes with her and it would have been messy. Not like Mariah still wasn't.
  7. JakeyJokes

    S11.E03: Diva Worship

    I was thinking that, too. A good friend of mine is first-generation from Vietnamese parents; she would rebel by speaking to them in English.
  8. JakeyJokes

    S11.E03: Diva Worship

    I am a Mariah Carey superfan and even saw her in concert the night before (and yes she was amazing), so this episode gave me a very I AM FEELING VERY ATTACKED sensation. That said, the Britney team did *so* well that it should be a good argument to let the teams improv/write their own challenges as opposed to relying on clunky scripts.
  9. JakeyJokes

    Former Hosts: PERSONAL Life After The View

    My sentiments exactly, but you articulate this better than I would. She had written in her books about "the bad man coming through the window", but what really cemented it for me was when she did an interview with Howard Stern many years ago and they both danced about the idea that her father was her abuser; she explained that he was likely abused and had a horrific childhood as well, but never explicitly said it was him. I could tell Howard got it, too. Those who only remember him from his '90s shock jock would be surprised by how deft of an interviewer he has become. So much other vague sadness makes sense now, too. Her estrangement from her sister. Her interview on her OWN talk show where her and Mackenzie Phillip's bonded over having childhood traumas but now having estrangement with siblings because, in Rosie's words, "it wasn't only my story to tell". Why her arguments with Whoopi about Bill Coshy upset her in such a way -- the PTSD of "how DARE you accuse a wonderful man, no one will ever believe you" probably echoed very loudly for her during that.
  10. JakeyJokes

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    Jay annoyed me with the Conan stuff but I really liked him on here, especially for not taking Meghan's bait -- I think she was steering him down a "Not All Men" path and he downplayed it perfectly. And I liked him and Joy talking about comedy and how it was easier in the days of Clinton's a perv and Bush is dumb. His comment about not doing certain jokes based on the kind of laugh they were getting was really interesting, too. Even Abby had fun talking about how Mormons are creative when making up words to replace curses. But then Meghan had to go into a soliliquoy.
  11. JakeyJokes

    S11.E02: Good God Girl, Get Out

    Willam and Alaska have a great podcast and when they recapped S2, they noted that the girls were buying most of their outfits "off the rack", and also that's how drag kind of WAS back then. As the show evolved and elevated, so has drag. I rewatched S5 and found it fascinating that Detox could rock Thierry Muglier like a boss but faltered when she had to design her own look.
  12. JakeyJokes

    S11.E01: Divided, They Summer

    I normally think it's gross to speculate, but I say from experience that I think Dorinda is taking Adderall and then drinking, and it's a horrible combo: Your rage moves faster than your thoughts, and you don't feel drunk so you are more likely to binge-drink. Then she wakes up feeling horrible about herself or she crashes. "functioning in everyday life without a buzz. It's almost like she doesn't know quite how to handle emotions without a bit of alcohol to even her. She was tossing that salad forever - I was waiting for bits of lettuce to go flying out of the bowl - she got more nervous as Bethenny got more and more emotional." (KungFuBunny) Bethenny's "Stop tossing the fucking salad!" cracked me up.
  13. JakeyJokes

    "The View": Week Of 3/4/2019

    My best friend's mom died of sepsis on Christmas Day and in 2019 I have known three people that also died of it; one of them had previously lost over 200 pounds and living a relatively healthy lifestyle, one was 28 and one was a high school friend who was almost 32. It is so damn serious and they usually don't catch it until it's too late. How scary for Whoopi.
  14. JakeyJokes

    S11.E02: Good God Girl, Get Out

    I didn't mind Silky winning the mini-challenge -- she was fearless and went for the joke -- but her work room antics was transparently starting shit for the sake of screen time from the Gia Gunn School of Dramatic Tricks. I'm a little biased because she's my hometown girl, but Mercedes slayed that lip-sync, no? She did all the acrobatic stuff when appropriate for the song, while Kahanna was doing a gymnastics routine out of nowhere. Her story about being on the no-fly list is why this show is still so important culturally, like last season when Dusty talked about conversion therapy.
  15. JakeyJokes

    S11.E02: Good God Girl, Get Out

    Right? I am an astrology NERD so I was really disappointed! Miss Vanjie is the only air sign and there isn't a Cancer in the entire cast! No wonder everyone is always fighting!