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  1. WatchrTina

    S02.E03: Muninn

    Wait, what? Is that the rumor? I hadn't heard that.
  2. WatchrTina

    S02.E03: Muninn

    Huh. I'm saddened by the lack of commentary here and I'm pretty disappointed in the episode. I've READ the book and yet I still kept losing the thread of the plot. I'm glad Odin had Laura sown back together again but why, exactly, did he leave Shadow to crawl out of the train wreckage and find his way the Cairo on his own? Just a god fucking with someone, I guess. Or maybe he didn't want Shadow along on the trip to repair & recharge Laura while taking down Argus, but still -- leaving your "man" in the wreckage like that -- damn, that's cold. Then again, this is the same MoFo who had Laura killed so nothing Wednesday does should surprise me. So . . . we have team old gods and team new gods both showing up to confront Argus and . . . seriously? That's what we got? New Media "plugs" into him, Laura Moon executes him, Technical Boy looks the other way as Laura approaches because apparently he's jealous and suspicious of New Media, and Motherfucking ODIN hides out of sight while all this goes down. WTF was that? I found that scene profoundly unsatisfying. It's been a long time since I read the book but I do have a vague recollection of enjoying Sam Blackcrow in the book. But *this* was a complete nothing-burger. She delivers Shadow to Mr. Ibis and Mr Jacquel's funeral parlor and . . . that's it? What's the point in even naming a character if they play such an insignificant role? (Maybe I'm misremembering. Maybe she turns up again in the story. But based on what we saw tonight, why should we care if she does?) I definitely do not recall Mad Sweeney going to New Orleans with a Christian rock band. I'm trying to keep an open mind and be okay with deviations from the book but . . . WTF?
  3. WatchrTina

    S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    The theory of R + L = J has been around forever so I don't think the reveal of Jon's parentage came as a surprise to many people. I even feel like I've known forever that Lyanna was not raped -- that she went with Rhaegar willingly. I think the shocker was the revelation that Rhaegar and Lyanna were secretly married. As such, Jon (née Aegon) is not a bastard born of rape (as was first hinted) nor a bastard born of adulterous lust (as was later suggested) -- he is a true-born son and the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. I did not see THAT coming.
  4. WatchrTina

    S02.E01: House On The Rock

    I've been thinking about the show and I have a question. The last scene of season 1 was Laura Moon raining on Wednesday's parade by merely clearing her throat. She'd just learned that it was Wednesday who had arranged for her to be killed her and she had some questions for him. Fast-forward to this episode and we see some awkwardness between everybody in the car but doesn't it seem like we missed an important scene? Wouldn't Shadow be very angry to learn that Wednesday had had Laura killed? It seems clear that Laura was planning on bringing the topic up. It feels weird that we never saw that confrontation. And having learned that it was Sweeney who actually did the killing, she seems surprisingly not hostile to him. I guess being dead gives you some perspective and makes you pretty "chill." (Ba-dum ching! I'll see myself out.)
  5. WatchrTina

    S02.E01: House On The Rock

    Hmmmm. I'm disappointed to find so little conversation here. I'm glad the show is back but as episodes go I thought that was pretty slow . . . which is kind of sad since the encounter at The House on the Rock is one of the main set-pieces of the book. I'm fairly certain that all the scenes involving Cloris Leachman were filmed separately. You never see her at the diner until she is shot and then you only see her from the back in that set. All the shots of her face are in close-up. So I think they created that one, special set where she had her chat with Wednesday at the House on the Rock (Cherborg was there too) and then they filmed the close-ups of her death scene (again with just Cherborg and Wednesday) and then they used a body double for all the other scenes at the diner and photoshopped her three-in-one face into the "backstage" scenes. I think it's great if they did that to make filming easier for her -- she is getting up there in years -- but the fact that THAT is what I focused on pretty much says it all. I wasn't engaged in the plot so I was mentally deconstructing the production techniques. BTW I could totally have lived without seeing that slo-mo of a guy's face being shot off and his brains landing on the table. I know it was all fake but . . . ew.
  6. WatchrTina

    S16.E14: The Tao of Macau

    I'm signing in for the first time this season to say that I've really been enjoying this season. I can't vote in that poll they keep promoting because I like all the contestants so I don't want to vote for a favorite. What a change this season is vs. the two infamous "mean" seasons. I'm thinking of the one where a bunch of contestants ganged up on the unpopular guy, threatening to shave his head (and then one of the meanies shaved her own head instead.) The other "mean" season was the one with the Voltaggio brothers. The asshole Voltaggio brother actually won and that nearly did it for me. I didn't want to watch a show that rewarded a guy for being a douche-bag. I'm betting the ratings dropped after that season and they learned their lesson. I've noticed that the show is almost unfailingly positive now. The contestants seem to get along and are occasionally shown helping one another. Maybe they are just acting-- maybe the editors carefully select those positive moments to cultivate warm on-screen personas for the contestants -- but even if that is the case, I'm fine with it. I don't want to tune in and watch people be dicks to one another.
  7. WatchrTina

    S15.E12: Girlfriend in a Coma

    Well I binge-watched six episodes today. The fact that I got six episodes behind actually tells you everything you need to know about my investment in this show. Sigh. The "love triangle" formed by Meredith and the-one-that-speaks-Italian and the-one-that-looks-like-Thor is just tiresome. As others have said, I don't see why either would continue to pursue her after she stands them up on New Years and Valentine's Day respectively. Seriously, Mer just need to be alone with her memories of McDreamy. That's the best option for everyone. Regarding the sad central couple -- I had thought from the very beginning that when she came out of the coma we were going to find out that he had assaulted her. So color me surprised to find that he's actually a good guy. For his sake I hope that wedding ceremony was not legally binding because I'm guessing she leaves behind a mountain of unpaid hospital bills. I hope he's not on the hook for that.
  8. Unfortunately we still have one more great misunderstanding involving Roger to get through and Roger suffers grievously as a result of that one too. We were barely introduced to Morag on the ship (the one with the baby with a milk-rash and NOT smallpox that Roger helps hide from Bonnet.) Yet it is his flirty friendship with Morag (and her husband's profound over-reaction to that relationship) that gets Roger half-hanged and destroys his voice. God I hate that turn of events. I wonder how they are going to get through THAT without Roger looking like his own worst enemy? Here's a speculation for you -- maybe they'll skip it. I don't recall Roger's ruined voice being an important plot-point in any of the following books. I think they can cut that whole sub-plot (and that will leave some room for the plot they have to add to give Murtagh something to do.) BTW, in the book canon of Roger-as-a-bad-ass, nothing will ever top the moment in a future book when Jamie and his men go to rescue Claire. Roger single-handedly strikes terror in the kidnappers' hearts by his virtuoso playing a Scottish war-drum as the signal for the attack.
  9. I don’t think I agree that Roger is “feckless and delicate” on the show but I’ll take a whack at speculating about the plot changes. I always hated when (in the book) Roger goes off to try to steal the gemstones that he & Brianna need to return to the 20th century and he either doesn’t tell Brianna that is what he is doing or he DOES tell her and she fails to explain that to her parents. It’s been too long since I read the book for me to recall for sure but whichever it was, it does not reflect well on Book!Roger and/or Book!Brianna. The entire “Great Misunderstanding” begins with that somewhat-unrealistic failure to communicate. And Book!Roger’s ability to steal gemstones from Bonnet – well that beggars belief. The chronology on the show is more believable (to me). I think it is an improvement to depict Roger returning the morning after their wedding-night argument and his trying to leave a message for Brianna when he is forced back on to the ship by a large group of his fellow sailors, under the command of a ruthless captain. Never forget that Roger saw Bonnet murder sick children by throwing them into the ocean. When Bonnet tells Roger that he has friends in town who will LITERALLY dismember him if Bonnet asks them to, Roger is wise to believe him. I also prefer the TV version of Jamie & Roger’s fight in that Roger never gets a word out. In the book, Roger and Jamie do speak to one another when they first meet but they both completely fail to say what needs to be said (due mainly to ego and stubbornness) and it is just SO FRUSTRATING. I didn’t remember Roger making it through the gauntlet in the book but I applaud the change in the show. TV!Roger is exhausted by his long trip on foot to the village and still pretty traumatized by all that he has been through. Ian (both in the show and the book) is in a much better place than Roger both psychologically and physically (he travelled on horseback). He volunteers to join the tribe and he understands what the gauntlet is when he enters it. Plus the show runners were careful to show that Ian’s success in the gauntlet was NOT due to him having unrealistic ninja skills – he’s just a just a canny wee fellow and agile as a monkey. I think the changes makes sense and I don’t think they reflect poorly on Roger. Furthermore, Ian making it through the gauntlet while Roger does not clarifies for the viewer that Ian’s status within the tribe will be something different than what Roger experienced. Ian’s joyful face at the end sets to rest any concerns the viewers might have about Ian’s fate. As for some of the Mohawk women being interested in Roger – well we did see at least one that was kind to him (which sparked jealousy in one Mohawk man) so that WAS touched on in the episode. And as for “looking like a pirate” – I think TV!Roger is doing JUST FINE in the looking-good department. 🙂
  10. WatchrTina

    Small Talk: Tea At Buckingham Palace

    Attention royal watchers, there is a documentary on Princess Margaret that will be airing soon on PBS. It's called "Margaret: The Rebel Princess." Check local listings.
  11. WatchrTina

    James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser

    So this morning I re-read some of our commentary from the first half of season 1. It was a fun walk down memory lane, recollecting how excited we all were and watching us all fall in love with Caitriona and Sam as Claire and Jamie. What prompted me to write is that I recently binge-watched the first two seasons of the The Crown and it really is amazing how Claire Foy changes over the episodes depicting at first a very young and naive Princess and, by her last episode 2 years later, a canny and mature Queen -- one who is approximately 15 year older than in the first ep. It got me thinking about what an amazing job OUR cast is doing as they "age" through the seasons. I know Cait is the one who's gotten the Golden Globe nominations (and I'm delighted for her) but it's Sam's depiction of Jamie that continues to blow me away. When I think back to that moment in "The Garrison Commander" when Claire has just been told she has to marry Jamie and he walks over the hill to sit beside her and discuss it -- is there any doubt in anyone's mind that that is a very young man? Especially that moment when he confesses to being a virgin. And yet the Jamie we see in the season finale of season 4 is every bit as believable as a man in his late 40s who as seen some shit. Sam has only aged 4-5 years during the course of filming the series but Jamie has aged 20+ years and it is totally believable. And this shallow note -- much as I enjoyed watching 20-somthing Jamie, it's 40-something Jamie that I think is really hot.
  12. Here's something to look forward to next season. Poor Roger has spent his entire time in the 18th century dressed in those unfortunate sailor culottes or in the increasingly-filthy outfit he was wearing during the whole Mohawk escapade. Jocasta probably has a whole closet full of menswear left over from her three husbands. Here's hoping Roger gets to go shopping in her closet and we finally get to see him in some flattering 18th century garb.
  13. WatchrTina

    The Outlander Podcasts

    Me too. It's a good one! Toni (who wrote the episode) said that they toyed with trying to depict a slow bubbling courtship between Murtagh and Jocasta but then got to the point (in the writers room) of just saying "Well, what if they have a fight and then we hard cut to them in bed?" That, as we know, is what they went with. Toni even talked about how that sort of thing is a bit of a recurring theme in TV romances -- specifically mentioning how Maddie and David suddenly hooked up in the TV show "Moonlighting" -- and Maril was at first confused because she thought Toni was talking about the movie "Moonstruck," which has essentially the same trope. (Remember Cher slapping Nicholas Cage saying "Snap out of it!" and then he sweeps her off her feet (literally) and carries her to bed.) I'll add one more to the list -- remember the TV Show "Cheers" when Sam and Diane have their first kiss? It comes after a snarling fight during which (I think) she slaps him as well (Sam: "Are you as turned on as I am?" Diane: "More!" <smooch>) I have my doubts about whether or not that kind of thing really happens in real life AND also has a happy ending, but TV writers certainly think it does. As others have mentioned, they actually contemplated ending the show with the line "Where's Roger?" Even Diana was on-board with that cliff-hanger ending. Ultimately they opted to include the Brianna/Roger reunion and end on a different cliffhanger and one of the reasons they went that way was out of sympathy for Richard Rankin. They didn't want him to have to go a year giving evasive responses to questions about whether or not his character returned (like Kit Harrington went through when Jon Snow "died" at the end of a season of Game of Thrones.) Of course it would not have been the same -- we readers know from the books that he DOES return to Brianna whereas with Game of Thrones the TV show had gone beyond the last published book in the series. But still, I'm glad Richard doesn't have to live through a year of some fans being mad at his character for "abandoning" Brianna and the baby. One interesting production note is that when they scouted the location for the scene between Team Jamie and the Team Wahkatiiosta (the group that wants the opal) it was an overcast day but when they showed up to film it was a bright, sunny day, which is is a problem when you are shooting in a forest. People constantly moving in and out of bright sunlight and shadow is a filming and continuity nightmare. So they had to raise a huge canvas sunshield to block the light on most of that clearing and shoot all the action within that shadow. They also mentioned that while Wahkatiiosta tells the story of Otter Tooth the scrip always intended that they would cut-away a few times to depict the story, rather than just have the viewer watch her tell the tale. But the director filmed a LOT more footage to illustrate the story than was originally planned. He cleverly made use of whatever down time there was between set-ups for major shots to capture a few more images to illustrate Otter Tooth's story. And now . . . my watch is ended. Sigh.
  14. WatchrTina

    S05.E20 Ragnarok

    Ah! Got it. That makes more sense. I could not imagine why Ubbe would have abstained from the battle if he had sailed with them but I didn't recall seeing him in it. And I've just realized that the wounds on his face are the still-healing injuries from his fight with Frodo. I like this interpretation. Thanks
  15. WatchrTina

    S05.E20 Ragnarok

    Okay I just looked up the actress who plays Gunnhild and her birth name (not her stage name) is . . . Ragnheiður Ragnarsdóttir. Ragnar's daughter. I LOVE that.