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  1. absnow54

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    And a kitchen island!?!?
  2. absnow54

    The Jeopardy! All-Star Games

    This episode was so frustrating! I just wanted them to get to the questions already! Also what the hell was Brad’s strategy doing the regular Jeopardy round instead of Double Jeopardy where he could maximize points? Can they not play the same round twice? I guess he’s banking on making the finals and will play double then.
  3. absnow54

    S44.E12: Halsey

    The blackface sketch just made me think of all the times SNL has done blackface. I remember Jimmy Fallon doing it for a Chris Rock impression in 1999 and Darrel Hammond was doing Jessie Jackson well through the 00’s. It just felt very pot calling the kettle.
  4. absnow54

    2019 Awards Season

    And wasn't Rami Malek at odds with Bryan Singer while he was still a part of the production? The Best Actor race certainly has gotten interesting though. I think Rami will easily take the BAFTA, but the older Academy members might skew it back to Bale like they did a few years ago when Denzel Washington won the SAG over Casey Affleck (although that race had a very different narrative...)
  5. absnow54

    Rent Live! (Fox)

    And a lot off key.
  6. absnow54

    Box Office

    Maybe it's because I live in the DC market, but I'm wondering if "On the Basis of Sex"'s budget includes marketing, because I swear, I see 4525243 adds for it on television every day.
  7. Technically he was born in 1978, and Leslie Jones is the oldest cast member, but I think every one else on the show now is a millennial... except Mikey Day who is borderline.
  8. absnow54

    2019 Awards Season

    I'm curious who will emerge as the alternative in the category, since Regina King has to sit it out until Oscars and has ALL the momentum. Maybe Rachel Weisz? But she has to overcome splitting the vote with Emma Stone. Amy Adams has been nominated a billion times, but there hasn't been any "it's her turn" narrative.
  9. absnow54

    2019 Awards Season

    I was convinced that Kevin Hart’s publicity tour was setting up the narrative for the Oscars taking him back (including having Ellen forgive him on her show.) Having the Avengers host is a much better idea, as I’m sure a trailer will be due to drop during the show, and they’ll attract a younger demographic that the show so desperately needs.
  10. Has Sebastian Stan ever led a movie? I feel like he's always a supporting character, and like a second or third tier supporting character (with the exception of Captain America and I, Tonya) at that. I think this Marvel Winter Soldier/Falcon show they have lined up may give him a chance to actually shine, or if they give him a more leading role in the next phase of Avengers if the original guard passes on the baton.
  11. I loved both of his failed sitcoms, Working and The Grinder. He plays the exasperated straight man so well!
  12. absnow54

    2019 Awards Season

    More specifically, Mexico has been dominating in film making over the last few years between Cuaron, Inarritu, and del Toro.
  13. absnow54

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Did Bobbie not know that Carly was her daughter until after Michael’s birth? I thought that was revealed around the time Tony left Bobbie for her, but this episode seemed like only Luke knew the truth.
  14. absnow54

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I think Jax was funding My Foundation.
  15. absnow54

    2019 Awards Season

    I was wondering the same thing. Or The Favourite is the favorite of the period British monarch Oscar bait films this year.