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  1. StatisticalOutlier

    The Kitchen

    I hadn't noticed that. But now I will. Thanks. I guess. She also pronounces "put" like "putt." . Thanks for reporting that. I don't have a DVR and have to set a timer, and I'm currently feeling massively besieged by technology that fucks with me at every turn. Your post may have prevented the meltdown that does me in. Much appreciated.
  2. StatisticalOutlier

    Tiny House Nation

    That's what drives me crazy about many of Zack's solutions. They're clever, but they're not practical. I tried to watch some of the Bravo reruns today, but I just can't. Every time John says, "You guys" it's like a stab in my ear, and he does it constantly. I don't like anything about the show enough to put up with that any more.
  3. StatisticalOutlier

    S01.E16: Wendi's House

    I woke up not 1 but 2 cats with how loud I laughed at that line. Not me--it sounded too scripted, and was a rare downer for me when watching the show. . I loved it. They did such a great job of making Timmy look bleary-eyed, like he really had been sitting in front of the TV long enough for the wax fruit to melt. And the shot at the beginning that panned through the house, with a quick glance at somebody riding a scooter down the hallway and Eddie and Wendy making out. And after Frank drops the plate Joey appears instantly and says, "We're breaking stuff?" and throws down a plate. And William looking for the roach and it was on his head, with Pat coming at him with a hammer. It's the little stuff like that throughout that keeps me coming back. I love these kids.
  4. StatisticalOutlier

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Thanks for posting that. I wondered where it was. MCM is my favorite style, but I think living in a neighborhood of newly manufactured ones would give me the creeps, especially in Leander. A little too purposeful for my taste (although "purposeful" is not the exact word I'm looking for). . I wondered why, if she was the one who wanted the pool, she wouldn't be the one responsible for its upkeep. I didn't like either one of them, and they looked particularly ridiculous next to that gigantic realtor. . Me, too. I have to pay too much attention to get the location and price if there's no voiceover.
  5. StatisticalOutlier

    The Kitchen

    It looked to me like it went all over everywhere except on them, somehow. Even I knew that was a bad idea, and I'm no cook at all. I did think it was funny how after that she'd kind of slit her mouth sideways and suggest that Sunny handle various other tasks that could be sketchy. I'm softening toward Katie Lee. She admitted that she's always pronounced the "g" in "avgolemono." Between that and a while back when she was in her bathing suit doing a slip-and-slide or something in the final segment, she's making it hard for me to hate her.
  6. StatisticalOutlier

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I'd have to say that it was more of a "When in Rome" situation. But it does show that I try to appreciate what various places offer. . When one of the main attractions is how easy it is to get to somewhere else...
  7. StatisticalOutlier

    S17.E01: Premiere

    I assume that what they're "paying" at Mood is based on the retail prices, while manufacturers buy their fabric and notions at wholesale prices, and maybe for even less if the price is based on volume. (Caveat: I know nothing about clothing manufacturing.) I have a robe I love that's beyond repair, so I'm looking at replacing it and thought I could take it apart and use it as a pattern. The fabric for it--a plain cotton that isn't even what I really want--at a place like Joann will be about $25 or so, which I can buy a new robe for in the store. . Sorry, but they're not big on showing the sewing. Or anything more than a quick shot of some fabric running under the presser foot. I'd like to see more of the actual construction, too. . This isn't the same as having someone come back, but they've had situations where they just couldn't decide who to eliminate and they have a sew-off, where they each make something in like 30 minutes or an hour, maybe out of the scraps left over from another contestant's garment.
  8. StatisticalOutlier

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    It is unless it's a boat. For traveling the high seas from Birmingham to Austin. . I unapologetically love NYC, but I could never afford to live there. Or, well, I actually love it less now that everybody smokes on the street instead of inside, which ruins my favorite activity, which is roaming around everywhere on foot. But the roaming on foot is one of the really great things about the place, and very hard to duplicate elsewhere, due to the density on NYC. One example: I was meeting someone one day on the Upper East Side, where I don't spend much time. I realized I wanted a little something to eat, and found myself standing in front of a Mexican place, where I got one carne asada taco, just tortilla and meat, and it hit the spot perfectly. I'd never seen the place before, and I couldn't find it now on a bet--it was just there where I happened to be, and was exactly what I wanted. It's like that all over NYC, which is what makes it unique and appealing to me. And maybe it depends on the type of experiences one wants. For example, I'm getting the Metropolitan Opera only in NYC, and there are several prestigious dance companies that are based there, with occasional tours to major cities. I've seen Parsons Dance Company three times: In New York City at the Joyce, which has less than 500 seats; at Central Park's Summerstage (also a small venue) for free; and in Austin at Bass Concert Hall, a giant place with almost 3,000 seats. I much preferred the ones in NYC. For Broadway shows, you'll get the touring company in places other than NYC. It may be fine, and those shows are always popular, but it's not the same as what you get in New York. Never mind scads of little bitty theaters with all kinds of fare, while other cities will have a smattering, at most. Certain movies play only in NYC and Los Angeles, and maybe San Francisco or Chicago. The next step down is a big one (e.g., Denver, Dallas, Salt Lake City), where you'll pretty much have to take what you can get. Plus it's common for people who live somewhere not to constantly take advantage of everything the city has to offer because they're busy living and working, plus they can get complacent. I lived in Austin for decades but never went to the LBJ library until I was back there visiting, even though I parked in their parking lot several times a week for a couple of years. I just didn't bother until it wasn't in my back yard any more, and my experience is that that sort of omission is not uncommon. I did live in NYC for three months once, and damn near ran myself into the ground going to plays and movies and museums and ball games and events in the park and book readings and backstage tours and every other thing I couldn't get in Austin. But I didn't have a job and could therefore be in tourist mode whenever I wanted, instead of mainly on weekends, when someone with a job might want to decompress a little, or need to take care of chores he couldn't get to during the week, instead of spending the day in a museum. Suffice to say that I don't agree that Charlotte offers a far broader variety of experiences than New York City, and certainly not with the frequency that they happen in NYC. Not counting the Dale Trail, of course; no way I was getting a photo of me standing next to a Dale Earnhardt statue in NYC. I spent a week in Charlotte catting around and enjoyed it and have nothing bad to say about the place, but it's not in a league with New York City.
  9. StatisticalOutlier

    S11.E02: Things Are Going Southampton

    I hope they can teach her that "spatula" doesn't rhyme with "bachelor." I don't cook, either, but that doesn't mean I don't know English.
  10. StatisticalOutlier

    S17.E01: Premiere

    In the middle of the thread about anticipation for the new show, there's a discussion of a podcast that I suspect is the one you're thinking of. . Considering the edit she was given, I wonder if she was actually referring to people taking the photos themselves, and not necessarily the medium.
  11. StatisticalOutlier

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I agree that they had an actual reason to want something that can move, and yes, boats are meant to be boated from location to location. But a boat doesn't work for the reason they have for moving. Not even in their wildest imagination. I can somewhat tolerate the shenanigans the show engages in, but this one crossed the line into insulting me as a viewer. If there aren't enough places on wheels in Birmingham to support an episode, then maybe there shouldn't be an episode. Hell, they could have looked at a brand new fifth-wheel trailer and turned up their nose because it's not vintage or hip, but at least it would actually meet the very lowest level of suitability for its intended use. And I can't remember--were they getting rid of wherever they were living in Birmingham to live in this thing fulltime, or were they just using it when he's on the road?
  12. StatisticalOutlier

    S17.E01: Premiere

    I think it could work either way. It's just a fact that clothes show better on tall skinny models with a good walk, so if someone has a model who isn't that, I would see that as a disadvantage. But do the judges take that into account and maybe give them a slight break because of it? Frankie's bathing suit was a mess and literally (heh) coming apart during the judging (oops! let me tuck that back in there--one of the many people stitching my garment didn't do a very good job), but in my mind, it wouldn't have looked quite so awful on a model with a different rear-view look. I agree with you that it would be better to have everyone on a relatively level playing field when it comes to their models. But if you have an all-fat-girl runway, you're going to get serious heat, so that's out of the question. But I do think that other factors may come into play if some designers have a model who doesn't resemble a coat hanger when the others do, and those other factors shouldn't be there, whether they work to their advantage or against it. . My captions aren't working, but I think I heard one designer ask if his model was wearing some certain type of bra, and she said she was and he seemed glad. . From her bio on the Bravo website: "Unfortunately, she was kicked out of Parsons during her junior year" and "While she has been a fashion outsider most of her career, after being kicked out of Parsons and struggling with industry acceptance, Hester is now on the path to finding her place in the fashion world." . It took me forever to noodle out that Cavanagh's chyron ended with "store owner." Since the show was working overtime at portraying her as a spoiled brat coasting on her parents' money, I would think "store owner" would have been super visible instead of blending in with the background. . I will always appreciate posters who have the right priorities. Maybe you'll enjoy this, from Garo's bio on the Bravo site: "Garo’s fashions can be found in numerous brick and mortar boutiques and celebrities around the world, including Madonna and Daphne Guinness, the former muse of Alexander McQueen who became his exclusive client after McQueen’s passing." He'd probably prefer that celebrities wear his clothes instead of apparently eat them, but sometimes any association with a celebrity is good enough.
  13. StatisticalOutlier

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I know some of y'all avoid the tiny house episodes, but if so, you missed a new low. Couple in Birmingham, Alabama, with two little kids. Husband tours as a musician and doesn't want to sacrifice family time, so he'll bring them with him! One of the choices was a fucking HOUSEBOAT, shown just as he mentioned needing to go to Austin for a gig. I guess he consulted a map of waterways, because he asked, "What kind of truck will I need to pull that?" Aah, the simple life that a tiny house affords.
  14. StatisticalOutlier


    Ha! I've always called her Dr. Tonya Harding--not even getting the "hoarding" thing.
  15. StatisticalOutlier

    Internet Pet Peeves

    You know how people ponder which super power they'd like to have? I always thought mine would be invisibility, but having my complaints actually mean something would be beyond my wildest dreams, so adios, invisibility.