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  1. Oh right! I forgot about Jason. Ha
  2. I've never been so angry after a season of this show and I KNEW the outcome! I agree with everyone who doesn't get her bitchiness at Peter with the "living my best life comment" and not understanding how he feels attacked. I told my husband if you are living your best life why are you mad at his comments? Because maybe he's right? I give it a year only because she has prove everyone wrong. Maybe her and Nick will get together when him and Vanessa breakup. Has that every happened?
  3. Workslame

    The Bachelor in the Media

    TMZ is reporting the police report says Chris was in possession of alcoholic containers.
  4. Workslame

    The Bachelor in the Media

    Chris Soles was arrested for hit and run which resulted in the death of the other driver http://www.tmz.com/2017/04/25/chris-soules-arrested-fatal-car-crash/ Didn't he have drinking issues before? That's why they couldn't go to Canada for Kaitlyn's hometown? Sad situation We posted at the same time!
  5. Workslame

    S12.E09: Week 8

    So I'm re-watching the Robby fantasy suite portion. She full on said that she was going to have sex with him. That's cute. ETA: Jordan basically eluded to the same thing. These people are super classy.
  6. Workslame

    S11.E04: Frozen Assets

    Oh I'm sure she was sick I was just stating that there was no oxygen because others had stated that they don't think they saw any oxygen.
  7. Workslame

    S11.E04: Frozen Assets

    But no oxygen
  8. Workslame

    S11.E04: Frozen Assets

    I posted this in the other thread but I'm going to put it here because of your thoughts of her having lymphoma. I'm almost certain I heard vicki tell someone at the beach party that Brianna was going to City of Hope. So either Vicki has a hard on for City of Hope of Brianna does have cancer which would be horrible and Vicki is shying away from saying it because of Crooks and his cancer scam. Edit: I just reqatched it and Vicki told Heather she was the City of Hope and they put the picc line in.
  9. I don't know if its been posted on here, I don't know how to search individual threads but did Vicki say to someone at the beach party that Briana was at the City of Hope?
  10. Workslame

    S11.E04: Frozen Assets

    My dad was a firefighter and once was a paramedic. Last year we had to call 911 several times for him and he never ever wanted us to call. In this instance he didn't want to be embarrassed by them having to come help him because he knew some of the guys that would come.
  11. Workslame

    S05.E11: Trouble in Paradise

    This was my thought! Last season they hated her and ostracized Mike because of her. Now he's trying to be on her side. Reza is so shady. They all need to stay out of each other's business.
  12. Workslame

    Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills

    Santa Anita race track is NOT posh so I'm not sure what's she thinking.
  13. Workslame

    Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills

    Um, who makes people go pick out linens?! I am in the midset of planning my wedding and this beezy is out of control ridiculous.
  14. Workslame

    S05.E04: Are We Out of the Woods Yet?

    I thought it was just me that noticed this. I think its like someone else said those talking heads are after they split. They're trying to give her to bitch edit. Why won't they give him the asshole edit.
  15. Workslame

    Bride & Prejudice

    I haven't finished the final episode and I'm annoyed with the whole thing but Brianna getting mad that Ashlyn didn't show up to the rehearsal dinner is ridiculous because her hateful ass has made it clear since the beginning she wanted no parts of the whole thing. AND who knew there were marriage counselors on call??