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  1. mojito

    S06:E11 Handi Products

    I thought it was funny that except for a few people, the meeting between the advertisers and the management of Hand-Products looked like a reunion of the chess team from the Class of 1965. I liked the products; the food and clothing companies have gotten pretty boring.
  2. mojito

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    They're back in all their gaudy glory.
  3. mojito

    S01.E16: Wendi's House

    Was this the last show of the season since Labor Day is upon the Clearys? Though there were a few chuckles, I think this show is cratering quickly. It's just limping out of its first season.
  4. mojito

    House Hunters International

    He's an online trainer, I believe a work out trainer. When you go to the gym, you call him, then sweep your phone around the weight room and he can tell you what to do. Or you can call him when you go to the kitchen and show him the contents of your fridge, and he'll tell you what to cook. Or maybe you just stand in front of your laptop and do jumping jacks with him. 😏
  5. mojito

    House Hunters International

    CT to Budapest Kind of strange places, what with things like the closet and refrigerator being located down the hall/in the hall. Another refrigerator was set into a brick wall while the bed in the second bedroom of the same place was surrounded by three walls with maybe two inches to spare on the side. Surprised at the asking prices for these places. Not impressed. This home buyer identified every room correctly. "So this is the living room....so this is the kitchen...." I'm sure her friend was happy for the help.
  6. mojito

    God Friended Me

    Too late.
  7. mojito

    Flip or Flop Nashville

    What I enjoy about this show is that even though Page frames the business as sometimes it being hard to work with you ex, the show itself just shows these two people working together to make some money. There's no relationship drama at all, and they just work in harmony in a business. They are no less compatible than the Atlanta couple. Kudos to them.
  8. mojito

    S20.E17: Missing or We've Got something

    No, it's the assumption that the audience is so stupid these things have to be spelled out to them. I didn't understand why the sister was able to go face to face with the mother (Webb's character). What was the point of that? And shouldn't the two have been better separated, especially considering the horrible things Webb was saying? The daughter could have managed at least one nice roundhouse punch before anyone stepped in. (Of course, Webb did deserve it.) And then there isn't a face to face between the sister and brother. Strange.
  9. mojito

    House Hunters International

    Denver to Auckland Nice couple. One thing that was odd was when the wife commented that she was met by stairs immediately to get to the second story of the second-story apartment. I wondered what she might've expected: entrance into the bottom floor apartment and a sweeping staircase to the second level? How else would they get to the second floor? Husband was hung up on views, wife was practical. He griped about views of one place being of the neighbors. She declared that they could go outside to see New Zealand. She saw wallpaper that wasn't her cup of tea and added that hey, it's a rental. Amen, sister. They had some decent choices for their budget.
  10. mojito

    S02.E18: Trampoline

    I didn't know the actors were married in real life, but the thought crossed my mind while watching and I'm not sure why. Another thought that hit me....when Carly wrote the script for Shaun, I wondered if there was perhaps a special relationship between them, but nevertheless when Shaun went-a-courtin', I suspected he was heading to Claire's. I liked the Han character. His viewpoints all along made perfect sense to me, but then when he almost dared Andrews to fire him, I lost my respect for him. I played right into the writers' hands. I'm kind of slow to dislike characters, so seeing Andrews come around in Shaun's favor wasn't surprising to me. The man has some character. Melendez and Lim lip-locking in front of everyone was so inappropriate and creepy. Why would two senior staffers put on such a stupid show? Neither do I. Melendez done good. I chuckled at Claire standing on the step stool and clasping her hands, waist-high as she pondered. I liked the point that Glassman made about Shaun's ways influenced Claire into thinking differently, too. I like how Resnick has evolved. Shaun's fortunate that others are willing to accommodate and look past his atypical behavior because he's such a brilliant doctor. I wonder how many people in real life, with offbeat behavior but extremely good abilities, aren't given the breaks he's gotten. I'm glad that he is walking on sunshine once again.
  11. mojito

    S02.E17: Breakdown

    He's lucky to have a job because Andrews didn't want to hire him and Glassman had to go out on a limb to get him hired.
  12. mojito

    House Hunters International

    Austin to Bangkok What a phony excuse to want to leave Austin, we have it all and so does everyone around us, so we want to go somewhere else....where we can live large again and hopefully have more than other people! And using the kids as an excuse for not wanting to really get something different. She was so full of shit and so smack-worthy. I'm sure Austin misses the hell out of her. Now the whole leaving Austin to be somewhere different might be a completely fabricated excuse and what they really wanted was a place similar to Austin but in Bangkok. No way would I follow a script that made me look like an entitled snoot.
  13. mojito

    Windy City Rehab

    Shh. Not so loud.
  14. mojito

    S06:09 Feat Socks NYC

    I hope in 5 years, these two guys look at this episode and shake their heads in embarrassment. I thought Marcus brought the guys in to use their social networking skills to market and sell products. The problem was they only wanted to sell products they were interested in. I shook my head when Taylor stated that he will give his all to something he's interested in, but not something he's not interested in. Fool, that's life. We're all that way, you're not so damned unique. Suck it up and use your skills. I enjoyed this episode. Sometimes, it's fun watching people make fools of themselves.
  15. mojito

    S02.E17: Breakdown

    Good episode. While I like the character of Shaun, he is one of many possible candidates for his position. Remember how Glassman had to push to get Shaun hired in the first place? He was accommodated when he was given this residency. His quirkiness has been overlooked thus far. Shaun could use a lawyer, but he is not owed a job. He's lucky to have the one he has. He's even luckier that he has any kind of doctor job at all considering that he can't control his emotions. How many other people would be given the option of an alternative position instead of merely being bounced out of the program? I wouldn't want him operating on me but I certainly would want him consulting on my operation. He's great at seeing the bigger picture of complex surgeries, but I don't recall anyone saying that he had exceptional surgical skills.