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  1. Jlina

    S02.E17: Betrayal

    Epic! The reason I watch the show! Bell's face was very nuanced when he chose the kid for the machine. Hmmmm..... Wow! Marshall lived and was a good guy. Just all sorts of feels in this episode. I also wondered what the life lesson imparted by a patient was going to be for Nic by her mini me. I adore Conrad, but I always like him in The Good Wife too. YES! They all got a win!
  2. Jlina

    S09.E17: Two-Faced

    I can't imagine the girl kept stealing after the snitch told them about her. Go Jaimie, telling no one and doing your job. I expected a bigger fight about that. This week seemed like a total fairy tale in each story. Yep, who needs a pension? More than usual even.
  3. Jlina

    S02.E16: Adverse Events

    I had a tennant who had the implant like 20 years ago. I was aware they were studying it for depression. I think this show, unlike say, Scorpion, has it's drama based pretty firmly I headline news 🙂 I agree Nic acted it perfectly but....I think there's going to be something mutual. SMH
  4. Jlina

    S02.E16: Adverse Events

  5. Jlina

    S02.E16: Adverse Events

    Julia's pictures probably equals Julia. Hmm......odd Conrad forgot she existed and didn't ask. Yeah!! The mother of child romance is done for. Over. Never to spark again. Nic's guilty flushed cheeks was an amazing example of Van Camp's acting abilities. She's underated. Not sure she has any reason to look elsewhere though. Unless she hates intensity and passion? Lol. That's Conrad. He always gets to run down the halls too! They are doing amazing things rehabbing Bell's image. Too bad the shaky hands thing can't be hand waved away. Oh, but it has been. The janitor guy was so cool, but I knew someone was dying soon on this show. It was very poignant. Conrad's Daddy issues will be front and center soon, though, and will most likely wreak havoc on him, them and lots of things. I hope they explain the dreams.
  6. Jlina

    S02.E15: Queens

    I'm confused about all the side trips we're making down relationship lane. The only point I can see to the mean Mother story line is to put Mina in the Raptor's arms? His speech about charming people was very accurate if he'd of said narcissistic people. I thought the appendix would be a story that they'd said they'd removed it the first time but actually didn't. They're really piling on Devon. I like him best interacting with Conrad. Where's Conrad's father? Just feels like tons of dropped story lines and filler waiting til sweeps or some such. I think the kid was definitely not presented as being abused BUT....if he kept falling down and waking up for a week, how'd it take such frantic, intense effort to get it to re-start at the hospital? And....wouldn't you kick the door in with your shoe, eh, Conrad? That would have to break your elbow or something. If this show wants me to believe its drama, it really needs to quit with the suspension of logic. Ugh!
  7. Jlina

    S02.E14: Stupid Things in the Name of Sex

    Wow what a snooze fest! I kept waiting for the neighbor to have been killed by Quovadis due to the cat having a microchip or something. I don't see a renewal in the show's future. Conrad and Nic were pretty cute, tho. You all know how heroines are TSTL - too stupid to live; Conrad is TGTBT - too good to be true.
  8. Jlina

    S02.E13: Virtually Impossible

    It's Micah proposing I'm betting (and it looked like to me.) I like this seasons Bell but what happened to the hand tremors and the valium problem? And whatever will he do with a morally upright woman? Lol. The sister is trying to see if the door is locked. I hope it is. I agree she will overdose. Spiralling Nic away from or into Conrad. So glad Devon found the phone records so we get to bring down Government agencies too! I like Devon. Imo, he tried to do what was right all the way around. And he's gorgeous. I have a secret hope that Bell's assistant gets to do something day saving, or even world saving. Save him from certain death??
  9. Jlina

    S02.E12: Fear Finds a Way

    Thanks :) I'm betting dropped for now but sure to be picked back up. But she and Austin kind of smoldered together lol Agree on it'd be amazing if they just parted ways. But they won't. Sigh
  10. Jlina

    S02.E12: Fear Finds a Way

    PS - what was the connection between the security guard and the girl hiker??
  11. Jlina

    S02.E12: Fear Finds a Way

    I think it's a two parter - Nic really does need a person to "fix," and she obviously never gives up on them, but also she needs a "hero." The new Doctor is filling those shoes of the hero - but what of the project?? That'll be interesting to see play out. And, which is ridiculous since Conrad is brilliant and BAE. I'm a fan on Nic on the one hand because she is so low-keyed. Like just taking off for the night, no worries as to what repercussions might be, or rushing into isolation. Nothing but a raised eyebrow about Conrad calling the kid's mother - I love it! But I also think Conrad's right - they are on separate pages, and maybe separate paths. Definitely in regards to raising anything. Her I don't want kids was very sudden - like a knee jerk reaction to her sister and maybe her miscarriage. Plus it's the opposite of needing a person to fix/take care of. She needs to self reflect, that's obvious. Or the writer's need to learn how logic and psychology works. I never watched old medical drama but I can easily see them breaking up and not being able to break up. (ala Jude) Conrad, I think, also needs someone he can idolize and that kid's mom ain't going to be it. Plus the spectre of Daddy Dearest will propel...something if I'm guessing correctly. Definitely think Julian's going to show back up now, (maybe dead though) and Bell will probably be the instrument of destruction for Quo Vadis but Mina is all kinds of beautiful mind and coat :) I'm surprised Devon dropped it after one episode actually. That seems weird. I love that kid/assistant!! Well done, show! I hope the writer's get their groove or plot planning abilities back!
  12. Jlina

    S02.E11: Operator Error

    lol, that's what I was thinking. New writers or second half of second season curse? It is not fun anymore. Think I'll skip next week. It's reminding me of the Lucifer nose dive, but I don't see any Netflix potential. I'll miss Van Camp, I like her a lot. It seemed surreal that all that was supposed to have happened in one day?! Wow.
  13. Jlina

    S02.E10: After the Fall

    *From personal experience, I almost married a guy from Pakistan, and I've been to the traditional wedding. His mother hated me, I wouldn't do it and sure enough he turned 40 and she imported him a bride. Luckily I think he was happy. It's a very different culture.
  14. Jlina

    S02.E10: After the Fall

    Well even if he is, he assumed Nic was able to assist in his med mobile, and on a minor? surgery. That's idiotic. No matter how well intentioned. I don't think he's very good looking either lol. I'm with you on Devon and Pria, and I think the culture and her being "rich" conspired to make it look like a good deal for Devon. But as soon as she blithly blew off his residency (and his medical device watch) I was done with her. I think he was pretty constantly shown being irritated with her but shutting up, like in the dog discipline incident so I was surprised everyone was so vehemently surprised here. And his mother's blessing to not marry was huge, imo. We do need another big bad beside Bell and Quovadis. Sorry, not sorry, I'm still hoping Conrad's memories are real. I feel bad about that, but it is wonderfully twisty for the show. Veers into Revenge territory. Oh, and when she gave him the Rolex or whatever it was, he just looked miserable then happy. The only time they seemed like a happy couple was when they were tumbling on to the bed. The opposite of Nic and Conrad.
  15. Jlina

    S02.E10: After the Fall

    Ah! Great catch! After he didn't fall for the single mother I was lulled into thinking Connic was bullet proof but she would be his female equivalent. I can see it. I could not see Nic randomly going after another doctor. They were heartwarming comforting each other - but the almost whiplash! My dad's dying, Lane's on tv was unintentionally hilarious.