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  1. diebartdie

    S09.E10 Omega

    Man, now Im imagining a new, even more lethal group of antagonists....The Gothic Grannies with their knitting needles!
  2. diebartdie

    S09.E10 Omega

    You are so silly! Slingshots, boomerangs, throwing stars and katars are all indeed lethal in the right hands. And if you're talking about only fighting deadies, well I'm sure you remember Andrea killing who knows how many zeds with a teeny, tiny, itty, bitty little thumb-long knife! All those things can easily kill living beings as well. Is it a shtick? David killed Goliath with a slingshot, sounds good enough to me! Slingshots are quiet, ammo is plentiful and it seems like the sort of weapon that would be overlooked meaning easily replaceable at any outdoorsy type store. I would love to see someone roll up using a damn boomerang, that would be awesome! Throwing stars too! The katar though....let's swap that for a chakram!
  3. diebartdie

    S09.E09: Adaptation

    Well hot damn y'all, we've solved the mystery of the rumbling motorcycles!
  4. diebartdie

    S09.E09: Adaptation

    I have a question that will show my complete ignorance of all things mechanical I guess BUT do any motorcycles run on diesel? If so, veggie oil works, old restaurant grease works (once filtered). "Diesel engines were originally designed to run on a variety of fuels, including peanut oil and vegetable oil." so, artisinal motorbikes could be diesel, right?
  5. diebartdie

    Doom Patrol

    I really loved this pilot episode! I was unprepared for how raw it is though, wasn't prepared fr naked Brendan Frasier ass, wasn't prepared for all the f-bombs, I just wasn't prepared! Heck, I saw all the trailers and thought it looked cheap and stupid, I was expecting something horrible like Inhumans but no! This show seems like it might be great!
  6. diebartdie

    S09.E09: Adaptation

    Right unless they are tanning the skin but then, wouldnt that just make it leather and how is that blocking living human smell anyway?
  7. diebartdie

    S09.E09: Adaptation

    Yes, the level of interest in the show is way down, that is very true. Something else that is true though is people getting really turned off by reading posts about this show (or any other) that are just pointless dragging of the show. I know I come here for thoughtful discussions, even about how "terrible" the show is now. More and more though it seems to be post after post of "I dont watch this shitty shit show any more, my time is way too precious for such shitty shit BUT I'm here to tell you again just how shitty this shit show is! Yes, I have NO IDEA what the show is about anymore but I dont have to because this is a shit show." Or "Oh I can't be bothered to pay even the slightest bit of attention but here, let me write 14 gotdamn paragraphs about how shitty this show is now!" Damn, who cares? Dont watch the show, do watch the show, whatever, who cares? Whatever. This season, so far is WAY better than the last two seasons. This show has ALWAYS had th very best make up effects but also the weirdest, sloppiest story telling (yes, even in that tiny little season 1). Fuck it, let's talk about those dogs. I was thinking about them when I watched the shitty shitty show last night. That one big black one had cropped ears. How would that be a thing? I mean dogs generally live 8-15 years. All those dogs looked young and healthy so clearly, they were born wild and free and were all younger than Judith. Aint gonna be no cropped ears on dogs that late in the ZA. Ah well, this shit show has ALWAYS had a weird relationship to time, it's part of its funky charm. Speaking of charm, how cute was it seeing all that vomit? Oh boy, up close and personal, can't you just smell it? Why was Negan vomiting, is he pregnant by Said as well? Damn. Now there's a slash fic for ya! OH and my man Aaron is seriously ROCKING the Old Testament prophet beard! Oh yeah, Jesus coulda just crawled up in there, no walker would have ever found him! I like this shitty, shitty show again. That to me is really amazing because I was pretty much done with it (and when I say "done" I mean it, no reading recaps for me, no posting on forums about it if I dont watch it) but so far this season, Im good with it. Except fr Carol's hair, that's gotta go.
  8. diebartdie

    S05.E12: Memorabilia

    I've seen several variations of this idea but....at the end of the episode, Nora confesses to Thawn that she really just lied in Iris's face. Her apology was fake, meaningless, bullshit. Nora is NOT sorry for how she treated her mother, past, present or future. Nora is a real piece of work, I loathe her.
  9. diebartdie

    This News May or May Not Suck: Van Helsing Media

    This news is baffling. Why this crap and not Dark Matter? Honestly, I dumped this show this season (I would have stuck with it had they killed off Sam).
  10. diebartdie

    S02.E05: The Book of Blood, Chapter One: Requiem

    Jennifer is already trying as hard as she can by using cannabis like she does (she even referred to it as her medicine in a previous episode).
  11. diebartdie

    S09.E04: The Obliged

    Pretty sure in the intervening 18 months they could have raided a furniture store for new beds.
  12. diebartdie

    Luke Cage

    Agreed, it was due to Thanos' snap.
  13. diebartdie

    S09.E01: A New Beginning.

    No, the audience wasn't supposed to be shocked about him dying, nor were we supposed to mourn him. What we were supposed to do is realize, by the characters' shock and grief, that dying via walker bite has now become a rare thing for them. Remember back in the prison when Beth had that sad "No accidents in ___ days" sign? Well essentially, the various groups have gone over a year, more like almost 2 years without any accidents. "No accidents in 400 days". They are getting soft, they are losing sight of walkers as predators and even beginning the think they are in a new age, one were the bad guys have all been vanquished. That is why Daryl and everyone was all broke up over the death of what to us in the audience is just a red shirt. Speaking of red shirts or red anything.....freekin this many YEARS into the ZA and not only have the walkers' clothes not rotted off their bodies, they even retain bright colors. I am referring of course to the walker propped against the car, had a coat and tie on. I reckon 99.9% of men who turned into walkers that were wearing ties, died right at the beginning. I mean, Im not a man but it seems to me, if you were not required to wear something so useless as a tie, why would you? So, tie guy (most likely) died in the very early days, maybe even the first day of the ZA and yet his freekin tie is bright freekin red. I mean if the show refuses to accept that clothes exposed to the elements PLUS blood will in fact rot, they could at least fade, stain and rip up the clothes to a far, FAR greater extent. It really detracts from the otherwise outstanding walker make ups.
  14. diebartdie

    S04.E16: ... I Lose Myself

    I thought she bit and torn her arm off before she zombified but we'll never know... Antifreeze tastes sweet so that sort of explains why they didnt really notice it in the coffee......but only if they used bottled water for the coffee and why would they do that? They showed Charlie brushing her teeth with running water in the bathroom and Morgan washing his face with running water as well. I think a group of seasoned ZA survivors would use the running water to fix coffee and save the bottled water for the road. Antifreeze can be pink, blue, orange or green. All of those colors would be noticeable in water unless diluted to the point where you might taste it, might even get sick, probably wouldnt die (unless you just chug a lugged that whole pallet). Now how did Muddy Martha have enough time to poison that entire pallet as well as all other bottled liquid in that store? Sigh. Oh and wasn't it funny, scene after scene you see a bright, neon sign saying "COLD BEER" and everyone "dying" due to lack of alcohol. ALSO, I know MANY states sell liquor in stores like that, seems like if it was staying nicely stocked like it was, why wouldnt it also have PLENTY booze?!?
  15. diebartdie

    S04.E15: I Lose People...

    Walkers have always been shown to be attracted to both fire and loud noises.