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  1. readster

    Home Improvement

    Yeah, I could have seen such a more full time use of Mark along with Jeff and Carrie, plus also Al and Trudy being newly weds. The plot points were already being written. I could have seen them saying that Randy graduated early or did a "special" year in another country. I also think we would probably never seen Bud in the last few episodes of season 8 if the show wasn't quickly being cancelled due to Tim and Pat deciding not to continue. Still was unfair on why they thought they could think that was a good financial plan when one of their biggest compation shows, Seinfield ended the year before and all the cast was being paid equal per episode. Especially in 1999-2000 when all networks except for CBS were doing GREAT in shows and ratings.
  2. readster

    Last Man Standing

    They have shown Kyle several times how emotionally connected he can be and even how emotionally he has been hurt over the years. Yet, they want to play up the "dumbass who can't tie his shoes" way, way too much. It's like Ryan, they can help but always have him do some ludricus way of thinking just to make a point and when he sits down and actually explains what he wants. He doesn't come off like a moron who thinks the Earth is flat. You at times, feel for him. However, they have to hammer it to the above that: "Mike is super conservative, Ryan is a hippy, Kristin is an idoit, Mandy is an air head, Vanessa is brain dead, Kyle is Kyle and Ed is 'old' and Chuck just likes to make fights because he enjoys it."
  3. readster

    Supernatural Ending

    I know what you mean, why I started walking away from the show a few years ago and then quit all together. I think it was on way, way too long. I mean 15 years? I mean as much as ABC wants to still invest in Grey's many fans who still watch it, say it's time to bring it all to an end.
  4. readster

    S10.E18: Stand By Your Man

    It's very vindictive of Cam to do that. However, was I once set up to fail by a manager or even a family member? Sadly yes. Their reasons: "Well, it will be better in the long run for you." However, it's worst because when the plan backfires on them, they not only don't apologize, but never learn from it. Cam is going to one day piss off the wrong person or do something EXTREMELY stupid and end up dead.
  5. Right and that I just don't like, it's one thing when both sides are equally at fault. However, the troupe that it's all one sided, keep in mind. Sometimes one is more at fault than the other, but the other pretending it will go away or just feel like they "deserve" it to happen to them. Speaks the same message, just in a more: "I don't know how to live by myself."
  6. readster

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    That's actually what I'm getting at. They have to keep going so far with Jo just to give her screen time. They throw out whatever the hell story they want to with Maggie, even if it's 5 years too late and she adds NOTHING to the show. Jo and Alex who should have more or have had ZERO stories. They just go: "Oh hey, remember Alex's mom?" "Let's do something with her, forget his brother or his sister we have NEVER seen." Or with Jo, it's: "Well, we have just had her around collecting a paycheck." "Hey, let's reveal her origins was even more FU than she had to deal with: adoption, homelessness, abuse, lying." "It'll be story telling gold!"
  7. readster

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Yeah, this also starts trading to: "How much crap can you do to a character, even on a show like this?" Even with all the "classic" stories on series such as: Dallas, Falcon Crest, ER, Lost, ect. There was a point where the writers and producers went: "Yeah, I think we've gone too far." I'm feeling this now.
  8. readster

    Home Improvement

    Yeah, I liked when Tim said: "It's Jill's turn." That showed how far Tim came in the 8 years of the show and now seeing it was his turn to try and figure out where to go next while Jill was starting a career she wanted. I think it would have worked if the bomb shell happened the night before Jill's graduation and just before Brad's. Would have worked well.
  9. readster

    S15.E18: Add It Up

    That's another thing, there were no alternatives and it was so: "In the moment thinking." I mean both Alex and Andrew made good points. Live in constant pain/or die than face having a normal life and moving on between contrive pre-teen/early teen stuff. It just came out all bad.
  10. readster

    S15.E18: Add It Up

    It was just like the other week on Station 19 with the woman who was trying to sneak into a hospital to see her son before a possible life or death operation. They dropped her off at Grey/Sloan and she apparently just got up and left bleeding from the head. Some great trained staff there! That's also what drove me crazy about the storyline especially when the girl was saying; "I hate school, everyone is stupid this and that and the boys hate me because I'm smarter than them." So, she just magically got this juice box with no one seeing her? That she snuck in her personal stuff when she had been in the hospital for days? Oh come on!
  11. readster

    S10.E17: The Wild

  12. readster

    S15.E18: Add It Up

    They did that about 10 years ago on Nip/Tuck with Christian's life be revealed to be a result of a sexual assault from a known family friend that he looked like as an adult. I believe that was better handled, this is going to be very heavy handed. The truth is, it's the world we live in now, my own sister-in-law took the dna test to track down any relatives who might suffer from Alzheimer's. I see this happening to a lot of adoption kids.
  13. readster

    S15.E18: Add It Up

    The kid's plot was even cliche. Another problem is, it also shows how limited teens are. Even with Alex explaining how the insurance will only do so much and she is like: "Fine, whatever, I don't want the surgery so I don't have to face it." Yeah, and then flashforward a couple of years and it will be: "FUCK! End this pain, I can't have it anymore." It just gets to the point with someone people where you just want to go: "So, in pain and avoiding life is the best?" "Yeah, good luck having a life or even having a job with that?" I hate cliche crap like that!
  14. readster

    S10.E18: Stand By Your Man

    It's not funny because they are shown so much being capable of things and then all of a sudden: "Me not know how to do this." Like last episode with Claire saying she doesn't understand spacial or area. It was like: "I'm sorry, she doesn't know if she can fit through a door? It was like when they were going up the stairs with the crib and then got stuck when you could CLEARLY see they just had to move a bit to the left and the crib would go up fine. Just like we were to believe that Haley was ordering pizza at all hours of the night and NO ONE noticed it? It just makes you go: "Oh stop!" It was to make a bad punchline and the writers act like no one has EVER watch the show. I agree, just let it go, it's more of the show trying to keep it going when seriously, people who live in a country for a number of years despite being from another country. It fades, my aunt grew up in mexico and has lived in the us since she was 23. Guess, what? She barely has any type of accent and her sister has none who also grew up in the SAME place. It fades or you get one that is close to were you live.
  15. readster

    S03.E15 American Idol

    Right and then when Doris came out about everything, you wanted to go: "This is to far." It made JK Simmons character in Whiplash look like he was Mr. Rogers. I get it, a paradoy, but the show is going too far with these stories just for a punch line. Also, you do have to just wonder at what point do all these "rich" wives can throw money before their husbands who actually bring the money go: "ok, enough of this crap!" We are just to think: they throw money at their wives, don't want to have sex with them because they are all trophies wives, but any other "normal" town would have kicked them to the curb or they would have been arrested or hit with restraining orders. Even at the end when Greg and Katie were seeing how much school was going to cost them, you just wanted to go: "Really? Like duh! Do you ever look things up?" It's like when Oliver goes at Greg about his passions and things about recycling are BS. Yet, does he ever look up the facts or anything? Of course not, he just is: "How dare you question stuff I love!" It's never: "Oliver... why do you have to just shit on all the stuff I enjoy like your mother. Can't I just like something?"