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  1. David Archuleta is appearing in the small town of Loveland, Co, in April. He looks older and not as cutesy as he did on Idol. Nope, not spending the money to see him.
  2. Tosia

    "The View": Week Of 3/18/2019

    Several reasons I think there is a critical focus on MM's appearance : She's got the means to dress classy....expensively classy, yet wears ill-fitting, LOUD patterns, and styles that do not enhance her body type. MM's mean-ness towards others--guests, other hosts, audience, the general population that may not agree with her politics is off-putting and disagreeable. Some people believe "Ugly inside, ugly outside".
  3. Tosia

    "The View": Week Of 3/18/2019

    Unfortunately, my jaded soul thinks colleges will always take the kids---with enough $. They will be more discreet and underhanded about it though. Life isn't fair.
  4. Tosia

    "The View": Week Of 3/18/2019

    I believe that Whoopi objected to MM'S claim about being hated because it's about different VIEWS on this show, not emotions. That's MM'S victim, snowflake voice talking about being hated. I LOVE Ana's view, even though it may sometimes be different than mine. Abby also has her own view which is naive, IMHO, but again, different. No problem. I do find MM's rudeness, ignorance, and immaturity hard to stomach on a national show, which I'm sure could find more superior articulate, intelligent female voices. A discussion of varying view points is stimulating when there is give and take, rather than reading false stats, and dismissing others' views as wrong. Emotions, such as hate for me, are reserved for situations that cause the cycle of abuse towards children and the lack of adequate help for these kids. Differeing political views are ho hum in comparison.
  5. Or just standing up...for very long.
  6. Tosia

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    I grew up in Nebraska, born 1954. I bought the second ever issue of Ms. Magazine, in the 70's, and cd not get the first because it was sold out. So, I got a subscription. I read every magazine I cd get my hands on. ..at friends houses, the dr's office, libraries, bookstores, etc.. The only person I knew who read hunting and fishing mags was a friend's dad from Georgia, who really hunted and fished. The stereotypes of fly over states are offensive. The blatant broad generalizations about the people living in these states is indicative of the vast ignorance of these two trust fund babies. They know nothing.
  7. Tosia

    Hired Friends: Whitney's Social Barnacles

    So somebiddy, a 350 lb. somebiddy, sounds jelly!!!! Ha!!!!! I've noticed that Twit goes on and on about the barnacles' relationships " not being right" for them, like she's some kind of expert???? Ha!!!! Again.
  8. Tosia

    Hired Friends: Whitney's Social Barnacles

    I think Todd is the best looking one on this show. I love his snark and honesty towards Sweatney, too. Tal gives me an alien-looking vibe cuz he's so pale, thin, and hairless. Plus, he's such a suck up to Twit. I like bald men such as Ed Harris, and even Bruce Willis, and the Rock.
  9. It's a noble idea. OTOH, wd you voluntarily go into some of the filthy hovels shown on 600 pounders ? Not everyone has the space or equipment, or a garage-turned-dance-studio, or a co-signer daddy, or TLC show to pay for it all. Or a fake dance class held only at camera time. On reflection, I just connected this debacle of a show and 600 lb. life with real people I have known. I had 3 very obese, dear friends in my life. Two have passed, (in their 70's), so they surpassed the odds. All were professional, academic women. They just weren't interested in exercise. They had active social lives, and traveled. My surviving friend is the sweetest, nicest person I ever met. She still teaches at the college level, in her 70's. Lovely souls, all. I guess it's really a disconnect to see Twit acting a fool and the tragedy of arrested development resulting from trauma that the 600 lb. people manifest , compared to my friends, who had goals and created careers to support themselves (and families), successfully, that makes me realize what depths TLC has sunk. I guess normal doesn't cut it on TV. I know, I just fell off the turnip truck.
  10. Tosia

    S06.E11: A Stormy Affair

    I so agree. My hubbie is gone for 2 weeks visiting family in another state far away. Bliss! The house stays clean. I can think quiet thoughts and plan redecorating, or do it without interruptions.
  11. Tosia

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    I think you got it, coffeewinewater, about MM being a childwoman. She must have gotten the idea that it was cute and she got her way, so she kept up the spoiled brat pouting, squeaky wheel persona. As MM is ageing and becoming not so cute, her arrested development mannerisms are reaching Baby Jane level of crazy.
  12. Tosia

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    They get jobs via nepotism or through fsmily contacts. They aren't expected to actually "do" anything at their jobs (think young frat boy, George Bush, Jr. ), just the bare minimum, hang out, golf, lunch, and move up the ladder, so they have to do even less. Especially if the person has a famous last name that, supposedly, lends panache to the corporation or institution, or donates $ and/or buildings, endows scholarships, fund-raising foundations, etc. Slackers R Us. For life. Kind of like MM. They no don't need no fucking real jobs. 🙂
  13. Tosia

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story LIVE CHAT

    Me three , up in Thornton.
  14. Tosia

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    I doubt that MM did her own work. I just don't see her burning the midnight oil studying. I also believe that she was probably given passing grades due to her name. I believe it's a common practice everywhere. I worked in the Financial Aid Office of a midwestern university (known for excelling sports) as an undergraduate. We were giving out "vouchers" to athletes for everything...books, tuition, clothes, food, transportation, housing, etc. These were grants.....no loans to pay back. I was in class with some of them, when they deigned to attend, but they passed. Also, the married director of the Fin Aid Office gave his sidepiece, I mean, girlfriend, a ton of $ grants...no loans...when she decided to go back to school. She bought new furniture, a car, etc. No shame. We all knew about it in the office, cuz the info was part of our records...no computers then.....we typed/carbon copied everything. Oh, I was lower middle class and did not qualify for any aid, except a couple of $250 loans. Laughable. I worked my way through school cuz my parents cd not afford to pay...even though only my dad worked --full time--and i had 3 siblings. No soup for me. Later years, when I was in my 30's, A friend of mine taught at that university and was very upset to find that she was supposed to give passing grades to ceryain students that rarely attended, much less do the work. She was really conflicted, but as a new professor, she wanted to keep her job. She went along with it. I hate MM. She gave a infomercial for her family, yet again.
  15. Tosia

    S12.E17: The Conference Valuation

    I learned, after 20 years of marriage, that my super smart hubbie....software engineer, sci fi and comic book geek... was not good with $, in terms of paying bills on time, saving, and budgeting, so I took over. Figured out later Hubbie has ADD. I don't parcel out an allowance to him, but I move $ out of joint account to a savings account. He has access, but is not interested. As long as he has enough for fast food, some spending $ for misc., like dvds, and grocery store , he is content. I wish I would have done it from the beginning, but I assumed he was an average, smart person who spent reasonably and paid bills. Nope. ADD makes him like an absent minded professor. Very personable and cheerful though, and loves dogs. He knows all the dogs' names from the dog park, but not the people. I love Howard, but to be honest, some men (mostly) , need to be trained in marriage norms and parenting.