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  1. deaja


    Common case of bathrooms running away together.
  2. I view the Rory Dean first breakup as a situation where no one is wrong. They were both justified in their feelings and reactions. And they were both so young!
  3. As a reminder, personal politics/comments about politicians are against site policy.
  4. deaja

    NFL Thread

    I’m always happy for a Pats win but that was ugly. It’s not that it was low scoring. It was that there weren’t many big plays - offensively or defensively, so it looked less like the defenses exceling and more like two teams who couldn’t get things done.
  5. deaja

    The Cool Kids

    Margaret’s daughter was so predictably awful and I don’t think Margaret would be that dumb or such a pushover to fall for her daughter’s fake crying. “$1800? I need to stand up and pace on that!” ”I don’t have cats.” “HOW WOULD YOU KNOW?!” ”Tough love don’t wear pants!” Lots of good lines tonight.
  6. deaja

    MacGyver (2016)

    Goodbye, Jack. :(
  7. deaja

    S15.E11: The Winner Takes It All

    Now that you say this, I think it impacted me more because I’ve watches early seasons so much and skipped whole seasons of the later years. It probably would have been a better storyline for season 9 or 10. I did love the throwback lines to Lexi. I loved her character.
  8. deaja

    S15.E11: The Winner Takes It All

    I laughed so hard at the stupid dance scene. “Hey are we all scrubbed in and ready for surgery? Yes? Ok, great. Let’s stop to have a dance party with the patient and her family on the OR floor.” I had mixed feelings on the Thatcher stuff. On one hand, I didn’t feel Meredith needed to go. But it was nice when she did. But it felt unbelievable that the nurse recognized her like thatcher talked about her so much when he didn’t really ever make much of an effort with her. But I guess if Meredith can forgive Ellis to the point of naming her child after her, she can forgive Thatcher.
  9. deaja

    S01.E13: Twelve Seconds

    Truth. I’m underwhelmed. A huge build-up to why Jon committed suicide and then just a letter referencing he’d been in pain for years. I know it is realistic as far as suicide, but building up to it for so long combined with the “will ashley kill herself or not” fakeout made it feel really cheap. Im glad Maggie is telling her parents, but overall the driving scenes were so boring.
  10. deaja

    S01.E12: The Day Before...

    Gary’s perception of Katherine as awful seemed to be the type of awful that comes from your spouse complaining about you to his friends. Because he seems to like her okay when they’re together. He seemed to think she controls Eddie and treats him like a child (the times he criticized her) but the more we see, it seems she was the only adult in the relationship so she had no choice.