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  1. dmeets

    World Of Dance

    Yes, apparently to Ne-Yo the duels must consist of lots of trashing the other team. I really hope he gets replaced as a judge next season.
  2. If T-Pain really wanted redemption from overuse of auto tune, maybe he should have released a new “surprise” album that... wasn’t full of auto tune.
  3. dmeets

    S01.E08: Semi Finals: Double Unmasking

    Did Mr. “seen-gurr” really criticize someone else for mispronunciation? At least Ken was pronouncing En Vogue the way the French would, even if it’s not how the group pronounces it.
  4. dmeets

    Good Trouble

    Poor Brian. The looks on Gael’s face while staring at each text pretty much said it all. Guy doesn’t stand a chance.
  5. Maybe between filming seasons there was a new Bling Ring on the loose, targeting RHOBH handbags? :)
  6. dmeets

    The Masked Singer

    Good call! Sure enough, there was Greek music playing in the background during the beginning of the video clip.
  7. Apparently by telling her housemates to shut up and read a book. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6083679/Celebrity-Big-Brother-SPOILER-Kirstie-Alley-REFUSES-explain-Scientology-Rodrigo-Alves.html
  8. dmeets

    S10.E12: Minneaplis City Finals

    Not one but two men to hit the buzzer got the While We Were Away treatment? Screw you NBC.
  9. dmeets

    Box Office

    I wonder what kind of boost (if any) The Meg got from being the only Moviepass option over the weekend for many theaters (aside from Slender Man). At least, in my area they were the only two options.
  10. dmeets

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

    While Jurassic Park and Jurassic World take place on one island (Isla Nublar), Lost World and JP3 took place on Site B (Isla Sorna), so those were different dinos including Mama. As far as I recall there was no island transferring of the animals, so the T-Rex from the original movie wasn't seen again until Jurassic World. I don't think there was an explanation given in the past two movies on what became of Sorna and its inhabitants, or if there was then I missed it.
  11. dmeets

    Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

    No worries! Can't believe I missed that :) Peter Dinklage was in Avengers: Infinity War with Josh Brolin who was in Hollow Man with Kevin Bacon Next Up: Vivian Leigh
  12. dmeets

    Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

    Diane Keaton was in Something's Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson who was in As Good as it Gets with Helen Hunt who was in Twister with Bill Paxton who was in Apollo 13 with Kevin Bacon Next Up: J.B. Smoove
  13. dmeets

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

    I was wondering as well why they didn't just move what they could to Isla Sorna. It's been a while since I've seen JP III, they didn't destroy Site B at the end did they? I could've sworn I heard Mills mention Sorna during his proposition to Claire in the beginning of the movie but then he went on to show her a model of some other island. And yeah, I was rolling my eyes at the ending. And at pretty much anything the little girl did. So many dumb decisions (hitting the button; running away from a killer dinosaur by jumping into your bed in the attic; outdoing even Lex Hammond in the "hey dinos, I'm over here!" screaming department) that I wondered if maybe she was a clone of a clone, like in Multiplicity.
  14. The friendship whispering is a load of shit. My guess is it all stems back to One Night In Mexico where she, Tamra and Vicki were whooping it up. Now she's fixating on it, thinking that they are destined to have some kind of Three Musketeers, Sisters of the Traveling Pants, ride or die bullshit friendship. Her attitude towards Shannon, while not helped by the latter's over the top reactions at times, is IMO driven by Lydia's resentment of Shannon's and Tamra's friendship, which is the major obstacle in reuniting the Mexican trio.
  15. dmeets

    Dunkirk (2017)

    I didn't see it in IMAX, but I found the score distractingly loud. I had the same issue with Interstellar, so I guess that's Nolan/Zimmer's thing now. Couldn't say if it drowned out the dialogue, since there wasn't a whole lot of dialogue to begin with. Didn't help that there were a couple of guys in the seats behind me who were determined to have a conversation with each other over the sound.