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  1. sigmaforce86

    S12.E15: The Donation Oscillation

    The surprise dark ending in the BBT finale episode: Penny is resolute in her no babies decision and has her tubes tied. Howard and Bernadette visit Penny and Leonard and take the newly repaired elevator down as they leave when it malfunctions and plummets them to their deaths. Leonard and Penny are notified that the will made them Haley and Michael's guardians and they move into the Wolowitz house which was left in trust for the kids. Amy finds out she's pregnant and she and Sheldon move into the bigger apartment to have the extra bedroom giving Penny's old apartment to the newly engaged Stuart and Denise (because we already know signed leases and sub-lets mean nothing on TV). Forgotten by everybody Raj and Anu move to India to open their own hotel with Anu as the manager/concierge and Raj running the kitchen while giving midnight astrological tours on a rooftop observatory. Kripke loses tenure and changes career track to become a lounge singer. Seriously though I think somebody is going to be pregnant by the end, I wouldn't be at all surprised if they doubled down and had Penny and Amy both announce they're pregnant. They're inching toward it slowly and I don't have a problem with Penny softening her views towards children as long as it feels natural and we see her thoughts changing (without being forced) and it comes across like something she thought over on her own not just something they stuck in there to fulfill a seasons plot plan. Howards mistake was buying tickets to the wedding in the first place and apparently buying non-refundable tickets with no travel insurance. They have two kids, that alone should have gotten them to spend a little extra to protect the purchase. But I question why they were spending all that money to go to the wedding at all - yes I know they're best buds and all but going that far for any wedding is a big, big ask. With Raj and Anu both having firmly established lives and friends in the US why not have two ceremonies or parties instead?
  2. sigmaforce86

    Michelle and JimBob aka J'Chelle and Boob

    Hmmm - I may have misunderstood the reports and might be wrong about that from a legal standpoint. It looks like they and some news articles call Tyler the "adopted" son but it seems like that's a phrase as in they adopted him into their home life and not actually a legal full adoption. I went to find the source for you and the more I look the more I realize that despite multiple sources and JB/Michelle themselves calling Tyler the adopted son there's no real proof they went through all the legal hoops. So it looks like Tyler is still just under their guardianship and while they are responsible for him they haven't taken that final step (at least it can't be proven they have).
  3. sigmaforce86

    Michelle and JimBob aka J'Chelle and Boob

    Caleb is the baby Michelle lost early in their marriage, the pregnancy came after Josh. That's what got them started on the road of birth control makes God mad and he punished us in the form of a miscarriage. For some reason they weren't doing all "J" names then and Michelle doesn't always acknowledge him - example after they lost Jubilee she was saying she has one baby in heaven but other times she'll say she has 20 children but two have died. Tyler is Michelle's great-nephew, his Grandma is Michelle's sister Carolyn. His Mother (Rachel) was an unmarried teen when she had him. Rachel gave custody of Tyler to Carolyn who raised him for awhile but Carolyn had a stroke and couldn't take care of him anymore so JB&Chell became his legal guardians. For awhile Rachel was still visiting him at the Duggar's house but she was supposed to be homeless and had other problems so there wasn't much chance she'd get custody. I don't know if the visits are still happening but I do know guardianship has become adoption and Tyler is now legally a Duggar son. EDITED TO CORRECT TYLERS STATUS, SEE ALSO NEXT SIX POSTS: No proof that the Duggar's officially, legally adopted Tyler, they call him their "adopted" son but that seems to be just a phrase for we adopted him into our home and not a claim that they took any legal steps beyond guardianship. And all this just proves we know way more about this family then we probably have a right to know but hey it was their choice to put all the details out there so.........
  4. sigmaforce86

    The Passage

    Still loving this show although I have to admit I still don't know everyone's names, between the military, the virals, the doctors and the "good guys" there are a LOT of characters. One thing I can't get around - that news story; so they killed the reporter but she didn't create that expose in a vacuum - she had a camera man, editors, producers approving the story and the people working the show that night must have known they were going to air her special report. Did some secret government officials also steal and delete all record of the story, all the recordings and notes and threaten everyone who had any involvement with a nasty sort of "what happened to her can happen to you"? It just seems like between the staff at multiple prisons and the staff behind and in front of the camera's at the TV station a LOT of people are now keeping the secret of the missing death row inmates.
  5. sigmaforce86

    S01.E14: Someday

    I agree with that. And weirdly every hospital I've ever been in they've been pretty willing to give out a patient's room number if you say you are family. But then the patient had died so maybe that was the issue. Giving out medical information, no. I agree about the death being why the staff was stalling on the room number; it didn't make sense at first I kept thinking Regina just go over there and say his niece is here but once we found out he had died the whole "I can't give you information you'll have to talk to Dr so&so" made complete sense. The computer though - maybe it's hand waving it away on my part but I didn't have a problem with it because of the never ending struggle to get people to log out of or lock their computer when they walk away. Of course the employee can be given a warning or even be fired if they do it too often but you have to catch them first. I don't know why it's so hard to CTRL+ALT+DELETE before getting up then type in a password when you get back but the whole "I just went 10 feet away to get a bottle of water" type excuses get old after awhile. So, OK, before this turns into a rant just bottom line; lot's of people leave their computer open for "just a few seconds", they shouldn't but they do which is how I excused Maggie getting access. Barbara Morgan - We're sure that lady Gary talked to is her. One thing I thought was weird and I went back three time to listen, when Gary left and the guy in the house asked who it was Barbara replied "It's ok SHE'S gone now". I'm sure it was SHE not HE. If so just overthinking this wondering was that a flubbed line that the director missed? Was it on purpose because Barbara didn't want the guy in the house to know there was a man at the door? Was it referencing herself like the old She/Barbara doesn't exist? Regina nailed the whole confession scene in the bedroom, like give this girl an Emmy nailed it. Eddie on the other hand - I don't hate the character and I certainly like seeing David on my screen but....what's his deal with women I wish he or the writers would make up their minds because he hops from wanting Delilah to not wanting to divorce Katherine (until he saw the two breakfast plates) to not sleeping around on tour to jumping on PI girl to rejecting PI girl. He has more mood swings than Rome and Maggie combined. At least we got two things explained - Gary got the PI "through work" ........so we know Gary does work at something although he seems to rarely actually be AT work and they threw in a line about how Delilah spent over 20 years in France which I honestly think was for no reason except the writers do read boards like this and tried to explain her fluctuating accent to the viewers.
  6. sigmaforce86

    Aftermath in the Media

    Not sure if this has been posted before but it's the first I heard about it - A man is using Scientology as his defense for committing murder in Arizona. Basically he's not denying he did it he's saying it wasn't pre-meditated first degree murder (death penalty eligible) but heat of the moment manslaughter based on trying to "save" his nephew from the evil psychologists. They even went as far as to bring up Tom Cruise and his Today show anti-psychology interview in the defense opening arguments. What really got me was apparently the defense is trying to find expert witnesses to corroborate that COS teachings would have made the guy believe he had to go and rescue his nephew and that the kids mortal soul was in danger and they tried to get Leah and also Mark Ortega to be expert witnesses to that. Leah hasn't said anything about this, maybe she can't but it seems from the article she declined to help. Ortega did too and the defense seems to be having a hard time getting anyone with inside info to help. The best part though (to me) is the defense also subpoena records from the church. I have to admit I'd be very interested in what they asked for, is COS fighting the subpoena, if not what they were given and what is/will be admitted to evidence knowing how COS feels about letting any of their documents fall into outsiders hands. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/mans-defense-in-double-murder-death-penalty-case-scientology-made-me-do-it/ar-BBTeE75?li=BBnbcA1
  7. sigmaforce86

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I know this is a question that needs no answer but...........how big of a useless moron is JB? First, various canned veg is not a "five course meal" it's crap on a plate. Second I sincerely hope Jill saying they had a ketchup option for "everything" is actually meant for the potatoes not all the items she listed. I won't hold my breath on that but it's easier than picturing them dipping green beans and carrots in ketchup. Third and most important, even if you have multiple little kids keeping you busy, even if you're a guy and the kitchen is (in his opinion not mine) the wimmens domain how hard is it to cook the inexpensive basics like burgers or pasta with maybe some ground meat in the sauce, a side of canned veg wouldn't be so bad with those. Heck even oatmeal or real tuna with mayo or a PB&J sandwich. Any of those with fruit would be a better dinner or lunch. It doesn't take mensa level intellect to put together something that's actually good for growing kids and is more than "let's dump out whatever canned crap I can find in the cabinet". That Jill still eats and enjoys the BBQ Tuna and her other meals based on her posted recipes make me think her taste buds have been deadened and warped by a steady diet of meals made primarily from canned high sodium veg and soup in her early years. She likely never developed the ability to recognize what "fresh" tastes like and probably isn't interested in branching out now.
  8. sigmaforce86

    S14 Ep12: Prophet and Loss

    The opening scene of Dean in that underwater box triggered every claustrophobic feeling ever. But Jensen nailed it. I was wildly distracted by Sam when the boys were interviewing the twin brother - Poor guy had the worst placement and chair, it was too low to begin with AND he was sitting on the edge of it with the cushion smushed down so that, the way his legs were bent, his knees were up somewhere near his ears. We know Jared is tall but he did not fit that seat at all! As for the rest, I thought it good. Not great but good and, to me, definitely a better episode than most of last week. They finally have a case; even if it wasn't MOTW and it tied into the bigger story there was a small bit of the old "saving people hunting things" (something I really miss sometimes and I think they've lost in their quest for season story arcs). The how to get rid of Michael for good plot is finally moving along and even if we think we can see the solution coming from a mile away there's still that small mystery of if it does turn out to be Nick they substitute for Dean (and being spoiler free I'm not saying that's a done deal plot wise) there's at least the little mystery of how they accomplish that.
  9. sigmaforce86

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    My problem with The Deceased episode is the timeline; I'm just having trouble buying, even in TV magic wave things away world, that the guy was killed 12 hours ago. So in 12 hours TPTB managed to: Police/Fire recover the body, Police/ME identifies the body, Police notifies next of kin, Someone notifies the guys attorneys, Attorney finds "mail in event of my death" envelope, Attorney mails or hand delivers said envelope, Envelope is waiting for Magnum when he wakes up that morning. That's assuming it is morning and all this happened overnight going by the guys last (poisoned) dinner which could have been his lunch but then 12 hours later it wouldn't have been light out when Magnum got the envelope. That is some fast moving work on everybody's part! I did like Katsumoto coming to the rescue. As others have said he and Magnum need to call a truce and work together a bit. Obviously Katsumoto believes him at least some of the time and he was willing to come to the mill on TC's say so that there was an SOS text from Magnum with no other details or context. They need a little more of that, just a little balance would be nice. But still his being part of the rescue was a good addition. So, Season 2 is a go - wondering when we'll get the inevitable Magnum/H5O crossover. Anyone here old enough to remember the Magnum/Simon & Simon cross over on the original run? Watched both shows at the time and was and still am a huge Gerald McRaney fan so that was one I remember well. Despite the ret-con needed to forget the H5O team mentioned the TV show and sang the Magnum theme song in Kamekono's chopper that time it could make for an interesting two parter bringing the two groups together. Actually I would love to see a scene between Higgins and Danny; a cargument between those two would be worth watching!
  10. sigmaforce86

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I think it's both - I don't think Jill has an independent bone in her body, I don't believe at all that she will decide for or against being an active, paid midwife until someone actually TELLS her what her decision is. So Derick might actually be resentful that he married someone who has very little ability to think for herself or be motivated without being told. If Derick is resentful that Jill is SAHM he'd have to be the one to do something about it. She would for sure follow orders; all he has to do is say "Go do this" and like a robot roomba that just hit a wall Jill would turn around and walk in a straight line and do it. But I also think he doesn't want her to be too independent either, working as a part-time midwife within the family is one thing (not that any of us here would encourage a pregnant lady to get within a million feet of Jill and her half trained brain) but working as an active midwife with actual clients that could drag her out of the house at odd unexpected hours.....No Way........No chance in hell Derick is going to give up not just control but his lifestyle, if Jill is out birthin' babies at 3am she's not going to stop and drop the kids at the TTH on the way and Derick is not going to watch them, get them up in the morning, make them breakfast.....half because he probably does think that's wimmins work and half because I don't think he's that into the kids if they're not sitting still obeying and behaving like little robots themselves.
  11. sigmaforce86

    Small Talk: Thank You For Being A Friend

    There was no way to do it and not be obvious but I wish I could have taken a picture because guys I kid you not I saw Sophia Petrillo the Nun at Trader Joe's today. Same height, same hair (sort of, the part I could see under the habit). Same glasses! Tried so hard not to stare but my Mother was with me and when I asked her to look at the Nun by the cheese she immediately said "Oh my God it's Sophia" then ran practically ran Away. Found her at the other end of the aisle laughing and crossing herself (forgiveness for the laughing I guess) at the same time and finally she said "She's just missing the wicker purse". Which made her crack up all over again. So sorry no photo but, to borrow a phrase..... Picture it, Trader Joe's, 2019.....
  12. sigmaforce86

    S02.E12: Aftermath

    I thought this was pretty good showing some of what the Docs do away from the hospital. The best part though was the writers weaving a few of the actors real life skills into the story, Claire has a lovely voice which I didn't know about before and I winced a little when Park did that split (ouch) but it and his whole workout routine was impressive. I know many find Lea grating but the cart race was fun to watch, Shaun being slow and careful and Glassman getting the first true laugh and smile on his face then we've seen in a long time. It's interesting that Andrews defended Melendez and Lim to the investigator but not one word about Shaun at all. Was his (temporary) melt down better then, equal to or not as bad as Lim injecting someone whose history she didn't know with a drug that interacts badly with many other medications? That's if I heard correctly and they said she used Haldol, pretty sure that's what they said.
  13. sigmaforce86

    SEAL Team

    That was sort of where I was going with my post but I might have said it badly. The skipper was too tough on one end, Jason was too tough on the far other end. Definitely agree the XO was pretty close to center. My bigger issue with Jason's attitude is the skipper was a one time thing so he can be a jerk and we can forget about him. But it's Jason we have to watch week after week and his bulldozing forward no matter what he's told or what Intel he's given does get to be a bit much, that's what I wish they'd tone down. I wa so worried about Sonny and couldn't take the suspense that at one point I snuck onto IMDB just make sure AJ was on the cast list for future episodes
  14. sigmaforce86

    SEAL Team

    They covered it in one throw away comment that whatever locked the inner door also locked the outer door so the tube was sealed at both ends. IDK if it was accurate or not as far as how subs and torpedo tubes work but that was the excuse the show used. For the claustrophobic among us (raises hand) this was extremely difficult to watch, AJ Buckley really sold it. Character wise though someone needs to reign in Jason and soon. Whether it's his normal personality or his "I won't lose another person" angst or both the whole bull in a china shop just storm ahead and rip things apart to get what you want plan of action is not appropriate and, in this case, is border line/over the line insubordination or mutiny. The choice sucked but the sub captain was right, sometimes you have to take emotion completely out of the decision if it's the very hard choice of losing one man or losing an entire sub crew.
  15. sigmaforce86

    S01.E11: Secrets and Lies

    Because of course arriving at the finish line after dark when everyone else has left and the "time out" truck is just behind you ready to force you off the course is far, far more dramatic than being 30-60 minutes behind everyone else. and just arriving last while the race is still going on. It somehow reminded me of Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Eddie: You mean you could have taken those handcuffs off anytime?!? Roger: Not any time, only when it was funny! I don't mind Delilah. At least I don't actively hate her character but there's one thing she's missing that makes her unlikable and it would be great if they changed it or let the character grow into it. She is Reactive not Proactive. She looks like a deer in headlights almost all the time and everything that's going on seems to be happening to her and she reacts to it instead of her taking any action to take control. Even the life insurance money "It'll be coming in any day now". Well what are you doing to make sure of that or rush it along? And this doesn't seem to be a new thing; going by the "I just sign papers John put in front of me" excuse she was like that before too. If John took care of everything fine. If Delilah needed some time to adjust to being alone fine. But at some point we need to see her taking a little charge and handling herself not just constantly letting things happen to her then giving that dead eye shocked stare to her friends until they bail her out (yet again).