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  1. xander874

    S01.E16: Wendi's House

    It looks like in California, the age has been 21 since Prohibition ended. It didn't change federally until the 80s. It felt like it sometimes, but I think it was just part of Labor Day weekend (Sunday and Monday), which is still a long time.
  2. xander874

    S01.E16: Wendi's House

    Agreed. When the episode opened, I assumed it was a continuation of the Mexico story and trip. I get the marriage counseling thing was needed for the plot, but it would've been easy to work it around the other trip. I did love the Joey/Lawrence pairing (whoa!) and glad Father Larry got something to do as he has mostly been reactive in episode rather that having his own story. And I just have to echo others every episode - Pat is so adorable. I want an episode dedicated to the adventures he had in this episode we didn't see. Trains?
  3. xander874

    S05.E15: #JustakidfromCompton

    I didn't love this episode, because 5 minutes in I sighed and thought "great, Dre's pride/ignorance is getting in the way and he will fuck this up". I am tired of these plots. And not that I jumped for joy when they brought on Kyra, but they have barely used her. This episode was about her but not her plot. I realize Junior's getting the job is highly unlikely (although the ad company is hardly a normal place), but I'm okay if it actually gets Junior to do something besides, well, nothing. Which he has been doing most of his gap year. Although I hope he does end up going to school at least part time, because there will be a point when a lack of a degree will hurt him no matter how good he is.
  4. xander874


    Agreed, especially since they did the "She's All That" episode and also used that as a verb like in this episode. I don't mind homages or mentions, but using movies as a plot driver is not a well to go to often. I did like Lainey and Erica in the Romy and Michele dresses at the end. Speaking of repeat plots, I feel like the Coach Mellor feeling inadequate story has been done as well. How much validation does this man need? (sorta kidding). I did like them bringing in Ruben Amaro Jr. and talking with the real one at the end. I guess Geoff and Erica aren't married but are still together. I wanted more information, but I understand why they kept it vague.
  5. xander874

    S10.E17: The Wild

    I thought I was just in a bad mood when I watched this terrible, terrible episode but glad to see I'm not alone. I usually like when they do group things but this was all over the place. The whole thing with the ranger offering some random abandoned cabin was just so weird I couldn't get past it. I get bears are scary but the level of angst was so over the top I wanted to scream. It's not like they are lurking behind a tree with a machete to hack you to death. Stupid. The ladies plot was only slightly less worse. Gloria becoming a white woman is something that has never been mentioned and will never be addressed again so dumb point. And there is no way Claire could be a success in her business if she is so clueless about spacing. Dumb. And Haley has been ordering tons of pizzas and no one has noticed the doorbell ringing at midnight? Sorry I am sure I am over-complaining but this show needs to end. They still have moments of brilliance, but they are coming farther apart. Please let them do a shortened season next year just to wrap it up.
  6. xander874

    S44.E15: Idris Elba / Khalid

    I totally agree with this. And I get that it was supposed to mirror the real Hulk show, but my practical self was wondering why the clothes would rip at all. His lady form was smaller than him so if anything, they would just be baggy clothes. And surprised no mention of Ashton/Demi. I guess because they are over but that is such a well known May-December pairing.
  7. xander874

    The Cool Kids

    I agree that this show has found its groove with the cast. The story lines can be hit or miss, but they work well off of each other. I like that Margaret really cares about these guys. Did Martin Mull really break his arm? His cast looked huge so I was wondering if they put a fake one on top of the real one (for the signatures).
  8. xander874

    S44.E14: John Mulaney / Thomas Rhett

    Pete seemed to be in more sketches in this episode so maybe that played a part. Honestly, I think Pete needs to go after this season. I know he has issues but he's never been that strong of a cast member to me. He has his moments, but I wouldn't miss him. Pleasantly surprised at Thomas Rhett. I actually listened to both his songs. I didn't really get country from him but I guess that's what he is. He also is kinda hot, so that helped...
  9. xander874

    S01.E15: Nine Birthdays

    Yeah but supposedly Eddie absorbed her so there was nothing to bury...I'm overthinking this. Eddie and Pat are my 2 favorites, so their scene at the portable toilets was especially cute to me. This episode may not have been the liveliest but I did like seeing some plot points filled in for us. Glad the parents got to go on a nice trip.
  10. xander874

    S06.16: There Can Be Only One Highlander Club

    I hope the Carla/Dave Kim thing isn't a one-off because that could be funny stuff. It wasn't a major part of the episode, but knowing that Johnny becomes a janitor at the school made the talk about the future with him seem pointless.
  11. xander874

    S01.E14: Happy Cecil

    I agree with others that this wasn't my favorite. I think it concentrated too much on outside characters and the kids weren't as prominent (I think William had 2 lines). And Peggy was a bit of a monster even if she came around at the end. I do hope next season starts the school year as I think that could open up a lot of storylines for the kids. I do want to see what Lawrence does. I assume he will be in college and I can imagine the fights with Mike as he decides to major in Psychology or Sociology. And Happy Birthday to Paul Dooley (Father Dunn) who is 91 today! He looked really old in his last episode, but I thought this one he looked younger (make-up?) and he definitely is sharp for his age!
  12. xander874

    S30.E14: The Clown Stays in The Picture

    I was trying to figure out when this episode took place. Homer and Marge were obviously out of high school, but I guess not married (since they did that because Marge was pregnant). So, maybe they were in college? I thought they got married quite young. Regardless, I liked this episode. I usually enjoy the flashback ones as they have so many tie-in to the future jokes with the other characters (like Sea Captain losing his leg).
  13. xander874

    Single Parents

    Agreed. They are making her a bit more 3-dimensional which I like. And I am glad she is going away for 6 months. I think she is best in small doses. I assume Poppy/Douglas is endgame. Maybe they will get together just as Big red comes back and declares her love...that would be so cliche but it is a sitcom. I like the twins when they are just being one of the kids, so this episode worked well for me. And Sophia's crush on Graham was an interesting development. Apparently Angie is still with hot Santa, but can they throw in one line about the pediatrician and that it's over. Obviously it is, but I need that closure.
  14. xander874

    S04.E12: Kimmy Says Bye!

    This was my feeling too. Zachary Quinto should've appeared earlier. I understand he may not have been available and the show tries to cram so much in as is but it feels like they couldn't think of a happy ending for Jackie so they tossed this together. Frankly I would've liked her being a successful talent agent for Native Americans without a man. To me, the whole Jackie arc was her realizing she could make it on her own so to end up in a random relationship with a new character was odd. But yes to whoever said a Jackie and Titus spinoff. I would watch the heck out of that!
  15. xander874

    S04.E11: Kimmy Is Rich*!

    Loved the CATS plot. It all makes sense now! It is a weird musical with good songs (Memory is an amazing musical piece) and zero plot. I don't understand how it lasted so long but to each his own. Did love seeing Norm Lewis. He's a great Broadway performer (I think he played the Phantom for a bit).