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  1. SunnyBeBe

    Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

    I just saw this. A keepsake book for his daughter will be released. https://pagesix.com/2019/03/22/anthony-bourdain-keepsake-book-for-daughter-will-be-released/
  2. SunnyBeBe

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    There is so much dysfunction in their family that it's difficult to say which part is not harmful. When priding yourself in ignorance where do you go? They seem to be ignorant about nutrition, health, manners, science, drugs, finances, etc. I'm just not sure how Alana could be protected, without a legal Guardian who is not in her family. Perhaps, the county or a foster parent. I don't trust anyone who makes their money on tv to look out for Alana. And, her environment is just too risky, imo. I wouldn't trust her bio dad either. He's never really shown an real competence as a parent or even a citizen, imo. While their presence on tv may be troubling, I'm wondering if at least that allows us a glimpse in to their world. If not for that, perhaps the situation would be kept under wraps. Still, I have no desire to watch anymore. It hurts my heart.
  3. SunnyBeBe

    S10.E06: Flagstaff Flirtation

    Yeah, I suppose that you would need to get unsealed though, if you were to remarry and get sealed to a new spouse. Yes, I realize that Osmonds are LDS members and not members of AUB like Browns, but, their philosophy on spiritual marriages, sealing, marriage for eternity, etc. is the same, based on what I have read. Marie was married to her first husband Steven Craig, had one child. Divorced, then married second husband. So, she was unsealed from Craig. Later, she divorced second husband and REMARRIED Craig many years later and also SEALED to him again. lol I think that you are bound to that spouse for eternity if you don't get unsealed, regardless of what the legal marriage says. This article describes Marie and Stephen marrying in the SEALING room in Salt Lake City. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/705372424/Mormons--Media-Marie-Osmonds-wedding-day.html
  4. SunnyBeBe

    Small Talk: About Big People

    Thanks for clearing up the info about the poo paws. I've had a couple of cats before, but, none of them ever jumped up on counter or dining table. I'm not sure why. They were pretty well behaved without much instruction from me. I suspect that I put out a pretty serious vibe about germs, though. I have been called a germaphobe before. lol One who says that has a cat who is fed on the dining room table.....lol. Seriously. And, the other has a dog that is allowed to do anything it wants in her home. I don't think the dog walks on this person's counters, but, he could if he wanted to. lol
  5. SunnyBeBe

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    I was hoping that Janelle would post something from her visit in my state of NC....it's a lovely day. Chilly, but perfect otherwise.
  6. SunnyBeBe

    S07.E12: Aaron's Story

    Oh yes. I missed the first part, so, I didn't see the details about his dad and backstory in the beginning. If his dad is diabetic....well....he wouldn't be eating a sandwich, PLUS the OJ and banana, if he were trying to manage blood sugar. Even if your blood sugar is running a little low, that would be too many carbs. I'm a Type I and have to count all my carbs so I can take proper amount of insulin. So, it is possible to cover those carbs if you take insulin, but, if just on pills.....I guess you just wait for it to wear off. Not something you should do a lot of though. I wonder if Aaron knew this.
  7. SunnyBeBe

    Good Girls

    So, when Mary Pat went into the detectives office, did she just report that the guy was missing OR that he raped her and took off? Hmmmm.....
  8. SunnyBeBe

    Former Hosts: PROFESSIONAL Life After The View

    I've found that a lot of people who start with cognitive decline just don't realize it. And, they will not accept the news from anyone, even their doctor. So, it falls on the family to try to get control and protect the person, as they resist and protest. Then, it leads to quarrels, competency suits, etc. It can be a nightmare. Lucky for me, my LO handed me her keys and financials and said, please take them. But, not everyone relinquishes that way.
  9. SunnyBeBe

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    Yes, Greenville, NC is quite a distance from Greensboro. They have a UNC school there, too, but, not as large as ECU. One good thing about it, is that it's located about 87 miles from Raleigh and about the same distance from Atlantic Beach. So, a day trip to the beach is pretty easy. It's cold now, but, on some warm days, the beach would be nice.
  10. SunnyBeBe

    S07.E12: Aaron's Story

    I put a little peanut butter on a celery stick last night and it was super yummy!
  11. SunnyBeBe

    Former Hosts: PROFESSIONAL Life After The View

    My goodness. I wasn't watching them. It's such a tragedy. I have someone in my family who is in end stage now. I realize there are some horrible diseases, but, this has got to be one of the worst, imo. It really robs you of everything. I suppose it's set up so she is getting all the best care. I feel for her daughter.
  12. SunnyBeBe

    S07.E12: Aaron's Story

    It was my impression that the unhealthy part of the relationship could go either way. It could be the abused adult child now holding resentment and still reliving that abuse as they are under stress to provide care for a disabled person day after day. I'm not sure how many recognize that being a full time caretaker for a senior, disabled person ,etc. is extremely stressful and exhausting. It really takes a toll on your physical and mental health. A large percentage of caretakers die before the patient does. I didn't see the entire show, so, does Aaron have some other help inside the home? I hope that Aaron is able to move on in life. It's good he's making amends with his dad.
  13. SunnyBeBe

    S07.E12: Aaron's Story

    I do a fair amount of reading about caretaking, since, I am responsible for a family member who is disabled and terminally ill. (Not hands on caregiver though.) From what I have read, it is not recommended that a person who was abused as a child care for the person who abused them. It's something to do with the dynamics transferring to the adult relationship, which is now patient/caretaker. It's said to just not be healthy. I get it. I suppose that Lola didn't think of that or maybe, she thought they could work through it. I thought Aaron was quite handsome. I would like to see a full report after all his surgeries are done. Why do you think that he only lost twenty-some pounds several months after his surgery? He was supposed to be on a liquid diet, right?
  14. SunnyBeBe

    Former Hosts: PROFESSIONAL Life After The View

    I also saw another article about Barbara that was quite disturbing. It was on Radar or something similar, but, it talked about Jenny's book AND that Barbara had severe dementia. Is this true? I had not heard of it. It said that Whoopi went to visit her and she didn't know who she was and that old friends were making their last visits now. I'll try to find the ink. Dementia could explain a lot of Barbara's behavior over the last 10 years. ........................found it. Just not sure if it's true. https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2019/03/barbara-walters-suffering-advanced-dementia/
  15. SunnyBeBe

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    Grandma time is important. That's for sure. So, she'll be in Greenville. It's a rural medium size town with a huge student population of college, dental and medical schools. I attended college there many years ago and haven't gone back, but, once since I graduated. For me, it wasn't all that, but, it's likely changed since I was there. Maybe, Caleb can get work in the triangle Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area. It's so much better, imo. I am curious as to what Janelle will think of it. There are MANY, MANY trees there.