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  1. politichick

    S11.E03: It's a Clam Shame

    Barbara and Sonja were loving it, though. Wasn't Barbara the one who suggested they take food home? Still, I think the girls should have eaten at the event and then taken something for Dorinda. Couldn't believe fucking Ramona took back the rose wine. What a twat. Loved how Tinsley went straight for the caviar when they got home and how she made it perfectly clear when she first arrived that yeah, it's kind of a hostess give, but we're sharing this shit. I love caviar and would only bring it to the home of someone like Ramona under the same conditions. That cow probably only eats it because she thinks it's posh; not because she likes it. Also, yes, the way John and Dorinda greeted each other seemed very strange as if they don't see each other very often. I used to really like her but as the years have gone on she's just as trashy as she deep down inside thinks John is. At least he tries to be nice. How did she even land fancypants Richard?
  2. politichick

    Gary: The original Belden Lineman

    The little girl's father won't allow her to film and she's probably used to it. That doesn't necessarily mean there's no college fund or whatever for her, too.
  3. politichick

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Listen: I'm way older than that and I call my mother Mummy. Now in a post like that I'd say I love my mother or mum. But when I am addressing her I call her Mummy. Most of the friends I grew up with also call their mothers Mummy.
  4. politichick

    S11.E18: The Model Bride

    The menu looks delish but definitely not $1k per head. Maybe she meant that with all of the costs--food, beverage, site--combined it added up to that much because she kept going over.
  5. politichick

    S11.E03: It's a Clam Shame

    I have always loved Sonja because she is kindhearted and doesn't have a vicious bone in her body. Her facial expressions in response to some of the crazy coming out of her castmates' mouths have been priceless! Yeah, she's going to say something classless and/or get too drunk now and then, but she's a good girl. LOVE your comment about the hair!
  6. politichick

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    She would probably look a lot better if she went to the gym and toned herself up. Plus, her clothing choices suck, just like her attitude.
  7. politichick

    S11.E03: It's a Clam Shame

    I agree. It might actually be rather condescending to carry a cheapo bag for this occasion. The people know she's loaded, that's why she's able to give them gift cards. They probably could give zero fucks about the brand of her backpack. I don't care if there's a camera crew, either. It occurred while she's filming for the show. Other groups learn of her philanthropy when someone sees it on TV and perhaps have a new source of giving
  8. politichick

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    Would not be surprised if this was photoshopped. Not saying it definitely was, but one never knows.
  9. politichick

    S09.E10: This Can Go One of Two Ways

    Cole is feeling butt hurt that despite how much she loves and appreciates him and what a spectacularly crap dad she realizes Adam is, Aubree is unwilling to divorce herself completely from him and the Linds. She likes going to their house and having Grandma Donna come to school for lunch. I can't believe that's even a thing, but c'est la vie. He has a Captain-Save-The-Kid complex, and she's like, no worries. I'm good. I think Aubree said she and Adam played some pool while waiting for Cole to collect her from the house.
  10. politichick

    S09.E10: This Can Go One of Two Ways

    I am usually very TeamChelsea/Cole because they are a breath of fresh air compared to the others, but enough already with this adoption shit. Aubree isn't into it. She knows she has a shit dad but she loves him and wants to still be a part of his family. Did they see the chat Randylicious had with her? That was great. Leave it alone. And why are they assuming Adam would automatically get custody when Randy is still on earth? He would never let that shit happen. I wanted to smack Lois Griffin in the face because she needs to STFU and MYOB. Watson is adorbs but I think it's time for him to go to a nursery a couple of times a week because he cries the second any one of the others leaves the house. Dude needs some friends. Jeremy will likely be more engaged with Addie when she's a little older and they can do a few things together. He may also be a bit self-conscious on telly, but is probably just bored. I appreciated his being honest with her about the doll. He put in the batteries willingly but then it was enough is enough. She took it well and just started up with the batterized dog or whatever it was. I hope Barb had fun in NYC, too. Glad they got her a room with a nice view. Andrew sucks and I think he's definitely on something. Kail: I thought you had a bit more pride than that, boo. You try to be all bitchy and bad with everyone else and then let this motherfucker have you grovelling on TV? The dick must be magical.
  11. I don't think they were questioning Tyler Perry's wisdom, it's that it was just such a random source, and they expected the quote to be from someone like Ghandi. Like me, they also may not have been aware of all he's been through. I didn't know any of that until last week. If someone is unaware of all that he's been through, but have seen ads for the crazy movies, yes, they will be surprised. Some of them may have been aware but were still surprised that he was the source.
  12. Just read on Page Six that Lala has joined AA. https://pagesix.com/2019/03/18/vanderpump-rules-star-lala-kent-reveals-shes-an-alcoholic/
  13. politichick

    Good Trouble

    I did not watch The Fosters, but I really, really like this show. And I am totally okay with Callie and her not being as integrated with the others as Mariana is. She has a totally different personality and that's fine. She also seems to have a more difficult job and is studying for the bar, has regular sex, so... Maybe it's my age, but I find Mariana grating. Like when she took her sister's phone, that is some stupid shit. She doesn't always think about consequences, and that's okay, been there, done that, but I just find her a bit annoying. Love the women's group she started, though, and how she's handling things at work these days. I do like Jaime, but for some reason want the end game to be Gael and Callie. Completely agree with the poster who said that Gael is way, way, way more into Callie than he's admitting. Also think that Ben is an insecure prat.
  14. politichick

    Whiskey Cavalier

    Like many here, I don't trust ABC and still haven't forgiven the network for cancelling My So-Called Life and Dirty Sexy Money. That said, I really like this show and try not to take the protocol breaking etc. too seriously.
  15. politichick

    Married to Medicine Los Angeles

    It was sad for me to hear the women talk about racial insecurities. I am older than they are and my friends and I never based our self-worth and esteem on white ideals. Jazmin is definitely not as stupid as she lets on and needs to drop the bimbo act. I do wonder why no one has ever met her husband, though, in a whole year of friendship. Larry definitely doesn't want children. Imani has daddy issues.