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  1. Lebanna

    S02.E05: Saints of Imperfection

    See also: Torchwood. Top secret organizations with loudly branded clothing and vehicles are surprisingly common. I will say that, like the Department of Temporal Investigations, Section 31 has always been completely lousy at keeping their secret... well, secret. How long did it take for the DS9 guys to find out everything about them? About ten minutes. But that’s pretty normal. I mean, practically every country on Earth has had a ‘secret’ police at one time or another in the last 100 years - including right now - and generally we know it exists and what it is called and that part is never secret. I mean, just close to home, MI5/6, FBI/CIA... we know they exist, we don’t always know what they do. We know sometimes they do terrible things in our names, but we just accept it. We assume, as Cornwell says, that they are keeping us safe and helping to keep the country together, and that matters more than the odd piece of worrying news about other operations that let’s just say, didn’t go so well. So it would actually make more sense for them to be like that - the only reason they were supposed to be a total unknown on DS9 was that the writers had to explain to us why we hadn’t ever heard about 31 before - without causing anger and making us feel like our heroes had been lying to us by omission all these years.
  2. Lebanna

    Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

    Cosmos season 2 was supposed to have started on March 3 but has now been delayed due to the investigation into DeGrasse Tyson still being ongoing. According to: https://tvline.com/2019/02/15/cosmos-season-2-delayed-neil-degrasse-tyson-investigated-misconduct/
  3. Lebanna

    S02.E04: An Obol for Charon

    Well, presumably you could argue that Scotty and Chekov were both speaking the same version of Standard (English) as Kirk or McCoy. Which makes sense in the case of Scotty, and I guess doesn’t really in the case of Chekov - except that he would probably have argued that the Russians invented English anyway, along with everything else good in the universe.
  4. Lebanna

    S02.E04: An Obol for Charon

    Well, of course Space Odity is probably one of the classics that we keep hearing about. You know, like how they supposedly have Jacqueline Susann as required reading (Voyage Home). I mean, we still read Robinson Crusoe, published in 1719, but previous to our era music has not been published as a performance, only as sheet music that the majority could neither read nor perform. Therefore, it was not normal until relatively recently to hum Handel while working on a construction site, or whatever. If we had had Handel’s music freely available on CD from the beginning, as Robinson Crusoe was available in book form to everyone who could read, we would probably have built more of a tradition of referencing it constantly and it would have become more of an indelible part of popular culture. TL;DR - Going forward, with freely available music, our relationship with music will be different from that of our predecessors. And also, just to undermine my own point, as a kid my favorite song was Greensleeves, cerca around 1580. So.
  5. Lebanna

    S14.E15: Truth or Dare

    The more I think about it, this is probably the only way they could have ruined the series for me short of making one of the lead characters a monstrous serial killer. I’m never going to be able to watch all those cute friendship scenes again or anything about JJ and Reid’s previous relationships without thinking- this is all a lie. It ruins Reid’s relationship with JJs boys as he is now going to be the guy who breaks up their parents marriage and their happy family, or the person who turned their happiness into a lie. Plus the downmarket element of having an internal team romance like all the other NCIS clones. And there’s no time to go back to when this thing wasn’t going on. This starts in episode 1. It wasn’t even that Maeve was the only perfect woman for Reid, it was always just that he couldn’t have JJ. He was killing time with an internet girlfriend because he couldn’t have the woman in front of him. He wasn’t the proud godfather, he was the dream step-father, all along. He was in the kids’ lives so that JJ could imagine, just for a minute, that he was their father. Everything we have been told about these characters and their relationships has been made a lie, now. The entire history of the show is tainted, even if they never get together. It ruins everything.
  6. Lebanna

    S14.E15: Truth or Dare

    Ok, I have loved this show for fourteen years. This is the end. I am not here for this. I predicted this would happen, that JJ would confess her eternal love to Reid, a few weeks ago, and now it has. I thought it would happen in season 15 and at least this season wouldn’t be ruined, but of course not. It destroys everything I loved about the show- as Daniel says above, especially the feeling that the team were a wonderful unit, without needing to be romantically involved with each other to feel deep love and trust. It also, for me, and as Danielg says above, destroys what I loved about Reid and JJs platonic friendship and their trust and care for each other without sex being in the way. I also loved the idea that they could be each other’s best friends without being together romantically as it is so unusual on TV. I was a huge fan for Mulder and Scully until they got together. That just ruined it for me. And... I was kind of invested in JJs happily ever after, which it is clear, wasn’t even happy to begin with. I thought that was a really lovely depiction of a marriage and partnership of two very different people determined to make it work and having each other’s backs through thick and thin. Obviously not. Next, inevitably, will be Reid realizing that he has Alzheimer’s or some other terrible problem and knowing that JJ will lose him almost before she has him and what a sacrifice and Oh the humanity... this thing is in now in telenovela territory. I dread to think what else they will do next year. At this point I’d guess someone on the team turns out to be a serial killer as well. There is a time jump and hints about a very special episode for Reid related to this one next year, so I expect that when the show returns JJ will be divorced and she and Reid will already be together. But I expect Reid will go evil or die horribly. This thing is not CM for me anymore, it hasn’t been for a while if I am honest, and I just hope this doesn’t destroy all my good memories of the show it used to be. I am however, from now on, always going to be slightly embarrassed that I was ever a fan of something that I can no longer consider to have become anything but trash TV. I wish I had checked out years ago. So, for me, this show ended last season. God, what a waste. I am done.
  7. That the last line is whoever is in charge of the team by the end saying ‘Wheels up in thirty.’ Cut to black. I’d like it if we just felt like life goes on, even if we aren’t watching it anymore. I used to want to see the plane carrying them all to fly off into the sunset, but that’s too cheesy for me now. But I doubt I will ever watch the last episode, or even the last season. And I have watched just about every episode of this thing (some way more than twice). I have a really strong feeling that it is going to be absolutely terrible. A disaster of biblical proportions. With ten episodes left, I expect the writers to go nuts - total team carnage, team members having sex, team death, memory loss, houses burning down, paralysis, blindness, team members shooting at each other, human sacrifice, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria... And I am not here for that. Wake me when it’s over.
  8. Lebanna

    Criminal Minds In The Media: Media Liaison

    I can’t wait for how annoyed everyone’s going to be by the last season. I’ve watched this show for years, and I love it, but I’m not sure I’ll watch next year. The information about the time jump, to me suggests that we will have to find the characters in very new places, whether emotionally or physically, in order to justify it. I would expect some real shocks to be in store, in order to tie up the characters’ narrative loose ends. I am totally expecting them to go all out and do mad things like... for Reid to find himself suddenly starting to suffer early Alzheimer’s symptoms and for a somehow magically widowed JJ to declare her eternal love for him. Maybe not exactly that, but something else as annoying as that. I don’t believe these writers can possibly resist going full telenovela with ten episodes left. They really, really should. But I don’t actually think they will.
  9. I am reading all this news about the allegations going ohshitohshitohshit. Because I don’t want to believe any of this. But I have seen so many of my beloved childhood celebrities turn out to be evil. Rolf Harris, for crying out loud. So. But then again, deGrasse Tyson has definitely pissed off a lot of powerful people. Also because this is almost certainly going to kill the show forever, set science education back decades and destroy all the advocacy that deGrasse Tyson has done against climate change, even if it turns out to be a load of crap. So yeah. Devastated, really.
  10. Lebanna

    Mystery Science Theater 3000

    Yes, I hope we get threads because it's a lot easier to keep track of what we are talking about. Especially as people will be watching these in different orders and probably not watching the whole of an episode at once.
  11. Lebanna

    Asteroid Alert!: Salvation in the Media

    Never has a cancellation been so well deserved. Not by the actors, who all did a solid job, but certainly by the writers. What were they thinking?
  12. 'I do not wear the cheese...' I really missed the cheese man. This episode was pretty similar to that one in Buffy. Basically nothing actually happened, did it? But they needed a way to out Mrs. Whatsherface the teacher.
  13. And another riff on Shirley Jackson. Someone else did it better... Anyway, whatsherface actually is Blackwood's daughter, but we weren't supposed to know that even though she called him 'father' before - so I assumed we were supposed to know this already. Weird. I did enjoy this episode a lot more than many of the others, as the way whatsherface was so delighted about getting to be cannibalized was so delightfully ghoulish. Also the other whatsherface and her eyes being open as she's eaten. Ew. And the line 'No, you're just orphans' was genuinely pretty funny.
  14. Lebanna

    S01.E04: Witch Academy

    Constance Blackwood? Oh no, show. Don't invite comparisons when you won't come off well. Ok, the religious stuff was slightly more toned down at least. So this was the obligatory very special 'bullying is bad' episode. So glad that we got to spend a whole hour learning that picking on the other children is not kind. Although we kind of had that whole plot for the first two hours as well. So perhaps we might take that lesson as learned and move on? Susie has a creepy uncle who saw something nasty in the woodshed (sorry, the mine). Well, who doesn't. The only surprise was that whatsherface is Blackwood's daughter, when it was implied earlier that they don't have kids. Also, does anyone know why the Spellman sisters are from different continents? Is this a Parent Trap situation, or what? And who are Ambrose's parents? He's Sabina's cousin, not her brother, but have the aunts mentioned another sibling? Did I miss something here?
  15. Well, I was definitely not expecting this show to be a Christian religious recruiting tool. 'You can only be truly saved if you have been baptized into the one true faith'? Seriously? I hope it leaves the whole 'be Christian or be damned to hell' message behind, or I don't think I'll be watching the rest of it. I had enough of that at school and I don't need it again from my fun Halloween entertainment, thanks. Some of us are other faiths, or none, and we don't need constant preaching to, or just society assuming that Good Person has to mean Christian Person. And that's what I am getting from this show right now. Frankly, if anything I assumed the witches would be Pagan or Wicca or whatever. What is with America's obsession with god v devil and why have the showrunners got it all over a potentially fun spooky witch show? Couldn't we have something else? I quit Supernatual when they did this storyline and that was season 3, so only about ten years ago. Also, the whole 'I'm going blind in three months exactly!' or whatever, so telenovela. And what, only a demon would want you to read 'Lolita'? What is actually going on with this show? I am totally confused, and I have no idea what they are driving at.