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  1. pfk505

    Sex Education

    Just finished it tonight, and on the whole I definitely enjoyed it. Called Adam/Eric in episode 1 like everyone else. I love Ola. I both really like Maeve as a character and hate the fact that Otis and Maeve are so obviously fated, which is cliche as fuck. Eric annoyed me from the get go but I came to like his story best of all. Gillian Anderson rules and I hope her and Jacob can be happy together. Jackson did nothing wrong. Headmaster Groff is a prize dickhead. All these mixed feelings means I cared a lot about the characters and really hope we'll get more of this story. With that said, I was recommended this show as people in a Skins forum were talking about it. Skins was, for me, a frighteningly realistic depiction of high school life. Sex Education... was not. It was over the top fun, but if you want the real deal check out Skins.
  2. pfk505

    S06.E12: The Dead

    Loved every minute of it (except that interminable recap intro). Watching the corpse dismembering shenanigans is the hardest I've laughed at this show since the piss jars back in season 4. Sandy is the absolute fucking best, she better be back next season. For all of you folks still snarking over this show - it's SO much more enjoyable when you're half in the bag. That's the kind of show this is. On a more serious note I thought Jon Voight gave a fantastic performance. He actually made me feel something for Mickey. Lying or not he loves his family in his own way. What a character.
  3. pfk505

    S06.E11: Never Gonna Give You Up

    So will Terry giving up Mickey to the FBI inadvertently result in Bridget, Smitty, Daryl, and Sandy all being caught in close proximity to three freshly murdered corpses? Fuckin' Terry.
  4. pfk505

    S06.E10: Baby

    Haha! I love this show. It just won't die. It's stupid and beyond preposterous, but I make a point of having several beers before I watch it every week and I spend most of the episode laughing and having an extra drink every time someone says "sure". Emmy fodder it ain't, but it's no end of fun.
  5. pfk505

    S01.E07: The Queen

    I was glued to this from start to finish. Absolutely riveting, what an episode of tv. The more I watch of this show the more it impresses me. It's among the best shows of the year for sure.
  6. pfk505

    S06.E02: Staten Island, Part 2

    I don't know what it is about this show but here I am, back again. Loved everything about Ray's demeanor during the first two episodes. For example: Never refusing a drink / pounding back liquor like its iced tea / liver of steel Hanging up the phone mid conversation Getting up and walking out of the room without saying anything mid conversation Vintage Ray. I love this show, despite its myriad flaws. I just wish it was all Ray, all the time. Daryl, Bunchy et al. are taking me out of it at the moment but I'll reserve judgment on Mickey because the character always delivers.
  7. pfk505

    S37:E07 There's Gonna Be Tears Shed

    For those of you asking about Australian Survivor, I'll do my best to clarify a few things. Historically, there were 2 seasons made in Australia back when Survivor first got popular, and these are not considered good seasons or particularly memorable. More recently, an Australian network (Channel Ten I believe) acquired the rights by virtue of the fact that it is owned by CBS. The network launched a modern version of the show in 2016 which has been followed up with editions in 2017 and 2018. The format of the show is similar but with a few key differences. The game starts with 24 people and lasts 50-55 days, with two episodes per week averaging a full hour each. The game seems to last much longer and there is more time for characters to develop, but the flip side is that the editors sometimes have a tougher job getting two hours of good content in a given period. I have absolutely loved all 3 recent seasons. I still love the original, but the Aussie version is fresh, competitive, and exciting. The challenges are often totally new and frequently more difficult. I urge any fan to check it out. If you only do one season make it the 2017 one, which is a top 5 overall at minimum, but they're all great. As for where to get them, if you have a VPN they are streamable on Channel Ten's website I think, but I believe also on dailymotion. That in addition to the "high seas," if you catch my drift. Note that the 2016-18 seasons are sometimes also referred to as seasons 3, 4 and 5. I can't comment on SA or NZ but I've heard great things and will be checking them out during the next off season. And to circle back to the topic, 37 has been great so far!
  8. pfk505

    S37:E07 There's Gonna Be Tears Shed

    What if I told you that there was another Survivor? A better Survivor? https://v.redd.it/zu1nehr6u4x11
  9. pfk505

    S09.E08: Danish Week

    I'm loving this season as usual, but this was the first time I've been seriously angry at the show. Manon was utterly robbed. Rahul should be gone, but I suspect they kept him because they rightly suspected how popular he would be. He finished behind her in all 3 challenges. I have praised this show in the past for foregoing the usual reality tv shenanigans, but I'm afraid I can no longer do so. And I like Rahul as much as the next person. Side note: endless double entendres this episode! and finally some actual criticism from the judges. Glad they've remembered that part of it!
  10. pfk505

    Killing Eve

    I took up this show partly because of the glowing reviews elsewhere. The first couple episodes had me intrigued for sure, but I struggled through the rest of them. Finally finished it off the other night. I was ready to just be done with it but it's just nagging at me how a show with such an utterly stupid lead can garner such praise. It could be because I really don't see what all the fuss is about with Sandra Oh, but Eve has to be one of the most frustrating and irritating lead characters I've ever come across. I actually liked the fact that she was inexperienced, couldn't handle a gun, out of her depth, etc. but her total indifference to the people in her life she supposedly cares about along with her apparent utter contempt for the Russian authorities and any semblance of protocol was just maddening to me. I liked Villanelle, Konstantin and Kenny quite a bit. Konstantin's daughter should be a main character. Might be back for s2 but I doubt it.
  11. pfk505


    15 minutes into episode 1 and Hall's atrocious English accent is beyond distracting. I hope I can get used to it but I'm having my doubts. Why can English actors do North American accents so effortlessly but the reverse seems near impossible? Can anyone name some good examples? They should have just made Hall's character an American expat, like Eve from Killing Eve.
  12. pfk505

    S36.E05: A Diamond in the Rough

    Man this season continues to be excruciatingly dull.. Anyone else notice that literally the only female player to get more than 2 minutes of confessional time all season just got the boot? I had her going far for that reason only, they generally don't waste too much airtime on barely interesting people who go out 5th. Kellyn is probably a distant second - the producers need to annoy us somehow. Meanwhile Probst's main spank bank inhabitant Chris gets repeat confessionals each episode and gets publicly fellated by Probst at the reward challenge. Several of the other guys we know pretty well too. Is Jeff the only producer of the show these days? Normally I don't see what the big deal is but wow. Desiree is hot. That's about the only thing this season has going for it. That and Ozzy's inbred cousin being my friend's winner pick (can't wait for that one to fail).
  13. pfk505

    S07.E05: Active Measures

    This would make narrative sense, but the show has done little to nothing thus far to support such a reveal. If they did go ahead and show that she was on to them the whole time, it would ring a little bit hollow. That was my understanding. I forgot that he had been captured - if that's the case then it makes sense he would turn. It would make less sense that Saul would act all chummy with him given the fact that he and Allison played Saul for an absolute chump, so much so that the fact he still has any job let alone such a high profile one is a bit silly.
  14. pfk505

    S07.E05: Active Measures

    My favourite moment of the episode: Claire Danes' line reading of "FUCK!" when the second bug took off in the Uber. I thought this was a reasonably good follow-up to last week, even if in terms of the overall plot not a lot happened (the obvious big one being the reveal that Wellington wasn't in on McClendon's murder). I seem to recall that the President asked him to "get it done, or I'll find someone who can," which was after he had already refused once. So this revelation isn't a huge surprise, though it could also have gone the other way. I guess its "The Russians" who will be the masterminds, for some as yet unknown motive, as the show has thus far failed to draw any parallels between Keane and Trump which might explain it. Bringing Ivan Krupin back was an odd choice - wasn't it his operation that made Saul look like a complete incompetent in the first place? I must have missed the part where they became old buddies. I didn't recognize any of them, but on this show who knows. One of them could have been an extra from a scene back in season 2 who we're supposed to remember, but generally they give that away on the previouslies, which I didn't notice this week.
  15. pfk505

    S36.E02: Only Time Will Tell

    Terrible season so far. Tribe swap in episode 2. Cast full of dullards. Production outright ignoring half the contestants. Incessant name-dropping. People repeating the same old mistakes (irony!). Dumb ghost island which has so far produced nothing but a 50/50 game. Remember when they had people do challenges at Exile? That was lame too but it's better than watching a meathead get pissy-eyed.